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Dog Bite - 咬狗

Chapter 276

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Chapter 276: 276

"Long time no see . " The prologue is said by Liu Chang . When he talks, he stares at the thin figure with one eye for fear of missing any action of the other party .

"Ha ha, long time no see . " The second sentence is what Li Qingshui said . When he spoke, he didn't look at Liu Chang . Instead, he was looking around . Finally, he put his eyes on a safe in the corner of the parking lot . "Is that a man from the sea?"

"Yes . " Liu Chang nodded, and then continued to shout: "listen to all the people present . If you can run, run as fast as you can, run as far as you can, and take the children with you . "

His voice was anxious, and he knew how dangerous it was to come . Four years ago, when Li Qingshui was still in charge of Zhengzhou, Liu Chang did not know how powerful he was . When the big willow tree came, he strengthened himself in the most lethal way . Finally, after being captured by Daliushu, he transformed his body .

Now, Li Qingshui is the most powerful individual Liu Chang knows in the world except for the big willow . Xiaojing's data is more than 7000 . Liu Chang is less than 100 and his flow is only about 400 . Although the willow tree was injured and Li Qingshui was weak after shrinking, the lean camel was bigger than the horse - the lean camel was bigger than the ant .

Therefore, when Liu Chang was shouting, his back was wet through .

"Run as fast as you can . Run as far as you can . " At the same time, Liu Chang fired a shot at Li Qingshui, and was the first to turn around and run . He was not a fool . There was a natural gap between the fighting capacity and intelligence quotient of the comer . Although there were waves in his heart, he didn't have the mind to nag or try to fight with the other party because he knew that the visitor was not the person he used to represent Yes - big willow .

Liu Chang shouts at the same time opened a gun, the bullet penetrates his body, but the person in front of him is still calm and leisurely .

"It's not good to let these people run away . They know where I am, and they go out and miss the amount of information . It's hard to avoid being known where I am by those old Liu guys . I don't like the feeling of being dark and I'm bright . " When Li Qingshui said this, he raised his arm with a smile, and then hundreds of willows, thinner than hair, sprang out from inside . After reaching the parking lot, the speed suddenly increased - and then all the people in the parking lot, including the children, were always in the same place .

Except Liu Chang .

In a flash, hundreds of people died .

He would have yelled and used gunfire to create chaos in the crowd - first, it would have been better to try to get people to run away . Second, the chaotic scene is conducive to their own escape .

But now, just the noisy parking lot, instantly quiet up, is only two people left confrontation .

"Come back with me . I don't want to damage your body . " Li Qingshui walks forward with a smile, fingers out, a willow straight out .

Liu Chang, who was running away, turned back with a knife - the giant knife did not cut off the slender willow, but flew out by himself - the wicker was harder than metal . And the strength is even more terrifying - the thick and thin finger is equivalent to a full blow .

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Just this time, Liu Chang's arm was numb . Dizzy .

Grasp Liu Chang's head, enter his brain domain, feel all his memories, calculate any variables that this person may produce - but now Li Qingshui still hasn't figured out, this man will pose any threat to himself . "Strange thing, did he implant the wrong amount of information into you?" Puzzled to put Liu Chang on the ground, Li Qingshui a.s.sured to the other side - because in his view, Liu Chang is no threat, and can not run . So he walked slowly to the safe on the other side, opened the lock, and looked at another thing that made him feel interesting - the undersea man .

Open the safe and see the ugly thing that looks like a centipede .

But saw the undersea man, Li Qingshui received his body sends out the trace information, then, his face suddenly changed .

"Have you summoned your companions?"

Outside the parking lot, km away, there is a huge sea king snake, the same kind of sea snake that Liu Chang saw when he came to Qingdao . It is crus.h.i.+ng the house all the way . With one wriggling body, it runs quickly across the kilometer speed . At the same time, Li Qingshui said that sentence, the giant snake wriggled once more, and then stopped outside the parking lot, and the cave that he smashed out could no longer s.h.i.+ne into the sun .


A huge body of more than 1000 meters directly smashed through the roof of the whole parking lot . A huge bright red snake lay on it, and then the giant swung, instantly completed the destruction of the entire parking lot .

The whole body of the snake descends from the sky, where Li Qingshui is located . (to be continued)

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