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Dog Bite - 咬狗

Chapter 275

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Chapter 275: 275

"Mr . Li, I don't know why, but do you have to catch Liu Chang?" After hearing the words more cold than the cold wind, the parrot thought for a while and said carefully, "after all, for a big man like you, Liu Chang is just a little human . Don't you look at the ocean or something? I don't think you should know that those people from the sea have already come to China . It seems that they are ambitious . They occupied the North American continent, and then crossed half the earth to come to China . This is to fight for territory with you? It's said that they have great reproductive capacity and can give birth to hundreds of them per child . This is a threat to you

"Ha ha, what an interesting bird . " Li Qingshui smile, but the laughter is still cold, "but too noisy, close your mouth, and then honest on the way . You can't change anything about this, but I can promise to let you go when I get to the destination! "

Finish this sentence, Li Qingshui closed his mouth .

And love bird, also know more useless, helpless closed the beak .

"Brother Liu Chang, you can't blame me for your death this time . Don't take revenge on me every day The parrot sighed heavily in his heart .

The night pa.s.sed quickly, and as soon as the next day dawned, Liu Chang opened his eyes . The first thing he did when he opened his eyes was to check his nose and ears - the sensory system has always been the most fundamental thing for his survival since the red fog came . Even from the beginning to now, the sense organ has played a greater role in survival than his strong body, so . He cherished these things as much as his own life .

"Is there a doctor in the tribe?" After getting up, Liu Chang found that his nose was still not working, so he called out to the crowd: "if there is a doctor, come out and help me see, you can exchange biscuits!"

Liu Chang's voice was loud, but in fact, it was so cold . Most of them didn't sleep well . After a while, a man came over .

"I used to run a clinic . But I studied internal medicine . I learned other medical knowledge in school, but I was not very proficient The doctor looked at Liu Chang's face - some of the exposed skin there had been damaged . "You're burning . I don't quite understand, but it looks like acid burns . This kind of burn is usually permanent, not good . "

"It's OK . It's going to be OK . " It has evolved the characteristics of coelenterates, and the body can grow well if it is torn into two segments . What's more, this soft tissue burn is that "the key I want to ask is not whether it can be good, but what can speed up the healing of burns or shorten the healing process . "

"In this case, you should neutralize the acid with alkaline water or soapy water when you are just burned . But now, it is to prevent wound infection Fish, especially crabs, are food . They shouldn't eat so much . They should eat . . . "

When the man and Liu Chang explain how to make the burn heal faster . Li Qingshui finally came to this dilapidated coastal city under the first line suns.h.i.+ne of Qingdao .

"Here it is . " The parrot lowered its flying alt.i.tude and seemed to have a tendency to land .

"Keep flying and take me straight to my destination . " Li Qingshui saw that the momentum was wrong and stepped on its back .

"I've arrived . I don't know where Liu Chang is . " The parrot's back is heavy . Had to hover for a while, searching with "serious" eyes in the air, "he said at that time that he only asked me to inform people to come, but did not meet me more and more . He said that I would naturally find him when I came, but now I have no clue!"

"Ha ha, then fly there!" Li Qingshui took a deep breath in the air and pointed to a direction .

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"d.a.m.n it, it's all worked out . Isn't it amazing?" The parrot had no choice but to follow Li Qingshui's direction and fly to the parking lot where Liu Chang was .

And then, they saw a man, tearing the broken car directly and coming out of it neatly . "I heard that Liu Chang is in this place?"

Familiar voice, familiar feeling, is carrying the weapon alert Liu Chang, unconsciously a Leng G.o.d .

Astonishment, surprise, remembrance, fear All kinds of emotions. .h.i.t him at the moment he heard the voice . He could hear who the comer was, and he could guess the purpose of the comer . He knew more about what the comer represented now - but that's what people are like . Even if they are enemies now, even if they are just skin bags, feelings are feelings . They can't be wrong or fake .

"Yes, I am here . " After a daze is the reality, while Liu Chang responds to Li Qingshui's words, he shouts: "all scatter, scatter!"

Hearing Liu Chang's anxious cry, the crowd slowly retreated . Although most people didn't see what was going on just now, and everyone didn't know what was going on now, but people are not fools - not fools . They can feel the strange atmosphere in the air now .

The cold wind blows down from the cave that Li Qingshui smashed through

Two men who were brothers a year ago and loved their father and son met - only one was smiling - and one was carrying a gun .

And the smile does not represent warmth, the end of the grab does not represent strength . (to be continued)

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