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Chapter 271

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Chapter 271: 271

"It's not a big guy, is it? Xiao Li, why don't you go and see what's going on? " Ma Nanzheng felt a little uneasy when he heard the guards nearby . If it was really the big guys in the deep sea who came here, he should be ready to run at any time . But now Liu Chang asked him to guard the cave, looking at things, he could not listen . After all, the possibility of the beast coming back is much lower than that of Liu Chang . If the beast doesn't come and Liu Chang comes back, then he can't bear it .

"Why me?" Xiao Li frowned at Ma Nanzheng's command .

"Hurry up, don't talk nonsense . " People who know how to watch their words and expressions usually know how to bully others . Ma Nanzheng kicked Xiao Li's b.u.t.t and roared, "if you want to go, you can go . Why?"

A foot was kicked a stagger, Xiao Li walked forward a few steps, the mouth cursed two, there is no way, had to murmur all the way up to the direction of the loud noise .

"What a b.l.o.o.d.y mouth!"

Walking cautiously on the sea ice, Xiao Li walked a kilometer away and stood at the edge of the huge hole and looked inside .

His eyesight is ordinary . Everything he sees in the red fog is chaotic . However, if there is a giant beast, the shadow effect of shading the sky and the sun alone can show the clue of three or four points . When you come to the edge of the hole, the water just splashed out here has just frozen, which is more slippery than other places .

"What a big wave Seeing the fresh ice, Xiao Li explored everything in the cave more carefully, and then found nothing .

"What about the colorful fish?" Seeing this strange situation, he has determined the situation by seven or eight points - if there is no giant beast . It's impossible for the fish that maintain the burrow to leave the oxygen vent that they managed to get out of the hole . Just thinking about it, a huge shadow appeared from the water .

The shadow is very big, and its diameter is tens of meters thick . He can't see whether it is a snake or a fish . But if we calculate according to the body proportion of snakes, the waist of tens of meters thick is estimated to be nearly 1000 meters long . It's absolutely right . It's a deep sea monster .

"d.a.m.n it!" See this shadow effect, Xiao Li dark scold, turn head to run .

The distance of more than 1000 meters was less than three minutes under his full speed - just in time for the cold weather . The speed of the evolved human race is also comparable to the kilometer speed of some athletes in previous generations . All the way to Ma Nan Zheng, Xiao Li was panting .

"What's the matter? Is there a situation? " Seeing his situation, Ma Nanzheng asked anxiously, "you can breathe slowly . Cover your mouth and nose . Don't let the cold wind blow you away . "

"It's OK . It's OK . " Xiao Li swallowed his saliva and called out: "let's get out of here . There's a giant beast in the deep sea . There's a giant beast . " . It's estimated that the leader has gone to the sea, but he still hasn't come out yet . That ten people are dead! "

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Before Liu Chang's magical power, they all saw it, but no matter how he was, he was only a man in the sea . It's impossible to win a giant beast with a size of nearly 1000 meters . According to the general logic, he went to explore the sea before, and could not see the giant beast . If he did, he would want to go ash.o.r.e first . But up to now, they haven't landed . As Xiao Li said, s.h.i.+you * * is dead .

"Liu Chang, you can't die!" Ma Nanzheng prayed for himself .

And the object of his prayer, at the moment, is in the fish belly, in a huge stomach acid pool, soaking .

"Ah Immersed in the stomach acid pool, the pain of his whole body aroused Liu Chang, who had a short circuit in his head . He woke up from the feeling of being stuffy . When he opened his eyes, he saw the blue-green mucus all over the sky, and then just opened his eyes, he felt the burning pain .

"Ah Once again, the burning pain completely eroded Liu Chang's eyeb.a.l.l.s . In an instant, he felt the stomach acid in his eyes, and then his left eyeball shrank . Although there was little stomach acid in his right eye, he still felt that his eyesight was impaired . Moreover, immersed in gastric acid, the mucosal tissue in the ear cavity and nasal cavity was also damaged instantly . The effect of this monster's gastric acid corrosion was no less than that of strong acid 。Liu Chang quickly responded to the severe damage . He closed his eyes and slid in the stomach acid pool . He swam out of the "water surface" . After wiping the residual acid on his eyelids with his hands, he barely opened his damaged right eye . Later, he saw a sticky green world, which he knew was the stomach bag of eel .

The stomach bag is very large . It is similar to the body shape of eel . It is slender . It is about several tens of meters thick . It is 200 meters long . This shows that it has a large stomach . Generally, animals with large stomach have good digestive function . Liu Chang has no doubt about the digestion ability of deep-sea giant animals - because there are too many animals with magical self-protection ability in the deep sea - they will explode themselves, grow a lot of thorns on their bodies instantly, and their bodies are harder than the armor plate .

Therefore, the existence of these animals must be considered when deep-sea giant animals hunt . As the dominant species in the deep sea, there must be their own strategies to deal with these "small animals" -- electric shock plus super strong stomach bag and digestive juice, which is obviously the coping strategy of eel .

Liu Chang's body is very strong, even if the bullet can't penetrate, correspondingly, even the soft tissue such as eyeball and nasal cavity is very strong . But even so, it was also damaged at the moment when he fell into the stomach bag . Now immersed in the green mucus, Liu Chang felt the scales all over his body softened . (to be continued)

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