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Dog Bite - 咬狗

Chapter 268

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Chapter 268: 268

The predator's reaction speed is very fast . When Liu Chang plunges his foot into the beach, he immediately and suddenly stretches out a b.l.o.o.d.y red giant forceps, which is about the size of a human waist . Liu Chang's ankle is clamped between opening and closing . After opening and closing, the serrated blade of the crab claw is broken . The strength of crab claws is very strong, but it is far less than that of bullets - naturally, Liu Chang's ankles are harder than bullets .

Liu Chang didn't hesitate to see the crab claw break . He grabbed the blood red solid thing, and then pulled out the claw and pulled out the crab .

"It's about the same as a common crab . It's just a little bit bigger . " After pulling out the crab, Liu Chang took out a huge knife to chop it, smashed the crab sh.e.l.l and killed the crab .

"Today's food is half done!" The giant crab is very big . It is about the size of two or three adults . But after all, the crab is a crab, not a pig, not a cow . The part that can be eaten is very small, so it can not be eaten by hundreds of people for a day .

"So fast to hunt food?" Hearing the news from afar, the team followed up from behind, and then one by one looked at the crab which had been cut in two by Liu Chang with a knife, and the crab yellow flowed all over the ground .

"Chief, how did you do it?" All the people who came here were shocked how difficult it was to hunt by the sea . These people all knew that the animals on the beach were strong and agile, and when they saw that the momentum was not right, they would immediately cry out . And into the ocean, these people have no place to use, guns can not . If you can't catch anything, it depends on luck .

But now this strong young man who just came here yesterday, everyone thinks that even if his body can evolve well, his hunting depends more on his skills . Although all the men in the tribe did not talk about it before, seeing that the young man was so full, they felt that his words were not very reliable .

But now it seems . The reality is quite different from what they think .

"How did you do it?" Ma Nanzheng got acquainted with Liu Chang and approached and asked, "I followed you just now, but I didn't see anything . Why did you suddenly find such a crab? You're not hurt by it, are you? "

"No Liu Chang shook his head and looked at his ankle, where the pants were cut . "As for how to do it, it's very simple . You're stronger and more flexible than him . Faster than him, sharper than his senses, so it's ok It's useless to say, but that's how I do it . . . "

Good nose, can find prey - strong body, can catch and kill prey - quick response . It's going to leave prey nowhere to go . In fact, these things that are easy to say are the most difficult for ordinary people to do . Therefore, Liu Chang did not have too much nonsense .

Directly walked onto the sea, leaving behind the people, in the crab split bag .

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The sea is full of solid ice . Walking on the beach, you can feel the chilling chill and solid feeling under your feet .

It is full of living things . The creatures squeeze the creatures, and the creatures cling to the creatures . They roll together and stir the sea water . In the cold weather of - 50 degrees, the sea water keeps flowing at a high speed, and uses its own body to prevent the sea water from condensing .

Then the stirred boiling sea water, layer by layer, sprinkled on the surrounding ice, casting this barrier like an hourgla.s.s . "It's amazing . " Liu Chang looked at everything inside the cave and sighed at the magic of the creatures, "this hole must be thousands of meters square?"

"Well, it's very big . Some have tens of thousands of meters . " Standing at the edge of the cave, Ma Nanzheng even spoke cautiously . "Many tribes come here to hunt . The food inside is endless, but it is also extremely dangerous . Although there is no such huge creature here, all the things that can survive in the sea have strong combat effectiveness or very smart minds . So, this is a dangerous treasure pit

"How many creatures have landed in these days?" This is what Liu Chang is more concerned about - or the research inst.i.tute is more concerned about .

"A lot, but not at all . " During MA Nanzheng's speech, an eel like thing sprang up from the cave, wriggled and jumped onto the ice . Unlike previous fish, it could only know how to jump and struggle on the ground . It was like a snake trying to wriggle and walk, and became more and more skilled .

"How fast you learn!" Liu Chang saw the fish, slowly approached each other, and the two meter long fish saw Liu Chang come over, his eyes also showed a warning look . (to be continued)

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