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Dog Bite - 咬狗

Chapter 267

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Chapter 267: 267

Pick up the rope, of course, is to tie people - although not ordinary people, but also tied .

"It's really a cunning race . I don't tell you so much . If you're smart, I won't talk to you . Anyway, I don't know whether you're telling me true or not . After a long time, your companion will be in trouble . " Picking up the rope, Liu Chang walked to the man at the bottom of the sea, and then found it difficult to start . The whole body of the sea man is claws, and they are very flexible . Their bodies are much more flexible than human beings, and there are no dead joints . This type of body is not easy to tie .

Where they are bound will be untied by his tentacles . Liu Chang is hesitating and sees a safe in the office building .

The cabinet is very large, which should be the place for filing . Seeing this tightly sealed iron guy, Liu Changxi came from it . He pointed to the cabinet and said to the man at the bottom of the sea: "get in . "

"What are you doing?" "This is not your way to treat guests," he asked! We are all intelligent species born on the earth, one from the earth and the other from the sea . We get along well with Americans in North America . You will destroy the friends.h.i.+p between human beings and us if you do this . . . "

"Cut the c.r.a.p and get in . " Liu Chang pointed to the cabinet and picked up the knife . "Hurry up, I know you are a smart guy, and I also know that, generally speaking, the smarter people are, the more afraid they are to die . If you don't want to be hit by one stroke or two, go ahead and get into it . "

“……” Haimen heard Liu Chang's words, hesitated for a moment, or got into the safe .

After Liu Chang locked the safe, he carried the huge cabinet and quickly left the room . Down the stairs, leave the Haier group office building, and then cover up their whereabouts while returning to the place where they are waiting .

"Oh, boss, you're back . " Walking into the fog, Ma Nanzheng recognized that the shadow in the fog was Liu Chang's empress . He rushed up and saw the huge safe . "What is this? Chief . . . "

"Good stuff . " After Liu Chang shook his head and said he didn't want to say it, Ma Nanzheng stopped asking . "You go ahead and carry on with your team . I'll stay and have a word with him . "

Liu Chang pointed to the love bird .

Generally, flatterers are also good at observing and judging . Liu Chang seems to have something important to explain . Ma Nanzheng immediately led the hunting men and left here, regardless of whether Liu Chang could catch up or not . All the way quietly disappeared in the depth of the fog, to the blank s.p.a.ce, left a bird for that person .

"What is this?" Seeing that all the people were gone, the parrot said, "G.o.d, what did you catch?"

"Undersea man!" Liu Chang's face showed joy, after all, this trip is unprecedented smooth, has not yet arrived in Qingdao . They met two super life . One day after arriving in Qingdao, they caught the sea people again . All this was too lucky for Liu Chang to be unhappy .

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"Here, take this safe back and give it to Liu Xinmin or the boss . The guy in it is very smart . Don't talk to him or be . . . " Liu Changzheng explained parrot words, suddenly thought of what, "no, can't let you take him back!"

"This is a shallow sea area with a high seabed . It used to be a swimming pool, but now it is a hunting ground for many tribes . . . " The team walked all the way to the beach . Ma Nanzheng knew that Liu Chang was an outsider, so he patiently explained: "although this is a shallow sea area, there are still many species and are very dangerous . On the beach, the most important thing to guard against is the scissor crab and land mine starfish . . . ""Scissor crab?" Liu Chang listened to the strange name .

"Well, it's a strange crab that lives deep in the beach . It's very big and likes to eat meat . When something over his head, it jerks out its tongs, cuts off the ankles of pa.s.sing creatures, and then drags its prey deep into the sand . As for the mines, starfish are almost the same . They bury themselves in the shallow sand . As soon as people pa.s.s by, they wrap them up and suck blood . "

"The seaside is really strange . . . " Liu Chang said with a smile .

"There are few species in the sea, and there are more in the sea . If you go hunting in the sea every day, you may die . . . " Ma Nanzheng said, sighing, "so, the food on the beach looks like a lot, but it's hard to hunt . "

"There will be no shortage of food today . Take care of your safety . " Liu Chang finished this sentence, when a man stepped into the deep beach, and then his nose deeply inhaled the cold wind in the air . Somewhere under the ground, he smelled a trace of crab smell .

"Scissor crab? What is it like? " With his own curiosity, Liu Chang walked to the place where the smell of smell came out, and then put his ankle into the sand .

(to be continued)

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