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Dog Bite - 咬狗

Chapter 266

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Chapter 266: 266

But when Liu Chang just raised his gun, he suddenly felt dizzy in his brain . He was familiar with this feeling, because he had this feeling countless times, because there were countless people around him who made people dizzy, and then controlled or affected other people - those people, others called them brain region mutants .

So, if Liu's brain is out of control for the first time . If the brain wave interference attack can reach the intensity of the brain mutant more than three times, it will also make him in a trance for a long time .

However, the spirit attack from the monster is obviously not up to this level . Although the impact of the insect is very strong, it is at best equivalent to the level of the clone boss or the second and third generation of the clone . The second mutation is also immature .

This kind of attack can only make Liu Chang in a trance for half a second .

Then, he saw a vast amount of aerosol mucus coming out of the strange insect's mouth . Under the strong pressure of its body, the mucus filled the whole room instantly with the sound of "p.r.i.c.king" air leakage . When Liu Chang woke up, he had found the Purple Black Mist in a room .

So he quickly shut his breath .

"Acid gas?" There was a slight pain, and the outermost clothing, that is, the place where it touched the mucus, also turned brown . The gas looked very strong, but it did no more harm to Liu Chang .

But Liu Chang saw the other side spit out mucus, but put down the gun in his hand .

"Undersea man?" A coherent attack . In the hand of the U disk, and that let him suddenly realize the spiritual impact, Liu Chang in a half second trance, suddenly think of what, "is not the sea people?"

The bug doesn't talk, it just stops attacking - it doesn't work .

"Don't play dumb . I know you're from the bottom of the sea . " Liu Chang sniffed his nose and found that there was no one around him . He was relieved . Therefore, he also suppressed the excitement and uneasiness in his heart . He took two steps and approached the strange looking creature .

Judging from the brain wave interference just now, Liu Chang has determined that the strange thing that does not look like a human at all is the undersea man heard from Liu Xinmin, the kind of creature that occupies the whole North America . It is just that Liu Chang has not linked the strange things in front of him with the sea people before, because under the influence of the film and television information he received before, whether the "alien" or "mutant person" in his brain should be the kind of creature with sound limbs, big head and a pair of golden fish eyes - at least it must be like a flow . It looks like a steel beast .

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But now it seems that the so-called undersea "man" in front of us does not have any special features that human beings should have - no limbs, no facial features, and even can't tell where the waist is and where the b.u.t.tocks are, except for the huge head . There is no human concept . It's more evolved than any other creature . It's like the same thing .

"Who are you?" After hearing Liu Chang's voice, the man at the bottom of the sea finally began to speak, but his facial features were blurred, so he had no mouth .

Although Liu Chang was far away, he also saw that there was no tongue in it, only some tiny teeth twisted together like a meat grinder . Therefore, it was too difficult to speak on such an organ . Thus, the place where the sea people p.r.o.nounce is the abdomen, which is relatively soft and flexible .

The voice inside, although across the belly, a little stuffy, but the vocal cords inside tremble, still can let people hear what he is saying .

"If you don't speak with your mouth open, are you afraid of water leakage in the sea?" Listening to this stuffy voice, Liu Chang frowned, "and, don't talk nonsense . Now I'm asking you, not you asking me . Ask me who I am . I should ask who you are . How many people did you come here from North America? "

"Not many . Thousands have come, and less than a hundred have arrived here . You know, there are so many monsters under the sea . Even if we want to cross half the earth, it is not an easy thing "We are here to look at the situation here . In fact, there is no malice . You said I would attack you first, but you forgot that you pointed the gun at me first . I was just defending myself

"Fart, I was going to shoot you with a gun in the beginning, but that was without knowing that you were an intelligent species - and you knew I was human, and you just killed me . " Hearing that the other side refuted himself with human values, Liu Chang interrupted him and then picked up a rope . (to be continued)

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