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Dog Bite - 咬狗

Chapter 265

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Chapter 265: 265

"Well, go there!" Hearing the flattering man's words, Liu Chang nodded and asked, "what's your name?"

"Ma Nanzheng . " The man replied .

"My name is Ma!" Liu Chang laughed, patted him on the shoulder, and then asked him to take the team to the sea area he said before .

Even if you look up, you can smell the snow in the city . The streets of Qingdao, compared with other large inland cities, are much more dilapidated . It is probably because of the relations.h.i.+p between the forest and the sea and the wanton destruction of various sea creatures that make this tourist city look desolate .

"How many marine creatures landed?" Liu Chang walked on the street, looking and asking .

"More, more . " Ma Nanzheng led the way and said: "in the past, before the cold weather came, at that time, those who actually landed or swam back to inland rivers were relatively weak marine creatures . They did not get along well in the ocean, so they sought to open up another living s.p.a.ce . Or it's a mess of octopus that can land in the ocean for a short time, what strange long legged fish, what kind of things . . . "

"Amphibians?" Liu Chang thought of such a word .

"Yes, yes, that's it!" Ma Nanzheng nodded, "those who are strong are those who come to the sh.o.r.e to play autumn wind . Sometimes when they are tired of eating fish, they come to the sh.o.r.e in groups to look for people to eat and food left by human beings . Anyway, they eat everything . After eating, they go back to the sea, and no one dares to provoke them

"That's it As Liu Changzheng nodded and spoke, his nose suddenly smelled a fishy smell, which obviously belonged to a certain marine species and had landed . He came here to collect information on marine life . Since he met such a marine creature on the sh.o.r.e, he had no reason to let it go .

"You wait here . I'll be back when I go! " With this sentence, Liu Chang picked up his huge sword and ran away from the team . Without much explanation to the team, Liu Chang disappeared into the fog . Left a confused team .

"Chief . What's the matter with him? " Ordinary people's sight is less than 10 meters, Ma Nanzheng only saw Liu Chang's flash away, then he disappeared . Confused, he had to turn his head and ask the giant parrot who was following him .

"I must have smelled something strange . " Looking at Ma Nanzheng's questioning face, Zhiqing replied: "don't worry, that guy's nose is very smart . Even if you run thousands of meters, you can find it back . Just wait in place

When Zhiqing talks to Ma Nanzheng, she deliberately gives a rascal tone of arrogance . In the Research Inst.i.tute, it doesn't dare to be arrogant to anyone, and now it has finally become addicted to it .

And Ma Nanzheng obviously ate the same thing . Hearing the parrot's words, he made the team wait at the same place .

On the other side .

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Liu Chang is carrying a giant sword, walking like a fly . His speed soars to the extreme . He runs like a civet, and his bones move wrong . The sole of the foot is like a cotton pad, and the sound is very low - which is also very conducive to hunting .

The head is huge, but it is flat . The body is as flat as ordinary deep-sea creatures . It is very flat under the pressure of water pressure . The whole body lies there like a centipede, but there is no sh.e.l.l like a centipede . It is soft and soft . Many vent holes are born on the back of this strange creature, which seems to slow down the pressure in the body .

And they're not as white as the eyes on the head of their head, or even worse, they're so thin and thin as the eyes of a human hand . "What the h.e.l.l?" Liu Chang stares at this strange creature and slowly approaches each other . "What's the evolution of this? Sea worm? Sea cuc.u.mber? Corals? "

He couldn't figure out what kind of creature could have evolved like this . What's more, what makes him feel strange is that this strange creature, with his approach, actually stands up . With its standing body, Liu Chang even sees it holding a USB flash disk - it should be something left by Haier company before . After the end of the world, this kind of thing has no value, so it has never been taken away . It's just that the plastic sh.e.l.l of this USB flash drive has been badly dirty, and the inside may have been corroded . I don't know if it can still be used .

"With the U disk, there are strange looking insects . When people stand up, they are about 1 . 8 meters . Its total length is nearly three meters . " Liu Chang dictated the information of the strange creature he saw, and then made sure that he wrote it down, and pulled out the huge sniper rifle on his back - shredded meat .

The reason why he chose to waste bullets with a gun instead of cutting with a knife was that he could not see which species this strange thing came from, so he was not sure whether it was poisonous or not . So he prepared to smash the other party with one shot, and then collect information .

This kind of strange thing should be of great research value! Liu Chang thought, ready to pull the trigger .

(to be continued)

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