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Dog Bite - 咬狗

Chapter 264

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Chapter 264: 264

Hearing the woman's words, Liu Chang opened his mouth and wanted to ask "why should I revenge that man?" later, he thought about it or not . These stories in the end of the world are nothing more than killing love and hatred . None of them are happy, they are the same, and they must be disgusting .

Therefore, the sentence "why" vomited out half of the child, or let him be forced to swallow back, and finally turned into a waving back of the hand: "come on, I don't care about your business, I just want to do my own business well . "

With these words, Liu Chang closed his eyes

And the woman knew she was bored and left the place .

"Human beings, it's so complicated!" The parrot, who had been noisy for a long time before, heard the conversation between Liu Chang and the woman, and was surprisingly quiet .

Liu Chang closed his eyes for a night .

In the first half of the night, he didn't fall asleep . In the latter half of the night, he had another dream . He dreamed of the giant turtle that he met in the daytime today . The giant turtle said something to him, and then he didn't understand a word . Finally, he woke up in a hurry . After that, what he saw was a pair of bird's hair - Parrot's hair, probably cold at night, and the bird instinctively came up .

"Get out of here . I said how I had nightmares all night . It was you who pressed my chest . " When he woke up, there was a faint light at the door of the bas.e.m.e.nt . Liu Chang knew that it was already dawn . A press in their own body parrot pushed away, Liu Chang stood up .

As the night pa.s.sed, he was not the first to get up - the women and children obviously got up earlier than him, and they were watching him eagerly . Obviously, these people were unable to sleep because of hunger and cold, and they needed some high calorie food to satisfy their hunger . As for the biscuits distributed by Liu Chang yesterday, after all, they were rations for one person, even if he took them No matter how sufficient, it is not enough for one person to share one bite .

Therefore, when he saw these eyes, he still had some feelings - the feeling was the days of hunger . Feeling is, and Li teacher and Xiao Jing drink s.h.i.+wei thick soup day .

"Bring you food today . " Looking at women and children, Liu Chang made a rare promise on his chest - of course, this guarantee is very easy for him now - and . He did these things without pay .

"You are here to prepare some information for me . " With these words, Liu Chang took out the books and pens that had been prepared for a long time from the backpack and distributed them to several leaders . "You are here to write down the marine species you have seen . The name of the species is not important, but the characteristics, shapes and habits are best written in full . If the hand drawing is good, you can also fill in the picture above . You'll exchange this for dinner in the evening, and don't Scribble about it . I'll check it out . "

Liu Chang wrote a book while talking . Everyone, including all the men who got up after hearing his voice, was a little strange .

Because at the end of the day, they never heard of anyone doing such a thing . Even before the collapse of Qingdao Research Inst.i.tute, it only used biological specimens for research, and there were few such large-scale statistical data - which made them see Liu Chang's eyes very mysterious .

But it's mysterious . No matter how incomprehensible, they have to do all these things . After all, believe it or not, this young and strong man is their new leader . Although all the people, including Li Cheng, who knows his strength, don't think that this person can bring any huge amount of food, they still quietly take over the paper and pen in their hands .

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Seeing the lazy appearance of these people, Liu Chang also knew that they had to get some food to satisfy their hunger today, so as to arouse their enthusiasm for work .

"Not really experienced, but I was used to hunting before the winter came . " You don't have to laugh when you hear Liu's words? You hold the knife with your bare hands, and you're not afraid that your hand and the handle will freeze together? "

"No problem . " Liu Chang shook his head . "Let's go . I don't know what to protect your mouth and nose . But I know that if you stand in a place for too long, the soles of shoes will stick together with the ground . "As Liu Chang said, he lifted his foot, and sure enough, the sole of the shoe was glued to the ground . Then, as soon as he exerted his strength, the heel of the shoe broke open, and a chill came from the sole of his foot .

"In such a cold day, everything is brittle, and all the iron wares can be frozen like gla.s.s pieces . . . " Ma Pisan saw the sole of Liu Chang's shoes broken, and worried on his face, "why don't you pack the sole?"

"Wrap soles?" Under his doubts, Liu Chang saw that these people who were wrapped in full-length clothes actually wrapped their shoes with layers of cotton cloth . One was to prevent the shoes from breaking, and the other was the effect of Fang Han . Sure enough, in the ordinary people's world, there will always be a lot of little wisdom .

After paying attention to these things, Liu Chang felt that he had been separated from the "" for a long time, and that Liu Xinmin had been together with No . 17 and others, which had made him pay little attention to these details . Now he is in a different environment and has different horizons, which has changed the way he and these ordinary people look at problems .

"Do you know where there are the most species?" Liu Chang asked .

"I don't know . There are so many species in the sea that I can't see them . " The flatterer thought for a while, and then asked, "relatively, I only know where it is easy to hunt - it is shallow sea area, where the seabed is very high, and large creatures are difficult to survive and will be stranded on the beach . Therefore, we usually go there to hunt . " (to be continued)

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