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Chapter 253

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Chapter 253: 253

So, it was a peaceful evening .

Although Liu Chang still has a grudge against the capture of Xiaojing on the 17th, and Xiaojing herself is hostile to these little guys in a month of inhuman torture, but because we have the same purpose and the same life goal, we all keep silent about the things we did the other day .

So, a warm night .

In the early morning of the next day, Liu Xinmin, as Liu Chang had expected, came to visit him .

"Want me to go to the seaside?" Liu Chang dressed, opened the door and let Liu Xinmin in .

"Yes, you are the most effective and adaptable, so I want you to have a look . " Liu Xinmin enters Liu Chang's room with a smile and sits by his bed . "You know what's going on out there now, and the enemies we're going to face in the future will not only come from the land, but the ocean will always account for the majority of life on earth . Now, while the sea water is not completely frozen and the ice layer is not too thick, marine organisms have to adapt to the environment and evolve corresponding survival ability if they want to land . Therefore, I want you to take advantage of this time gap to have a good look at what is going on at the seaside . "

"Well, when do you want me to leave?" Liu Chang nodded, and he also knew that time was pressing - most of the marine life had not yet been able to land . Therefore, if you want to check, now is the right time .

"The sooner you go, the better . " Liu Xinmin said truthfully, "of course, I don't have the power to direct or command you . You have to decide this matter yourself . You can go whenever you want . After all, you have just recovered from the edge of serious injury and dying . You can take a two-day rest to go . . . "

"Forget it, I'll leave today . " Liu sighed, "the world is changing with each pa.s.sing day . I have been in a coma for more than ten days, and the world has changed so much . If I delay for another three or five days, there may be many changes on the other side of the ocean . But now Xiaojing has rescued her . I can rest a.s.sured that I will go early and return early! "

"Cool man!" Liu Xinmin heard Liu Chang's words and laughed: "in that case . I'll tell you something and do it for me . "

As he spoke, he took out some gadgets and a well-doc.u.mented manual .

"There's something I want you to investigate . These gadgets collect biological cells . You meet marine creatures with landing intentions . If possible, collect some cells for me . Of course, if you encounter intelligent life or super life, you can collect their cells as much as possible, which is very helpful for my research

The old man explained carefully .

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"I see . " Liu Chang used to collect the utensils . He lived a quiet life two years ago . Li Qingshui has collected cells for Li Qingshui . Therefore, he is very skilled in operating these small devices . Even though Liu Xinmin's version of the apparatus is different from Li Qingshui's version of the device, because of its similar function, he can already operate it after a glance .

"Well, I don't need to explain . After all, you've been in a coma for so many days . People have already studied you . " The boss nodded, then he was silent for a while, as if he was organizing his own language . When Liu Chang saw this situation, he knew that what he was going to say must be difficult to speak, or the topic would be heavy .

"I'm here today to tell you two things . " The boss slowed down his speech speed and gave Liu Chang a process to accept his own words . "The first thing is, I hope you don't have a grudge against Lao seventeen . You know, they didn't threaten you, they didn't hurt Xiaojing, although they didn't use so aboveboard means

"Well, I know, I'm trying to get rid of this mustard . " Liu Chang nodded, "but you know, after all, human beings are emotional animals . He captured my relatives and indirectly led to the fight between me and Liu, which he could prevent . But as you said, we all have different standpoints, and I can understand him . So, I will forget the mustard as soon as possible . After all, we are on the same front now . ""Just understand . " The boss sat on the bed, patted Liu Chang on the shoulder opposite him, and continued: "the second thing is about Li Qingshui . You know, his body and brain are still alive, but his memory and thinking have been replaced by willows, so we are enemies now . "

"I know . " Liu Chang frowns unnaturally when he hears this topic . After all, Li Qingshui's status in his heart has been like an elder for several years . Now it is a difficult decision for him to change his att.i.tude suddenly . So he nodded, his face a little bitter .

But the boss did not look at his expression, but continued to explain .

"And you should not only regard him as the enemy, but also absolutely not let him see your existence . " The eldest continued: "within the two hours before Li Qingshui died, the brain domain had no idea of the extent of the mutation, but it was certain to know the future . If you let him see you, he will kill you at all costs (to be continued)

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