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Dog Bite - 咬狗

Chapter 242

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Chapter 242: 242

Some people have leisure because they don't know the danger, and those who know the danger will not go to leisure .

Liu Xinmin has no leisure, and Ryan can't either . Even the big willow, which has always seemed to be very comfortable, has been unable to relax recently .

Henan border after the explosion .

It was a mess - a whole hundred kilometers in diameter had been completely destroyed, and the central area of the explosion had spread all the way to Hubei Province - and in the central area of the explosion, almost everything had been destroyed to the most primitive state, the ground became scorched, the traces of any animal and plant had turned into ashes - even the tough steel body of the big willow The bodies were torn to pieces and turned into debris all over the ground . Only the roots buried deep in the soil could survive under the high pressure of explosion, because the cracked soil on the ground bears most of the pressure on them .

This is the tragic situation in the central area of the explosion, and in the radiation area within the explosion range, the state of the big willow is also in a mess .

Explosions create storms, and the closer you get to the explosion site, the more severe the storm becomes .

The storm of the giant air mother explosion can blow to Beijing . Naturally, the storm will be more severe within a hundred kilometers around it . Many branches of the big willow were blown off by the storm, and some places were ignited by the fire . The willow branches were burning on the ground, and everywhere were struggling willows lying on the ground, twisting and turning like dying earthworms, making people sick .

The willow is injured .

It's a serious injury .

One of the smartest creatures on earth . It seems to be a very violent fact to be seriously injured by a creature with no intelligence quotient - but this is the case with the evolution of the earth . It is not that low intelligence leads to low combat effectiveness . In fact, many times, IQ and combat effectiveness are inversely proportional .

Therefore, the empty mother is a terrible race, and the empty mother king is a terrible creature - and the willow tree's troubles did not stop after the King Kong Mu attacked him - because those little empty mothers in the air, after the empty mother king exploded . They fell and burst .

The empty mothers of the three provinces fell like raindrops . Each empty mother was equivalent to a bomb dropped by air . At the moment of the king's self explosion, they all exploded together as if they had received some command . Millions, millions, nearly tens of millions of empty mothers fell from the sky, like a bomb dropped by air, rain fell into the willow everywhere . These little guys do no less damage to the willow than the empty mother king . Ants often kill elephants, which is the truth in the world .

So the willow tree was in a mess, the 100 kilometer area at the center of the explosion was in a mess, as was the raindrop area around the explosion - this was his most embarra.s.sing time since he was born, and . He knew it was just the beginning .

Because, these empty mothers can only be regarded as the sentinels of the enemy he is facing, a guide, and a person who comes to inquire for information - these are definitely not real attacks, because they are just beginning now .

So . After being wounded by the explosion, the willow quickly drew back to the body, spread from the previous area of nearly three provinces, and slowly closed to the middle - it seemed to make a defensive posture of preparing for a long-term battle - he did not attack, nor did he continue to expand, because he knew that his enemy had no IQ, only rules - that rule was . The more he expands, the bigger the rebound .

So now he's shrinking and waiting for the moment .

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He knows that there are many powerful things in the world that have broken the balance, and these things can cause trouble, and there are contradictions between them - natural contradictions - just like human beings and themselves . So, he wants to cringe, he wants to let the ocean that may exist, stronger than he is more stupid things, to help him bear some things .

"Can you tell me something about the undersea man? Wisdom also has the ability to reproduce, as well as volume and movement The 17th asked about the four most important factors that make a race strong .

Wisdom determines development .

Reproductive capacity determines race continuity .

Volume determines the adaptive characteristics .

Movement is the cornerstone of survival .

These four elements together are the absolute compet.i.tiveness of a race .

Obviously, the absolute compet.i.tiveness of this undersea Terran is absolutely terrible .

"Ovoid, a fetus can produce hundreds of eggs, much stronger than the human reproductive capacity . Exercise power should also be slightly stronger than that of human beings . It should be of ordinary size . It will not consume too much food resources, so as to maintain the basic characteristics of the body . As for wisdom . . . " Liu Xinmin said here, with a heavy sigh, "it is said that every underwater Terran has the intelligence no less than that of a brain mutant . . . " (to be continued)

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