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Dog Bite - 咬狗

Chapter 240

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Chapter 240: 240

The hurricane wave brought about by the huge explosion even affected Beijing hundreds of kilometers away . Here today, a strong wind suddenly blew up, and the seven or eight strong winds blew the snow with whistles, which made the face ache .

Every day, sitting on the back of the beloved bird almost blew down the sky .

"Why is the wind so strong all of a sudden?" Lying in the parrot's sadness, he grabs its feathers every day and cries, "where have you been these days? How can you come back now?"

"I didn't run anywhere . I went to the seaside and walked around . Wow, it's really spectacular . " Parrot's speed is very fast, even in a gale of seven or eight, it can also try to keep its balance .

"You should have come back earlier . You don't know how many things happened after you left these days . Liu Chang had a fight with the amphibian ancestor called Liu . " "Fortunately, I was not at home that day, or I might not see you . Do you remember Zhou Kai who came with us from Xingtai? Because he went back a little earlier, he was directly caught by the amphibians and turned into mud

"Did Liu Chang fight with that white monster again?" When it comes to flow, the flying love bird's body swings and almost throws it out of the air every day . Obviously, the bird's experience of being pulled down from the sky and broke its leg that day is still fresh in its memory . In his heart, convection has a very fear, and convection that powerful force, has almost invincible ideas . So, hearing Liu Chang fight with Liu Chang again, the parrot named Zhiqing screamed: "how can this be possible? Liu Chang can't beat that monster called Liu . Is he dead? "

"Not dead, but almost . " Sigh every day . "Qi," he said, "now that he has been saved to Beijing Research Inst.i.tute for treatment, people have been cut in two .

"I'll say, how could he win that monster . " Although the parrot has intelligence quotient, it is obviously slow in feeling . It seems that he can't hear the meaning of sighing every day . He said to himself: "the white monster of the last time obviously had spare strength at the beginning, and he didn't carry any weapons . Even so, Liu Chang was almost killed, or he was let go in the end Wait What did you say? Is Liu Chang in two? "

"Yes . Two . " Every day long out . Qi, "and it seems that there is only half of the viscera left . "

"Isn't that dead?" The tone of the parrot in the air was also a little sad, "I didn't expect to die like this No, the amphibian ancestor didn't let him go last time . Why did he have to kill him this time? "

"Last time, it was because he didn't know Liu Chang had killed one of his sons . . . " If I know this time, I can't let it go . " Every day .

"Then Liu Chang is really dead . If that amphibian has a killing heart, I think Liu Chang can't beat him 100 percent . " The parrot sighed: "if I had known earlier, I might have run to help . Although I can't fight, at least I can fly, so as not to let Liu Chang so miserable . "

"Well, if you were there . . . " Maybe Liu Chang won't be like this . " Every day he said, "he is a good man . "

"Well, it's good . . . " The parrot flying along the direction of the strong wind in the air heard every day's exclamation, heard the whole reason of this matter, suddenly stopped its flying body and circled in the air .

"What's the matter with you?"

"Every day, you'd better not go back . " In the face of the hurricane, the parrot said, "Liu Changren is good, but now he is dead, and the enemy is still in Beijing . It's a mess in Beijing, didn't you? Why don't we go? There are enemies in it, and it's not suitable for you to survive . I was raised by you since I was a child, and then I always accompany you after the change . Although I always feel you are very upset, I don't want you to die in front of me . That white monster is in Beijing . I will think of you and me one day . In case we come to our door, the best situation for us is to be locked up . I will be a vehicle and you will be your eyes . I think we might as well run, I fly fast, I take you to the North Although the north is colder now, there are fewer species in the cold ecosystem! Don't go to Beijing . . . "

"No, our friends are there . " Every day he shook his head, "and the white monster has been solved . "

"stupid woman, what kind of friend is not friend, only a few months ago, I tell you, you are still your own life . . . " Wait . . . " What did you just say Hovering in the air, the noisy parrot heard every day's words, and suddenly a spirit of excitement, "the giant monster called flow has been killed?"

"Yes . " Every day he nodded, "Liu Chang solved this problem . They were both defeated and injured, or they both died . "

"I gra.s.s, don't I?" The parrot made a rude remark, "no, I have to see it . "

after saying this, the parrot turned into a gust of wind and flew to the inner city of Beijing with the heavy snow .

Inside the city, in the Research Inst.i.tute .

Xiaojing in coma for many days, these two days finally wake up . Because the clone no longer hypnotized her, she was awake .

Accompanied by he Zhizhi, Xiaojing had a bowl of porridge, then sat down on the clean bed and nestled in the arms of her big sister who had taken care of her for four years . "You've been working hard these days . " He Zhizhi looked at Xiaojing pale face, some heartache, "the feeling of being hypnotized for several months, isn't it good?"

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"Well, every day is like sleeping . " Small static nodded, looked to he Zhizhi's eye socket suddenly red, "you say, Liu Chang elder brother, he can return to the original state?"

"Yes . " Liu Xinmin nodded .

"Can brother Liu Chang recover? Will he die? " When Xiaojing asked this question, her expression was a little dull, her eyes were red, and her tears seemed to be just about to gush out, and then she was pressed down by her stubborn strength, which seemed to be very uncomfortable .

"Cry if you want . It's better for your health . " The old man comforted .

"If you don't cry, you will cry for the dead . Unfortunately, I won't cry . " The girl shook her head . "Can you tell me the truth? Will brother Liu Chang die? "

"No!" The old man shook his head . "I promise you with my personality that he will never die . "

"That's good . That's good . " The girl whispered .

"Can I ask you a few questions?" The old man looked at the girl .

"Ask, you are the doctor of Liu Chang's brother . I will answer whatever you ask . " Xiao Jing nods .

"Well, can you still feel fear recently? Can you feel the position of the person you fear? "

"Yes . "

"So why don't you look too scared lately?" The old man had some doubts, "shouldn't it be the fear deeply rooted in the spirit?"

"Because brother Liu Chang is dying, there is nothing to be afraid of in this world . " Xiao Jing shakes her head, "what I fear most is that I am afraid to leave Liu Chang's brother . And the rest, no matter how much I fear, is nothing in front of this, and today I found that the thing that scared me suddenly weakened (to be continued)

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