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Dog Bite - 咬狗

Chapter 236

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Chapter 236: 236

"It's under control . " "The remaining amphibians can't make the climate if they don't flow," said No . 7 . "A few atavistic warriors left by Li Qingshui, together with our brain control, easily controlled them . Now they are locked up . "

"What are you going to do with it?"

"I don't know . I haven't figured out what to do . We'll have to discuss it and listen to their ideas . " "However, they are not the most important issues at present . What we should care about is the whereabouts of Liu and Liu Chang, as well as the trends of the Research Inst.i.tute . In fact, I have been thinking about this question just now . How can the people of the Inst.i.tute get here before us? It is clear that we knew the news before the conflict, but now it has been preempted . I always feel that this is a bit strange . Can that person predict it? "

"I don't know . There's a master at the Inst.i.tute . " "Maybe it's a higher-level brain evolutor, or a more accurate message, who has been waiting here for a long time," the boss said . It's not like people are unprepared . "

"Yes, it seems that we have been aiming at the existence of us, but we don't know whether it is the enemy or the friend . " Old seven said: "these things will be discussed by our brother after we go back . Moreover, since the man has taken the third and Liu Chang away, he should be able to think of contacting us afterwards . We can talk to him . "

"Yes . " The boss nodded and then looked up at the three soldiers who were accompanying him . "They are the recessive gene expression fighters left by Li Qingshui in those years?" he asked

"Well, Liu Chang was not the only one injected with the recessive gene display agent . Li Qingshui used a large number of people to do the experiment . " "But although there are many partic.i.p.ants in the experiment, the success rate is not high . In the end, it was a small group of people who succeeded in atavism, and then for one reason or another, they defected . After all, as soon as Li Qingshui died, they would have no binding force, so they would always follow us . Only about seven or eight people will protect us . "

"How about combat effectiveness?" The boss looked at the three adults again .

"Not bad, but much worse than Liu Chang . The best thing for these people is to return to the reptile category, and they are not as jumping as Liu Chang . Their evolutionary process is very regular . " Old seven said and waved to one of them . "Forget it, I won't tell you . It's important to get back . Our speed is too slow, please give us a back

"What about them?" The boss pointed to he Zhizhi and others behind him .

"Leave a person to lead the way . Let's go back first . Seventeen said let me go quickly . It seems that there is something urgent . "

"All right . " The boss nodded and walked behind a man . He jumped on his back, then turned to his companion and said, "I'll go first . Don't be afraid . They won't hurt you . Just follow that man to our stronghold . "

"Well . " He Zhizhi and others nodded . I didn't say anything .

"Sit tight!" The soldier with the eldest son on his back seems to have no resistance to his back . After carrying him, he, together with the man carrying the seventh on the other side, quickened the pace under his feet and left four people all the way .

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The speed of the two atavists is very fast, though not as abnormal as Liu Chang or Liu Liu . But in the end, the walking speed of ordinary people is countless times faster than that of ordinary people . Under their burdens, Lao Qi and his boss soon crossed several blocks and arrived at lao17's stronghold in Xicheng District of Beijing .

"Can't we win, or we'll all die together?" The boss sighed, "I would not let him go if I knew it would be like this . "

"Big brother seems to have a good relations.h.i.+p with him recently . " After listening to the boss's words, seventeen laughed: "don't worry, since Liu Chang can really defeat Liu and build the possibility in the impossible, it shows one thing . Li Qingshui's conjecture is right, and since his conjecture is right, it is impossible for Liu Chang to die . Now I am more and more aware of the significance of Li Qingshui's dividing our troops into two ways . All our calculations and plans before were in his expectation . It's also his intention that Liu Chang was carried to the research inst.i.tute after he was defeated today . ""Can he even calculate that the Inst.i.tute will come to save people?" The boss sighed: "that's really a perverted character!"

"It's really a pervert, but I don't know what he's going to do next . Does he want to change the future he has seen through Liu Chang's node?" No . 17 shook his head . "We have to crack the information on Xiaojing before we have a [answer] case . "

"How long will it take?" Asked the boss .

"At most four days, we have collected all the information about that little girl, and the only thing left is to crack it . " Seventeen rubbed his eyes and said, "but it's not an easy thing . It's even harder than I thought . It takes a lot of a.n.a.lysis and calculation to restore a person's muscle memory and skin memory to text information . Therefore, after so many days, I still can't complete this tedious task

"I can help you . " Said the boss .

"That would be great . " (to be continued)

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