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Dog Bite - 咬狗

Chapter 235

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Chapter 235: 235

Therefore, guessing such things can also be divided into three or six grades: one knows two things by seeing one, and the other is knowing the whole body or guessing when one sees a little . Seeing a little can even guess the eighteenth generation of your ancestors - that is the real guess .

Therefore, the old man is obviously the one who has mastered the "real guess" .

Although the second one is not as clever as he is, he is also a smart man . Although he can't guess the eighteen generations of his ancestors, he also knows the general ident.i.ty and strength of the visitors .

So he changed the question .

"What are you doing here?"

"Save people . " The old man looked at Liu Chang on the ground, and then at the other side of his eye, which had stopped twitching .

"Save who?"

"Both . " Said the old man .

"Still saved?" Old three looked at Liu Chang, "it's all like this . "

"You can try it . " The old man continued, "it depends on whether you want me to try . "

"You won't let me down . " Old three looked at the old man and laughed, "since the decision has been made, then hurry up . If you want to have a try, you must try as soon as possible! I think you are so old, and your physical strength may not be very good . If the one over there is too heavy, put it first and save this one first! "

Old three said, began to lift Liu Chang's body .

But the old man pulled him to one side . He picked up two pieces of Liu Chang's body by himself, and then sent them to a special crawler transport equipment . Then he went to the other side of the stream, holding his body and pulling him to this special transport vehicle .

This particular vehicle, a truck that's been transformed into something very strange - or it can't be called a truck . It's better to call it robot or something else - it doesn't have a winds.h.i.+eld, and it looks very complicated to operate . It has a crawler on the fuselage and a lifting "tire lifting" device . It can perfectly cross the common obstacles in many cities and fully guarantee the un.o.bstructed driving vision .

"How far can you see?" The third looked at the old man sitting in the c.o.c.kpit, "did you design this thing?"

"It's not far away, but I have recorded the whole terrain and landform, and I can use induction for human beings, so I can drive . " The old man started the equipment in the c.o.c.kpit, and then went on: "this is designed by my students . It's not easy to make it, otherwise I really want to popularize it . However, as you know, the world is now closed, and there is no mineral resources from mountains and rivers . In the era of global industrial globalization, it is also difficult and difficult to establish a manufacturing industry . Therefore, it is just able to use it on its own . It can't be popularized . "

"Yes . " The old three nodded and drank the snowflakes floating outside the c.o.c.kpit . He opened his mouth and said, "drive faster, or I'm afraid Liu Chang can't hold on . "

"Well, you can use brain waves to continuously stimulate his brain, so that his brain doesn't lose its activity completely . " The old man spoke . Kick a pull rod, so that the machine moved up, the speed from slow to fast .

Although the speed of the transporter on the road is not as fast as that of cars in the past, it is not slow - even in Beijing . The ground is no longer flat, except for the cracks, which are the protruding roots of trees . If this machine can do this step, it must have been designed with incomparable precision .

"Your student is also a smart man!" Seeing this machine, the third one suddenly looked forward to Liu Chang's life .

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The third is gone . The second came with the boss .

A child, protected by three adults, came here . The child was only about two years old by sight, but he walked steadily . He was obviously a very strong child . "Big brother, second brother, long time no see . " The child walked West to East and finally stopped in front of the other two children .

"Seven . " The boss smiles .

"Yes . "

"Did you take the man?" Asked the second .

"No, the people from the inst.i.tute took it . " The seventh came to the eldest and the second, and said, "come on, since the amphibian and Liu Chang have come to an end and their enmity has been resolved, there is no need for us to separate our forces . I'll take you to where we are now . Seventeen would like to meet you and tell you something interesting . "

"Isn't Xiaojing hurt on your side?" Asked the boss .

"No, how could we hurt her?" Lao Qi shakes his head . "It's just that she's been working hard for a while, and we all work very hard . It's really hard to piece together memories, especially the physical memory . More than a dozen of us have been doing it in turn for more than a month, and finally we are about to get results . "

"I don't know what message Li Qingshui left behind?" The boss nodded and beckoned to the back, "he Zhizhi, Qingyin, all follow me . Let's go to their place on the 17th . "

"Then I'll stay and leave a message every day, or she'll come back at night and don't know where to look for us . " The second said, patted the eldest on the shoulder, "you go first . "

"Yes . " The boss nodded, and without any nonsense, he directly followed Lao Qi to the West . After a few steps, he asked, "what's the matter with the rest of the amphibians?" (to be continued)

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