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Chapter 233

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Chapter 233: 233

Liu's knife splits from the top to the bottom . With Liu's height and body shape, he can only attack in this way from top to bottom - because Liu Chang's height only reaches his knee .

Therefore, no matter how he splits, 45 degrees or 75 degrees, or 90 degrees straight up and down, it's very easy, simple and courageous .

Simple action does not mean it is easy to avoid, because in the human attack mechanics system, the simplest attack method is often the most direct, effective and fast .

Liu's knife is very fast . From top to bottom, he chooses a 90 degree downward chopping method - probably because Liu Changgang killed Liuxin in this way, so Liu subconsciously wants to revenge in this way .

But his revenge was fruitless .

Liu Chang's knife is very fast, but it can't be as fast as Zi Mi tan . After a month of training, Liu Chang has reached the point where he can split the neutron Mi bullet . Naturally, he can also avoid Liu's knife . "As long as you put it there in advance . . . " Liu Chang is not as fast as Zi Mi's, but he can chop neutron Mi tan . Similarly, he is not faster than Liu's knife . However, he evades the powerful blow . When the opponent's knife reaches the end, he turns and swings his knife to fight back . However, his speed is really slower than that of the other side Therefore, his tentative counterattack was also fruitless .

Stepping on the back of a flowing knife, Liu Chang failed to hit the target again . He bounced on the back of the knife again . He flew directly six or seven meters away . Then he ran all the way to the front of the moving building . Then he jumped up to the sixth floor of the skew residential building . Then he smashed the window and entered the interior of the building .

And then the stream followed, and he jumped up the sixth floor, but didn't get inside the building . Standing outside the window of Liu Chang's flying body, he picked up his huge five meter long sword and waved it to the left and right . After "hissing" twice, he directly cut the building into two sections .

With the roar and sand, the slanting upper part of the residential building "booms" into two sections, and the upper part directly falls to the ground . Liu Chang saw such a scene in the house . Without saying a word, he opened a hole in the ground again, drilling from the sixth floor to the fifth floor and from the fifth floor to the fourth floor .

This time Liu would never give him the opportunity to drill into the ground . After flying to the air of more than ten meters, the giant knife was lifted from the top to the bottom, and the knife was upright again, cutting the whole residential building in half . The whole building burst apart, and Lu Mi came out of Liu Chang .

"I can't run!" Liu Chang is still in the crack position on the third floor, and the current directly rushes out his fist to him .

The height of the third floor is about 8 meters . Liu's height is nearly six meters, and his arm span is nearly six meters . Therefore, Liu's oblique stab is very convenient . Liu Chang saw Liu's attack, so he quickly set up his sword and stabbed him . However, Liu had expected his reaction . Once he had fought with him twice and had nearly two brain region changes, Liu Chang had already a.n.a.lyzed Liu Chang's so-called extreme dynamic vision .

Therefore, he knows what reaction the other side will make, and he also knows that the other side will not hit him unless it is an indiscriminate area coverage attack . Therefore, after the oblique stabbing, the fist was carved into grasp on the half way, five fingers were extended to reduce the speed, and then suddenly fell down and hit Liu Chang on the ground in front of him .

With the sound of "boom", the three floors of the already fragile residential building were smashed, which made Liu Changli's foothold unstable and his feet empty . Then the huge sword with his right hand swung down at the right time, directly hitting his inspiration .

Yes, it's shooting, not chopping, not chopping, it's shooting!

Yes, with the blade . In order to expand his attack area, Liu gave up the sharp edge of the knife and turned to a swatter . The blade, which was as wide as one and a half meters, was patted from top to bottom like a fly swatter . Liu Chang could not avoid it at all . He had to raise his knife to meet him .

With the sound of "Qiang", the two broadswords collided together for the first time . This was also the first time that Liu Chang and Liu had a real face-to-face confrontation since the battle .

Then Liu Chang was a mess .

Since the beginning of the battle, Liu Chang has constantly avoided fighting with Liu because he knows that there is a big gap between his absolute strength and Liu's, and the reality in front of him fully proves this point . After the fight, Liu Chang's spine immediately gave out an unbearable "need, sound", and the abdominal wound was torn again . The man fell to the ground with a "whoosh", and then "roared" into the ground .

"Ah After Liu Chang was inserted into the ground, he was forced to cus.h.i.+on the falling force . His abdominal trauma and ground gravel were tearing and rubbing . Before he was inserted into the ground, the only thing he could do was to throw the third one out .

After throwing out his third son, Liu Chang has already inserted most of his body into the ground, but fortunately his hands are still there . Liu Chang holds up his huge sword, and then, with the help of his sword, stops the falling trend .

While he was doing these actions, Liu was able to break open two half of the residential building which he had already cut . After breaking the gap, Liu Chang was stuck in the ground . Then, naturally, he would not let go of this excellent opportunity . The super huge sword was inserted into Liu Chang's area from top to bottom . It seems that he still did not give up the idea of cutting Liu Chang into two pieces . However, Liu Chang didn't have this idea .

Stuck in the sand, Liu Chang didn't hesitate to see the huge sword stabbed from top to bottom . He pressed his arms against his own knife and pulled himself out of the soil, but the flowing sword also fell in time .

Liu Chang's right arm was cut off at the same shoulder . Liu Chang took advantage of the opponent's knife style, the moment the knife was inserted into the soil with his own arm, picked up his own knife on the ground, and then jumped up against the stream to live on it .

"Rock three!" Liu Chang cried out before jumping up . He knew that the other party could understand his meaning .

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Sure enough, while Liu Chang jumped up, Liu's eyes suddenly became confused for a moment . This kind of confusion was not a loss of consciousness, but a feeling of wrong position . Liu Changming jumped to his left side, but Liu looked to the right side .

"It's over?" In fact, several people have been standing not far away from the eldest and the second, not closer because they are afraid to disturb them . But now when they hear the boss say the end, a group of people immediately gather around .

"How is it going?" He Zhizhi asked .

"Very bad . "

"Liu Chang lost?" Asked Milan .


"How bad is it?" Li Feng is a little anxious .

"Anyway, it's very bad . Don't talk nonsense . Follow me to save people . " The boss is in a hurry .

"If you save people, you should not die . " Qingyin asked .

"I don't know if you're dead or not, but if you hang around, you'll be dead!" The boss put down this sentence, the man ran to the place where the incident happened .

Among the ruins, the third one first took a look at the direction of the flow, where the flow was convulsing all over the body . More than 60 ml of venom was injected into the body together . If there was no accident, he must have been poisoned . And if there is no accident on the other side, it must be dead .

Liu's eyes are not in the same direction as the two of Liu's friends .

Therefore, he had to gamble on his luck and chose a direction at random . He found Liu Chang's half of the body under the debris dozens of meters away . It was just that his luck was not very good . This half was the lower part .

Under the wall, Liu Chang's characteristic thigh and half crotch are displayed . The wound is broken from the huge gap in the lower abdomen . Because there is the most vulnerable, it is also the first to be torn off . The broken parts are just two equal length . (to be continued)

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