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Chapter 228

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Chapter 228: 228

The heavy pressure is not from top to bottom, but from all around to the inside of the body . This feeling is like being held by the five fingers of a giant, which makes Zhou Kai and the old lady beside her unable to move at all .

"Ah Two people were suddenly attacked, and at the same time issued a cry of panic . After the call, instinctively want to struggle against, but in the face of the mountain like force, two people like ants, were held in the hands, and then carried in the air four or five meters high, suspended in the ground .

"Who?" As soon as Zhou KaiZha saw this kind of scene, he seemed to have guessed something, but he couldn't confirm it in his heart . When he looked up, it was also a piece of air, and the invisible big hand never showed up .

"Don't make a noise . . . " There is a deep sound in the air - like the roar of a truck . This kind of low sound can only be made by reminding huge creatures . Because of their body size, their voice lines are naturally thicker . "From now on, if you make a sound of more than 60 decibels, you will immediately turn into flesh and mud . "

The monster only explained a word . Then Zhou Kai and the landlady felt their bodies suddenly jump up . From a height of four or five meters, they jumped up to a distance of tens of meters . Like a roller coaster, they "Shua" on the roof of this residential building . After arriving here, the monster's body began to appear, revealing the white figure .


As time went by, Liu Chang's mood of waiting outside the door became more and more anxious . Finally, his anxiety was forced down by his reason and became a kind of oppressive mood, which made him unconsciously step on the wind and snow . Walking around the door .

The footprints on the ground were repeatedly trampled, and the snow had been trampled into pieces of ice by him, and finally turned into snow water . But Liu Chang still did not stop trampling, still so anxious . Finally, when he was about to sit still, Milan came out of the factory and looked at Liu Chang .

"Think of something else to distract your attention . "

"I can't disperse . My relatives and friends are going to be caught . It's really not a matter of peace of mind at this moment . I think everything will unconsciously think of Zhou Kai and their safety on the third day . How can I not worry . "

"But the boss told you to wait . " Milan said .

"I know I have to wait, but I can't help being in a hurry . " Liu Chang still turns around .

"Try to take a deep breath, breathe in through your nose, and exhale through your mouth . " Milan said, and forced Liu Chang to sit back on the steps, "if you are so impatient, it is not conducive to the battle for a while . Although I don't know much about fighting . But I've seen some boxing matches before, and I know that fighting this kind of thing, calmness and blood are just as important . Don't there are many boxing masters who will listen to light music or cla.s.sical music before going on stage? Especially the boxers who like to play defense and counterattack, calmness is more important than blood

Milan spoke . He took out a mobile phone from his pocket . Nowadays, the mobile phone can no longer be used as a telephone, but many other functions of the mobile phone still leave some people with this kind of communication device of the pre era . At this time, Milan took out the legacy of the pre era, and then they clicked on the screen . Put out a song .

Serenade .

Serenade of coincidence -- the one that Li Qingshui heard before he died .

The tone is light, lazy, quiet and sad .

It's the same feeling, and it's easy to calm down . Liu Changqiang suppressed his impatience, emptied his mind and let the quiet melody reverberate in his mind .

"When I used to be a psychologist, I used to use this music therapy for some patients with anxiety disorder . After he calmed down a little, he was given speech therapy . " Milan, with his mobile phone, looked at the sky . The sound of music is accompanied by the rustle of wind and snow, with her gentle tone, "in fact, as a psychologist, I have always opposed the use of drug therapy, which may be inconsistent with the current mainstream treatment methods But I believe more in the power of personality . . . "

Milan seems to have a lot of gossip, but her words gradually aroused Liu Chang's interest, also slightly calmed Liu Chang's mood .

"The human brain is a very magical thing . I read a theory in medical books before, and I feel very interesting . It says that all diseases except bacteria and viruses are caused by brain and psychology . "

"Including cancer?" Liu Chang asked .

"Including, as long as it is not caused by bacteria and viruses, it must be caused by the brain . " Milan said with a smile: "so the mood affects the brain, and the brain affects everything . To change all this, you have to change your mood first . "

"Living in this world, everyone has more or less some psychological trauma . In the former times, we were fighting for interests, but now we are fighting for the right to exist . In fact, they are all the same . "

"I don't mean to say these words about how dark the world is . That's the biological instinct . There's no darkness . But what I want to tell you now is that anxiety can affect your normal performance . " Milan handed his mobile phone to Liu Chang and asked him to listen to the soothing music closely . "An anxious speaker will mess up his speech, an anxious teacher will mess up the cla.s.s, an anxious boxer will lose the game, and an anxious fighter will die . I don't want you to die . You are my friend . At present, one of my closest people in the world . The people in this team are all good people . They don't want you to die or lose your companions . ""Yes, I know . " Liu Chang nodded, and his heart was moved . "Otherwise, if we calculate according to the pure interests, I now encounter this situation . The most important thing you should do and the most correct thing is to stay away from danger . As long as you get rid of me, you won't get hurt . "

"Half and half . " Qingyin said, "the other half of the reason is that people believe you can win . So don't let everyone down . "

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"I will not . " Liu Chang took a deep breath and listened to Qingyin's words, but in his heart, Liu Chang was on the road, holding three bullets . After thinking for a long time, he put the three poison bombs in the positions of the first, the sixth and the twelfth . He thought very simply: the first shot was an opportunity and a latent opportunity, the sixth was in the middle, which gave him sufficient time buffer, and the last one was A guarantee - always tell yourself that you still have a chance .

"A man and a woman?" Liu Chang heard the flow of words, in the heart of a meal, he did not know this man and a woman is Zhou Kaihe every day or the third and every day, but no matter who, he does not want them to die . But the same contradiction is that he doesn't want to go to the rooftop, because the roof or roof is a very open and narrow environment . On the roof, the flow will not affect the speed because of the impact of his head on the ceiling, while Liu Chang's moving distance around is limited . He even slaps a big place every day, no matter how he moves, there is no s.p.a.ce .

As long as you can't move, and you can't use the environment to slow down the other party, Liu Chang can only face one kind of situation - hard work .

But hard fight, where is he the rival of the flow? I think it's also the end of being beaten to death by the other party . So, in the face of this situation, Liu Chang hesitated before he fought . Whether he was up or not - no, his companion died - and he died . It was a difficult choice .

"Stream, can't you see that you are so mean?" Liu Chang called out to the sky, "I always thought you were a man . You gave me such a fair environment in the last battle, but this time you used this despicable method?"

"Ha ha ha . . . " The sound of the air is flowing again, but this time the deep tone is mixed with a three-point mockery, "don't use this childish inspiring technique with me . Fighting is fighting, and fighting is fighting . Last time, my purpose was to try you and give you the most favorable environment . And this time my goal is to kill you, so all means are no longer means . The means serve the purpose . Don't tell me about your man theory . Don't forget that I am an as.e.xual species! "

"Well, if I don't tell you more nonsense, I've been out for a long time today, and they may have doubted it . " Liu cried out: "so, now I'm going to countdown . Don't doubt that I have any hesitation . Although I'm a pacifist, don't forget that you killed one of my sons first . "

After finis.h.i.+ng this sentence, the stream did not speak any more, and began to count down directly . His deep and roaring voice echoed in the air again .

"Ten 9 8 . . . "

The countdown was slow and firm . Listening to the sound of the death knell, Liu Chang hesitated for three seconds . After three seconds, Liu Chang ran at his fastest speed . He quickly ran across the small block, and then came to the front of the residential building . He jumped more than 20 meters to the ninth floor . Then, he borrowed from the balcony window on the ninth floor and jumped directly to the roof of the 15th floor, He raised his eyes to see Zhou Kai and his boss's wife who were carried in the air, and also saw the flowing smile .

"Here you are, Liu Chang . Long time no see . " It is a stream of the same opening remarks, he looked at Liu Chang, metal texture of the face showed a trace of strange smile .

Liu Chang stood in front of him, but did not pay attention to his smile - but all the eyes were attracted by his image at this time .

Strong, impeccable, completely self-contained . These are the three words that come out of Liu Chang's mind when he sees the current shape . Of course, if he has to add another word, he must be armed .

With weapons and cannons, super large Gatling and metal armor, the fully armed stream looks like the super machine armor in j.a.panese Anime - and definitely boss cla.s.s! (to be continued)

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