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Dog Bite - 咬狗

Chapter 226

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Chapter 226: 226

The color of Liu Chang's scales first turned white as snow in the sky, then gray as the buildings behind him, and finally turned back to the color of red fog . Only this time, the color of red fog was no longer pure red, but mixed with snow particles, and the red was still gray and white .

this made him as like as two peas outside the skin, even the white spots on the red scales, and he would move down according to the falling of snow particles around him . This made a few people watching him suddenly feel a Hu's confusion, which is similar to carsickness and some people want to vomit .

"All of a sudden, your face has turned into a tube!" Qingyin looked at Liu Chang and said, "are you ok? Is this the chameleon gene? "

"It should be . . . " Looking at the surprised eyes of the people around him, Liu Chang slowly raised his arm and looked at the exposed palm skin . He tried to move the arm slowly and put the palm on the wall tiles beside it . Then, it immediately became pure gray, making it difficult for him to distinguish the shape of the palm even if he was close .

"Chameleon? Unfortunately, it doesn't work well . Even if I don't wear clothes, I still have to carry weapons on my back . " Liu sighed and looked at Qingyin . "The third one went out to do business . When did he say he would come back?"

"I don't know . They didn't tell me why they went out . " Qingyin is also a little anxious, "no, I'll go back and have a look . "

"Forget it . When you go back, you have one more person to get involved in the danger . " "After all, I hope you won't let anyone else get out of it . "

Liu Chang said that, after thinking about it, he let everyone into the factory, and then he came to the busy boss . He is no longer a child . Even in the most anxious moment, Liu Chang will not easily do things that do not have the slightest overall view, so . He wanted to ask the boss for their opinion before he left .

"I want to go back . " Liu Chang stands next to the busy sculptor .

"Not yet . " The eldest brother kept looking around at the pa.s.sers-by, and knew what had happened . So he shook his head and said, "it's meaningless for you to go back now . They go out on business, they won't come back so early, and you go back alone . If no one comes back, you have to wait there . And I reckon that the speed of flowing them there must be faster than that of the third . So, if you go back, you can't wait for the third . What we are waiting for is a big fist . "

"What about that? If I don't go back, they will go back sooner or later, and their lives can't be changed for mine? " Liu sighed: "after all, this is because of me, and the third is not your brother, you are not in a hurry? Are you really going to trade his life for mine

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"You said that . I didn't say that . " The boss continued to be busy polis.h.i.+ng the metal tools in his hand . "You don't have to rush back . Anyway, the stream may have arrived now, but the third one hasn't arrived yet . The flow will be waiting for you there . It doesn't make sense if you go back so early . And the spleen of the flow . When they go back, he won't kill them for the time being - of course, he may kill us after killing you, but before they kill you, these people are the bait to attract you

first inspected the rifle and the gun body of the minced meat, pulled the lower bolt to check the cartridge clip, and finally picked out the first bullet to check the poison bomb that condensed his venom essence . The venom in this poison bullet is refined by the boss, and the unit effect is much better than that of the venom secreted by him . According to the boss's previous statement, the stream has the ability of self evolution, and he has suffered losses from it before . Therefore, his body must have poison resistance . Therefore, this thing must be refined .

After refining, the toxic effect of the venom was ten times stronger . Liu Chang rubbed the bullet and firmly believed that even if the stream had the ability to resist poison now, it was impossible to be invincible .

Therefore, this poison bullet is most of the capital for him to settle down in the face of the flow, which is also the biggest reason why Liu Chang is still sitting here - because he knows that if he has only one poison bomb, he will have only one shot, and it is almost impossible to shoot a mediocre body .

Therefore, even though he is suffering from the danger of his companion being caught, he still has to wait for the emergence of the second and third poison bombs - because the two extra bullets will give him ten times the chance - the concept of only one chance and three opportunities is not so simple as one plus two equals three .

So, even if he is in a state of anxiety, he still has to wait - like a poisonous snake waiting for its prey . (to be continued)

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