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Chapter 22 Disturbed

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Chapter 22 Disturbed

“Yeah, I’m afraid that I’ll pee too far and splash it onto you.” Chang shook off the man’s arm and freed himself from the pressure the man put on him. Chang frowned tightly without saying another word.

The man didn’t continue provoking Chang when he saw that he was able to get rid of him easily. The two walked side by side to the shared bathroom.

Dawn had just arrived and not many people had woken up yet, so the bathroom wasn’t crowded at all. As Chang walked into the bathroom, he stood closely to the entrance and released himself into the bottle.

“d.a.m.n! You’re stupid. What are you gonna do with it, save water?” The man glanced at Chang and muttered, then walked up to a urinal and loosened his belt.

As he peed into the urinal, he gave a look of relief.

On the other side, Chang finished before the man, so he came up to the closest urinal to empty the bottle – but at that same moment, when he was about to pour the liquid and the man was enjoying his moment, something happened!

A tentacle quickly broke through the cap that covered the bottom of the urinal and attacked the man standing in front of the urinal. Before he was aware of what was happening, the tentacle smashed his genitals violently and pierced his body from his lower abdomen.

Chang was going to empty the water bottle, but jumped far away from the scene as he saw this. He turned away as fast as he could. His footsteps were mixed in with the man’s shrieking.


The loud ear-piercing scream woke the whole floor, but a second before the man screamed, Jing, who was staying in the dorm room, jumped out of the bed and rushed to the door.

“What happened—-!” Pangzi shouted behind her. He knew that his voice might’ve been drowned out by the painful scream, so he shouted exceptionally loud.

“I detected an organism that has danger index of 12 coming from the direction of the bathroom!” Jing explained as she ran. Pangzi and Qing shui rushed out with her as they heard her words.

The three ran all the way to the front of the bathroom, and then they sighed heavily as relief. Chang was standing beside the entrance and his body was intact.

“What’s going on?” Pangzi wanted to peek into the bathroom, but the screaming inside seemed to remind him of some bad memory.

“Don’t.” Chang pulled him back immediately and tried to block his vision. The entrance door was slightly opened. “There’s a monster inside.”

From where Chang pointed with his index finger, they saw the horrifying scene from the slightly opened door panel. Fortunately, they weren’t able to see clearly through the red fog. All they saw was a vague shadow of the monster smas.h.i.+ng and dissecting the man, then dragging him down into the sewer.

“F*ck, F*ck this sh*t!” Pangzi was horrified and his face was distorted with rage.

“Is it the same monster?” Obviously, Chang was referring to what had happened to Pangzi’s mother.

“No, the other one was darker and its tentacles was less sharp; I don’t see the resemblance.” Pangzi breathed heavily and panicked as he shook his head. “I am glad that you weren’t…”

“I’m alright, I used the water bottle.” He sighed and threw the bottle that he didn’t have time to throw away into the bathroom. “Bang,” the bottle hit the floor and made a sound.

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This sound quickly attracted the attention of the tentacle which was still dragging pieces of flesh. In the blink of a moment, the bottle was shattered into small pieces of plastic by the strong tentacle.

Chang nudged him, but the brother didn’t let go, which made him very upset. Initially, he didn’t have a good impression of the family, and now the brother was being irritating and unreasonable. Therefore, he pushed harder to try to get the brother away from him.

However, because of how hard he pushed in addition to the brother holding his collar so tightly, Chang’s collar was ripped apart and it revealed his bone necklace.

This made Chang even more angry, so he pointed to the bathroom and yelled, “If you want revenge for your brother, go ahead! It’s still in there and shouldn’t be far away. You are f*cking yelling at the wrong person, you son of a b*tch!”

The man noticed the unusual necklace on Chang’s neck, and then glanced at the bathroom. In the end, he didn’t have the guts to enter.

While Chang and the brother were in a dispute, on the other side, the man’s mother burst into tears.

“Son……my son!” the woman was sitting on the ground and her cries was loud and heart-breaking; not everyone could endure such grief at her age.

But Chang looked beside her and was extremely disturbed; although she must have honestly been mourning for her son, she continued crying extremely loudly. There was likely a hidden intention in her actions.

As expected, after less than a minute, her disturbing cries and the previous screams attracted the attention of a lot of people who lived on the same floor. They showed different looks when they saw the woman sitting on the ground and crying desperately.

Some asked what happened, some were sympathetic, some were standing in the distance quietly observing and some noticed the blood in the washroom.

“Let’s go.” Chang saw the growing crowd of onlookers, and he didn’t feel very good right now. He left from the center of the crowd with Jing and gestured Qing shui and Pangzi to leave, too.

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