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Dog Bite - 咬狗

Chapter 218

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Chapter 218: 218

"Oh, Mr . Li, isn't he?" The visitor came to Li Qingshui, but there was no smile on his face, which was in sharp contrast to the wild laughter on Li Qingshui's face .

"Yes, our name is Li Qingshui . " Li Qingshui looked up at the guy with black eyes and deep eyes - he found that he was really tall . Li Qingshui stood there, even his neck did not reach - Li Qingshui's height is average among men, about 1 . 75 meters, but the man in front of him is actually close to two meters in height, which really looks very great .

"Mr . lane, how tall you are Li Qingshui looks up and smiles .

"Mr . Li is taller!" Lane bowed his head solemnly . "Can you find a quiet place and have a talk with Mr . Li?"

"I can't get it!" Li Qingshui finished this sentence, then watched the other side turn to leave, the door of the laboratory, but not closed . Obviously, the man is waiting for him .

"What's wrong with Mr . lane? Why does he look so abnormal today?" The former female doctor looked at the tall figure, then looked around, and found that the people around him were also as confused as him .

And the little boy who followed Li Qingshui also raised his head and explained to the gentle man .

"Don't be angry with Mr . Li . Mr . lane was not like this before . I don't know what happened today . Before he was a very easygoing person, he was very kind to all of us and ordinary people before he locked himself up in the laboratory . He was also very good to ordinary people . He was a very idealistic person . He often said that every living creature has the right to live and is a very good person . The first time I saw him talk to someone like that . Don't take it to heart . "

"How can I go to my heart? To see Mr . lane is one of the happiest things I've had these days . " Li Qingshui turned back and gave them a smile . Then he stepped out of the door of the laboratory - standing behind the tall man . Then, the door of the laboratory was slowly closed . Two people walked into a closed area without a sound . Then, the silence was finally broken .

"Are you here to ask for the code for the launch of the bomb?" The first words Ryan turned to . Go straight to the subject - and the kind that you can't get into again .

It's a skill in negotiation, but in today's conversation, it's more than just skill . Ryan, or Li en, looks at Li Qingshui's eyes . The pupil of his dark brown eyes is expanding and shrinking . It can be seen that his mood is extremely unstable .

Looking at the wall with electric current "crackling" around, Li Qingshui's face showed a happy smile: "you are what I have seen so far . The smartest human being . "

"You too, if you're still human . . . " Li en looked at Li Qingshui and frowned deeply . "What are you and what are you doing here?"

"What the h.e.l.l are you?" if the sentence comes from other people's mouth, it is a very common curse . But now the words from Li en's mouth, Li Qingshui know that the other side is absolutely not the kind of shallow meaning of scolding and bickering . He asked "what thing", which means "what is it", or in other words - he is asking - "what species are you?" .

"Before you answer your question, you can tell me . Did you see anything? " Li Qingshui is not in a hurry when facing Li en's question .

"I saw my own death . " As long as he doesn't want to control his negative emotions, it just means that he can't control his negative emotions . Then no one can see .

"I saw my own death, I saw the destruction of the entire experimental Park, and I saw you . "

"I killed you?" Li Qingshui asked with a smile .

"Yes, you did, and you kept my head . " "So I decided you were not human," Ryan said

"Ha ha ha, I don't know how much you see, of course . You won't tell me the truth Li Qingshui laughed more and more happily, "but I can tell you clearly that when I entered Beijing and stood at the gate of the park, you were doomed to die . So you can see exactly, but it's only a matter of time before you die . But this is not my purpose, so I will not kill you now . "

"I will not let you succeed . " Ryan's pupils no longer contract and are completely calm .

"You can't stop me!" Li Qingshui turned around with a smile . His action means that he feels that today's conversation can be ended .

"You can tell people that I'm not human, I'm a spy sent by other species . You can also tell people that you see the future, see me kill everyone, but . . . " Li Qingshui said here, slightly turned his head, "who believes it?"

With these words, Li Qingshui wandered around .

"I need a pa.s.sword, and Beijing also needs a savior . This insect disaster is just the beginning now . I will slowly suppress the mood of this city and let everyone despair . When this feeling reaches its peak, they will find how much they need a savior to save it - and then they will pay any price to exchange all this - even the final code! ""I'm not going to let you succeed . I'll wipe out the worm . " Li en looked at Li Qingshui's back and said calmly .

"Try it


Walking on the streets of Beijing, Liu Chang saw the door-to-door closure . His nose smelled into the sewers . In the sky, on the ground, in the cracks of the wall, the smell of insects was everywhere, and the stench was bad .

"Senior one, this insect disaster seems to be getting worse and worse . " Liu Chang said, a huge fly flew to him, but he did not make a knife - not afraid, because he was afraid that a knife would kill the fly, and the other party would splash him with stinky water .

"Don't call me old one . It's hard to hear . Call me boss or not . " One also looked up at the sky .

"All right, boss . When do you think this insect disaster will be over? Do you have any solutions? " Liu Chang said, then frowned, "I now five senses more and more acute, I seem to be able to hear the sewage, that hundreds of millions of maggots in the wriggling voice . d.a.m.n it, flies and maggots are more disgusting to me than c.o.c.kroaches . If you have a way, you should quickly study some pesticides . We can give it to the government anonymously . It's disgusting . If it wasn't for Xiaojing still here, I would really like to leave the city . "

"I can't help it . These insects are very special . I tried to study things to deal with them, but it didn't work . But I think if it was useful, old seventeen would not be silent until now . " The eldest said, "the insect has the devil's moss gene in its body . And it has other weird meanings . It's a bit like Zhao Zhuo's method of gene synthesis, but it's much better . I suspect it's artificial! "

"s.h.i.+t, who's so disgusting to do this kind of thing . " Liu Chang carried a machete and said uneasily .

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"I don't know . That's what I always don't understand . " The boss is in the open street . As he walked, he said, "well, there is only one place in Beijing that can do this kind of thing, that is, the science park . But they have no reason and no reason to do such self mutilation . So, they certainly didn't do it . But if it's someone else, they don't have the high-tech tools and technology and strength . So . That's what I don't think about most . "

"Then what prevented you from escaping?" The boss looked at the sky .

"Memories and the future . " Liu Chang thought for a moment . "The memories of living and dying with Xiaojing have been rooted in my flesh and blood, just like the eggs of spiders . We laughed together, we cried together, and more of course, we were afraid of each other . It hurt together . I can't let go of these things . Whenever I think of this kind of things, I will irretrievably try to rescue that stubborn girl, because she is one of my few relatives in the world

"What about the future?" The boss continued .

"The future is a possibility . Whenever I want to run away, I think, if I run, when I think about it in the future . Will you regret it? " Liu Chang sneered: "of course, I will condemn myself and call myself a coward . I will suffer and feel guilty . This kind of emotion can even make me feel more sad than death, so whenever I think of these things, I become more and more firm in my mind - I don't want to run, even if I'm not a hero, I'll fight for it, even if I'm not a hero! Because, as you said, this is my only chance to save Xiaojing . "

"So it is . " The boss looked at the sky and chewed the flavor of Liu Chang's words carefully: "memories and future, that is, the past and the future The past and the future determine the present Is this life

The dialogue is silent and profound .

Liu Chang didn't want to think about something too profound, or even touch on the issue of why he decided to do it . Because every time he touches on this kind of problem, he will feel inexplicably sad . This is a choice between pain and death . Two seemingly different bifurcations lead to h.e.l.l . Therefore, it is not a very worthy or pleasant question .

So, after a moment's silence, he pulled up the boss on the ground .

"Come, the time for the walk is over . Let's go to the processing plant quickly . I don't want to be found out before I'm ready . In that case, I'll be dead! " After pulling the clone on the ground onto his back, Liu Chang checked his waist with a broadsword and hooped his arms back . After confirming that the other party was holding tightly, he ran to the deep street .

Fast and quiet .

Liu Chang's speed is very fast, now he is constantly becoming stronger and more dexterous every day . Since the muscle training, his body muscle group has become more and more flexible, which leads to his speed surge again . Now, although his muscle is still not as sensitive as the tongue, it is very different from ordinary people .

Every time he runs now, it's not just the accuracy of calculation and stride, but the accuracy of muscle strength . Every time you run, you can pull the muscles of your whole body to do a peristalsis - this kind of wriggling is unconscious, but after the muscles are more flexible, the strength of all parts of the body can be condensed into a strand of rope - each run starts from the waist and abdomen, to shake the arm and shoulder, to the thigh muscles, and finally to the lower legs and toes . A movement can well connect the whole body's strength Quant.i.ty and speed are not comparable before .

Moreover, his running is different from the pure power explosive running . Relying on the powerful explosive force, the running driven by him is more wild and direct, but once he steps down, the stone slab breaks and the soil splashes, making a huge sound . Liu Chang's running, a resonance and shaking of his muscles, is actually equivalent to a buffer . If you add in his feline like skeleton structure, his running speed is really quite quiet .

Even if he didn't try his best, Liu Chang thought he could run quietly .

Therefore, sitting on Liu Chang's back is like making a high-cla.s.s sedan chair . Although it is rickety, it does not show any turbulence . Therefore, the boss sitting on Liu Chang's back seems to enjoy it . But comfortable things are always short-lived . Although Liu Chang is comfortable on his back, because of the speed, they still arrive at the destination in a very short time .

"That's where we make special bullets . "

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