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Chapter 217

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Chapter 217: 217

"Variable!" China's largest genetic science research base is also the most expensive, the most cutting-edge science and technology and the largest amount of capital investment in China . In this place with the most extensive land, the most strict guard and the most advanced facilities, Li Qingshui looks at everything around him leisurely .

"There are a lot of variables in it . " Li Qingshui sighs and smiles .

"I'm sorry, Mr . Li . I didn't hear what you said . " Beside him is a servant, is a very white boy, the boy's face with a pure smile, respectfully speaking to the man wearing in front of him .

"I said, there are many brain domain mutants in here!" Li Qingshui looked at the little boy beside him with a loving look in his eyes . "There are many brain mutation people . Even you, who are once mutated, have come to serve me . "

"It's my pleasure to be your servant . " The little boy's face showed the cleanest smile, "because the father said that you are brain region at least three times abnormal, looking at the whole China, is also the most powerful kind of person, follow you, I can learn a lot of things . "

"Ha ha, what I can teach you, what knowledge you have not forgotten . " Li Qingshui is still loving . The smile on his face and the clean smile on the little boy's face make up the warmest picture in the world .

"But I don't think I am the most powerful person in China . Didn't I hear that there is a behind the scenes leader in this park? I heard that he was a big man with four brain mutations . Do you know him? "

"Yes . His name is lane, and his Chinese name is Li en . He is a Chinese American hybrid . He is a very nice and gentle person . The whole city of Beijing, from the end of the world to the present, can maintain such a good city operation, and this person's efforts are inseparable . However, since last year, he has locked himself in the laboratory and stopped coming out . It seems that he always feels that something bad happens . The G.o.ds began to talk

"That's it! What have you felt? It's a very strong man Li Qingshui smiles and wanders around the park, "what about the other people? How many brain region mutants do we have in this park?"

"There are eleven others, plus me . " The little boy broke his fingers and said, "seven people changed at one time, four people changed twice . Now we have 12 people, including you who have changed three times . It's estimated that half of the brain mutants in China are here . "

"Yes . All of us come from all over the world . As long as the smart people who are not far away from Beijing, they will always be able to cross the jungle and mountains to come to this safe place in the past four or five years . " Li Qingshui said, turning his head to look at the little boy . "When you count, don't break your fingers . Do you still need to match this kind of action with your calculation ability? There is a limit to being cute, ha ha . . . "

"Hey, I'm just used to it!" The little boy scratched his scalp . With Li Qingshui, he went to the depth of the experimental park .

In front of the door of an experimental base, Li Qingshui pressed his palm on the fingerprint lock of the electronic gate . Then the door opened and a bright and wide s.p.a.ce appeared .

"Oh, Lao Li, here you are Once the door is opened . When the people inside saw the visitors, they all showed a warm look - because everyone here recognized the new comer . In terms of strength and brain wave development, he hypnotized thousands of people in a flash on the first day of his arrival, which showed the strength of the brain region .

In terms of pure wisdom, this man has been here these days and has given it to the people inside . Solved countless problems that they had been agonizing over for a long time .

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In the society of the end of the world, especially in the environment of human degeneration, no one wants to cooperate with powerful and intelligent people . Therefore, everyone is very enthusiastic about Li Qingshui .

"You didn't test the ingredients . How do you know it's useless?" After listening to Li Qingshui's words, a woman in a white coat stood out . Li Qingshui looked up at her and knew that this was a brain mutation . She was introduced on the first day of her visit . Her name was Gu Chenzheng .

"All the insecticides have no effect on that insect . " Li Qingshui explained to her .

"However, we have tested c.o.c.kroach samples . They can be poisoned . Moreover, the pesticide remains for a long time, and it is not harmful to human beings . If we spray it all over the city . . . "

"It's useless . The new flies and c.o.c.kroaches in Beijing have a very strange composition in their bodies . If you use insecticides to deal with this kind of thing, the next generation will grow more terrifying . As long as a small number of adults are not dead, the next generation will have drug resistance, and it will be more terrifying than their predecessors . . . " Li Qingshui is still patient .

"If it's OK or not, I have to try to find out!" Female doctors still seem stubborn - smart people are stubborn - because they believe in themselves, they don't seem to listen to others .

But just as she denied Li Qingshui's remarks, the door of the laboratory was opened again, and a man with black hair, high nose and deep eye socket came in from the outside .

"Don't try . Mr . Li is right . The potion is useless . "

"Ha ha . . . " Hearing this, the smile on Li Qingshui's face suddenly bloomed . The smile turned into a wild laugh . He turned his head and looked at the visitor: "Mr . lane, you are finally out . I'm glad to see you . "

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