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Dog Bite - 咬狗

Chapter 210

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Chapter 210: 210

"If you fight barehanded, you should not be hurt, but if you cut it down with one, you may be able to do it . " The boss's explanation seems to be over, "after all, we can't ignore the power of weapons . "

"Is this knife hard to make if it is put in reality?" Liu Chang looked at the knife in his hand, "not to mention the process of making, it should be difficult to find materials alone, right? There are not many knives that can shake the armor of Liu . Although I'm not familiar with knives, I don't know how to cut hard objects . Don't they usually crack or curl their edges? "

"You don't have to worry about materials and production . " The boss said, "leave it to us . After all, old three knows some high-level people these days . It is still possible to find a smelter to make a melee weapon with the best metal materials . "

"Well, you don't have to worry about anything else, just do the next training course seriously . " "The first stage of the training course is the simplest and most boring . It's a process that allows you to produce muscle memory . Although this" muscle memory "is generated in a dream, it will still be delivered to your real body with 50% efficiency . And when you wave your arms in your dreams, you don't feel tired, you don't feel hungry, you're more focused . So, the effect of training here should not be worse than in reality

"You said so much . What do you want to train me in the first stage?" Liu Chang was puzzled when he heard the third .

"The correct posture is the combination of the correct posture of power generation and the posture of holding the knife . " The third said, and then rolled up his pale body and sat directly on the gra.s.s . "Those correct postures just now have entered your mind . What you need to do next . It's in the right position . With the most concentrated spirit, let's swing 10000 times first . . . "

"Chop, chop and kill So many knife postures, which do you want me to practice first? " Liu Chang asked .

"10000 times per pose!" The old three spoke and spread out his hands . "Anyway, we have no spirit today, so we can't help you any more . You can't do more than practice this today . "

"Well . But you have to remember . " The boss added: "every time you wave a knife, you must concentrate on it . Otherwise, the muscle memory in your dream will not be transmitted to your body . Do you know?"

"I see . " After swallowing his mouth, Liu Chang knew that the next process was really unbearable as the three clones said - the most sad thing for the intelligent species was to make him do a boring and uninteresting thing repeatedly, in the mechanical repet.i.tive movement in the whole human history . In addition to the friction sports, men have no other pleasure in repet.i.tive sports .

So, when Liu Chang concentrated on the power of the knife and arm . And then when I hit 344 hits with my knife . I feel tired and bitter in my mouth . The brain is buzzing, and the mental energy is unconscious .

"Oh, there's no shortcut to getting stronger and remembering muscles . If you don't want to be slapped in half in the near future, and you don't want to see your relatives and friends die in the near future, you'd better pay attention . " At the moment when Liu Chang's spirit was just lax, a voice appeared in his mind . He could not tell whether it was the voice of the eldest or the second or the third . But the words of the voice really made his spirit shake . "Think about the relatives who let others seize you but can't help to save them back . You will know how much this seemingly meaningless thing you are doing now It doesn't make sense! "

Smart people always. .h.i.t the nail on the head when they talk .

Therefore, Liu Chang was deeply hurt by this sentence .

Therefore, his spirit, which had just been separated, was reunited .

Then, standing in the dark room, standing next to Liu Chang's body, he Zhizhi saw the man's body lying on the cold floor, and began to vibrate rhythmically - and then, the frequency of the tremor became more and more consistent, more and more single, more and more rhythmic

A boring night .

A meaningful night .

When Liu Chang woke up from his sleep the next day, he could still feel the slight heat in his palms and arms . The first thing he did was not to rub his eyes, yawn, or stretch his waist . Instead, he stood up silently from the floor, holding his hands empty, and then looking at the front, it was like there was a nonexistent knife in front of him . He gazed at the knife for a moment, and then slashed it obliquely .

The arm hummed in the air, and then there was a nearly perfect arc in his eyes, which was supposed to be a Dao Dao arc .

"Well done . " On the floor, the voice of the boss sounded, "the knife is at least 80 points, but the sense of force and angle are still poor . It only gives play to 70% of your muscle strength, and the cutting point of your blade is not vertical enough . It will be more impolite to cut things like this . Well, so you have to practice

"Yes . " Liu Chang let go of the "knife" hands, and then turned to look at the other side and he got up at the same time three children . Then, his eyes were fixed there, stunned for three or four seconds .

"What's wrong with the three of you?" Liu Chang looked at the three little guys, with an unbelievable look in his eyes, "is it so hurt?"

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At this time, the three children in his eyes, although they had already got up, were still in a state of depression - like the old man who smoked a lot of cigarettes on TV in the late Qing Dynasty, their spirit had been reduced to the appearance that their eyelids could not be raised by years of opium - which was impossible before .

Yes, to survive in the last world, we need to work hard to survive . In this world, some people are lucky, others are bad . In this last world, most of the poor are dead, while the lucky can't always rely on luck to survive .

If you want to live, you have to rely on the whole .

The word "fight for life with heaven" sounds empty, it has the flavor of immortal chivalry, but Liu Chang thinks that this word can't be more suitable now .

Fight for life!

It should be the most aggressive word .

What needs to be argued for? ——What is not in your hands only needs to earn, and life is not in your own hands, then there is no more chilling words in this world .

Fight for life with the last world, with others, with willows, with Liu!

"Maybe I can't beat you now . Maybe all my efforts are in vain . Maybe you can really beat me into meat mud by hiding behind . " Liu Chang felt the more and more heavy sense of oppression on his body, felt the crisis consciousness from the deepest of animals and cells, but his will to survive was unprecedented strong .

After five years of hard work, Liu Chang is no longer the student who is still on campus, the boy with a steel knife in his hand but his heart is shaking in Kaifeng military camp, and he is not the shadow of crying in fear hiding in the sewer .

It was only now that he understood what true strength meant .

"If you want my life, I will fight for it!"

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