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Dog Bite - 咬狗

Chapter 205

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Chapter 205: 205

"Ah Liu Chang looked at the torrent that the door opened and let out . He felt a chill all over his body . If his skin hadn't become scaly now, he would have had goose b.u.mps .

"It's disgusting! Oh, oh, oh Liu Chang yelled to vent his emotions . He splashed the oil in his hands to all parts of the room and threw the gas tank into the center of the insect swarm . When he had just finished all this, a batch of big c.o.c.kroaches, mixed with countless larvae, stepped on the back of the insect, drilled from the interior of the insect lake to the surface of chonghu lake, and then all the way to the back of the insect and rushed to Liu Chang .

It's fast .

It's really fast .

Because their speed, in Liu Chang's eyes, can not be regarded as very slow - at least faster than the human speed on a lot .

See this group of adults to their own a.s.sault, Liu Chang disgusted directly dropped the oil can, and then took out a pistol shot in the gas tank before .


Like a small bomb exploded in the cold storage, with a strong flame and impact storm, Liu Chang was "pushed" out of the room, but also blew up the disgusting insects that rushed to him, and ignited the fuel oil in the room at the same time .

Then, a smell of burning insects, with black smoke, swept the whole cold storage room .

Before the smoke washed his face, Liu Changshun ran out of the cold storage room with the strength pushed out by the gas tank, and then allowed the flame to spread in the cold storage . Before catching the fire, he opened the door and rolling gate . Rushed out, and then turned to close the door, blocking the same as their own pace out of the "sand" pace .

"Well, when I went out for a trip, I didn't get any food, but I was disgusted . " After looking at the disgusting slurry on the sole of his shoes and the stench on his body, Liu took back the scallop with a sigh and became the image of an ordinary person .

Walk a few blocks and walk back to the hotel complex . Open the door - the bar on the first floor has been closed for a long time, and the waiters inside have disappeared, leaving only the landlady who is guarding here .

"Well, I said, have you got anything to eat?" The landlady looked at Liu Chang's empty hands and looked forward to turning into a bubble, but she couldn't help but confirm, "you don't mean . Will you be sure to get something to eat if you show up? "

"I'm not in the mood to eat today . I'm sick to death . " Liu Chang waved, ready to walk upstairs .

"Little bunny . " Seeing Liu Chang's indifference to himself, the landlady seized his hand and said, "don't go upstairs . You said I'll let you stay until you get me something to eat today . If you don't get something to eat, you are not allowed to go upstairs! "

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"It's not that we don't give money, let go!" I've just been scratched by a c.o.c.kroach . No one will be in a good mood, Liu Chang shook off the boss's arm .

After walking upstairs, Liu Chang enters his own room - his room is naturally a room full of people - and a room full of people are eating and drinking . There are clones of Liu Chang and Li Qingshui, and these people can't be as hungry as the boss's wife - and the reason why Liu Chang didn't give the poor woman food was very simple - she was too cheap .

"Back?" Seeing Liu Chang coming back, the crowd hastened to give up their seats to him, "have you got any news?"

"There's no news . After a few minutes on the street outside, we can see the pa.s.sing military teams . Every street has the sound of gunfire and the whirring of flamethrowers . Either it's a scream or there's no sound . . . " After sitting down, Liu Chang opened a bottle of water, poured it fiercely and continued: "the place with screams and gunshots is OK, and the place without sound is the most dangerous . There's armies everywhere, c.o.c.kroaches everywhere . d.a.m.n it . These things breed too fast, too fast! I suspect that a pair of c.o.c.kroaches can produce hundreds of c.o.c.kroaches in ten days . If there is no targeted weapon, Beijing city will be completely burned and they will not be exterminated . If it goes on like this, it will be over here! ""How could it be so rampant? Suddenly? I heard that c.o.c.kroaches are terrible, but they are not so powerful? Don't they eat everything? Why did they suddenly evolve the function of parasitism? This is not in line with common sense Milan shrunk at the foot of the bed, coiled her slender calf and said, "and, you really stink . I smell it when you enter the door . Have you fallen into the dung pit, boss?"

"No, but it's more disgusting than that . Don't mention it, don't mention it . . . " Liu Chang felt numb at the thought of the black torrent . When he mentioned this, he got the goose b.u.mps that had not come out just now . He rubbed his arm hard and rubbed off the feeling . He continued: "but don't think I stink . We can't smell it in this room!"

"Yes, with these three science freak kids here, how nice this room can smell Milan curled his lips .

In the direction of her mouth curling, Liu Chang walked to three clones around a table, and then looked at the dozens of c.o.c.kroaches with different sizes, ages and ages listed on the table top . Then she looked at the c.o.c.kroaches that were either rifled or decapitated or had their six limbs removed . Liu Chang asked, "do you three, have you researched anything?"

"I'm very familiar with the c.o.c.kroach's emotional structure, which is very complicated, and I feel it very complicated in the body . "

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