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Dog Bite - 咬狗

Chapter 203

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Chapter 203: 203

c.o.c.kroach's strange antennae have serrated strange things on them . They look very sharp .

After it reached out its antennae, it slightly scratched on the man's belly - it seemed that there was no wound, only a red mark was scratched on the man's belly, just like being held by a belt for a long time in winter, and there was no strange place at all .

Then the sleeping man was more asleep - after a moment, the man seemed to be in a deep sleep, not knowing what was going on outside .

After waiting for a moment, the c.o.c.kroach climbed up the man's body, followed his belly all the way up to the man's cheek, and finally got into the man's mouth through his mouth, which was slightly opened by the paralysis of his muscles and eyes . At last, it went deep and went down his esophagus .


There are more patients in Daxing District these two days .

Many people feel sick in their intestines and stomachs and have b.l.o.o.d.y stools, but they don't feel any pain - blood in the stool and a surge in appet.i.te, as if to make up for the blood drawn out . The hunger of these b.l.o.o.d.y people is so strong that they can't control their emotions even under the threat of guns .

Daxing District, which was originally in disorder and orderly, suddenly became completely chaotic .

The inner city of Beijing came out, and the army suppressed the chaos .

Then there were severe penalties for those who led the trouble - but it didn't seem to stop the hungry people from moving forward .

They are eating everything they see like crazy . A lot of people have lost their sense, even in the face of the army's black muzzle, they still crazy rush up - only to see the other side's exposed cheek .

Gnawing at one's face, one's neck, one's own

This scene of b.l.o.o.d.y scenes, even in the end of the world struggling for four years, accustomed to all kinds of b.l.o.o.d.y scenes of the refugees can not accept .

Everyone saw the scene in front of them . They had seen the scenes of biochemical crisis for countless times . All of them a.s.sociated the starving people with the zombies . Once this sentiment and view was spread, it was recognized by the military . Even the soldiers with guns were afraid .

As a result, the military's tolerance for conflict has become extremely low .

Finally, someone finally fired the first shot and killed a refugee who was rus.h.i.+ng towards him - in the head, one shot in the head, and his brain was splashed .

The soldier is a young man in his twenties . Five years ago, he was influenced by numerous biochemical crisis films . He knows the essence of these "cannibals" . He looked at the "zombie" shot down by himself . In addition to fear in his eyes, he also showed curiosity .

The corpse fell two meters away from him . With his range of sight and his ability to react, even if there was a gun, it was not uncommon for the other party to rush to such a close distance - because a figure was seen in five meters . Four meters found the other party's intention, three meters to raise the gun, two and a half pull the trigger, this - very normal .

And then at this close range, a shot blew his head . It's normal, too!

Then, although the corpse had its head blown, it would fall in front of him because of inertia, which was the most normal thing .

But people whose heads have been smashed will move .

It's not normal!!!

The soldier looked down at the back abdomen of the man whose head had been smashed by himself, and felt that there was wriggling, and the feeling of wriggling was even transmitted to the soles of his feet through the ground . He clearly knew that this was not an illusion, because even if his feet deceived himself, his eyes would deceive him, but the sound of "bujibuji" whose sticky flesh was being drilled would never deceive himself .

The soldier was stupefied . He looked at the body whose head had been smashed in horror . Then he saw the headless corpse's neck . Suddenly, a piece of black thing appeared and climbed onto his shoes .

Cried the soldier . He swung his military boots, but the insects from the other side's corpse seemed to grow on him, which could not be thrown off at all . The two rows of barbs in the opponent's iron claws had already caught his pants legs, and then they entered his body along all the cracks, climbed up his neck, and entered his nostrils, ears and eyes


The camp in Daxing District sent out an earth shaking scream .

Then the scream seemed contagious, causing a series of responses in the camp .

Then more screams came out and interweaved into a horrible elegy

Outside Beijing It's a complete mess!

A large number of refugees were shot, and then a large number of refugees were not shot, but suddenly found that strange things gushed out of their mouths

The number of insects is almost 100 times as many as that of refugees . Many refugees have more or less a few worms coming out of their mouths, ranging from dozens to hundreds . The insects are very fast, and there are hooks on their legs and toxins in their mouths . As long as they are caught, they can't run away .

The refugees are desperate . The refugees are crazy .

The army is scared . The army is crazy . Then the whole Daxing District went crazy .

The battle between insects and people, the fight between people, people hostile to each other, healthy people do not believe each other, miserable people staged the scene of h.e.l.l on earth, and then the sound of guns, the sound of guns, the smoke of gunfire

"Boss, something's wrong!" The news of this world is not fast, but even so, the news of refugee violence outside Daxing District spread all over Zhengzhou city within an hour . Because the sound of the artillery fire outside the city is too loud, a gunfire may be covered by thick fog, but the sound of a hundred and ten guns can completely connect the city, forming the heavy and dreary thunder in the autumn sky, and completely ignite the red sky .

"Chief, what a big deal Zhou Kai ran to Liu Chang's small workshop and looked at him and clone one, who was still working hard again . He said, "the refugees outside were so violent that they moved . I heard that they were fighting with the army . They even used heavy weapons . "

"No way . " Number one is processing the bullet with a shorty on one side . Shaking his head, "things should be more serious than the one you said . "

"According to human inertia, although people outside want to come in, but if they can eat a bowl of porridge every day and live in a place where they can live, in general, such large-scale violence and movement will not happen . " No . 1 didn't raise his head when he spoke . He seemed to be working with a bullet in his hand . He put down the shorty and picked up a carving knife to carve patterns on the bullet head . He continued: "what's more, Beijing has been very strict with the checkpoint, which has completely cut off these people's thoughts . And more importantly . If the army is a common town . Oppress and move, Kenben can't use heavy weapons . That's unnecessary . There must be something bigger . Wait here . The third will bring the news later . "

Liu Chang smelled the smell of No . 3 before he heard the voice of No . 1 .

Sure enough, five minutes later, a three-year-old appeared in his field of vision .

There was anxiety on number three's face . With doubts, his face rarely shed a lot of sweat . He ran here panting, and before he had time to breathe, he swallowed and vomited . In a young voice, he said in a loud voice: "the c.o.c.kroaches outside the city have mutated and become very fast and aggressive . It's said that they will parasitize! "

"Parasitism?" Liu Chang's face changed .

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"Yes, it parasitizes in the host and doesn't attack for a long time . The parasitized host will lay eggs in the body, and then the c.o.c.kroach larvae will quietly grow in the host's gastrointestinal tract until it reaches a certain size . The host's body can't bear it, and then it triggers the psychotoxoid stored in the body for many days, and then becomes insane and irrational

Therefore, people walk in the street, hide at home, always consciously or unconsciously pay attention to their own face .

Especially in the cottage . Everyone after defecation, always subconsciously look at what they pull out, with or without blood . At this time, even the most disillusioned people are afraid - because even if he really overcame the human fear instinct, no one would choose to die with a belly full of parasites .

It's disgusting to die like this .

So people were afraid, began a big cause of pest control and pest control . If c.o.c.kroaches can't get rid of them, they wrap themselves up and sleep . But even so . As time went on, more and more people had b.l.o.o.d.y stools every day - and then the first biting and gnawing incident happened .

Then came the second

These incidents, like c.o.c.kroaches' steps, frequently impact on the final bottom line of Beijing people . It may not be terrible to be bitten by people, but it will be terrible if insects can come out from the mouth of people who gnaw you .

Therefore, after experiencing the first stage of terror, the second wave of distrust has quietly set off .

All people, or most healthy people, look hostile at the people around them - even if they are your family and friends .

They will ask each other if there is blood in the stool recently . After receiving a negative reply from the other party, they will also strongly ask to see the other party's stool .

However, in response to these incidents, the Beijing Bureau of Commerce and industry responded quickly . Medical teams were set up on a temporary basis to provide free medical care to people with b.l.o.o.d.y stools . Then, one by one, pale faced people were sent to the hospital for concentration . However, as the number of people sent in increased, the newly established temporary organization had not been in operation for a week Facing a complete collapse .

For a time, Beijing City, gloomy clouds, panic boiling .

Liu Chang and others are in Beijing, so they are not immune .

"No one has to defecate once a day, and I will check it myself . If there is blood in the stool, you can go far away from me . " The shop owner's wife is a middle-aged woman in her thirties . Her appearance is pretty gorgeous, but her eyebrows are naturally raised and her lips are very thin . She is obviously in a bad temper .

"Do you feel bad watching so many stools every day?" Listening to the hotel owner's threatening tone, Zhou Kai showed a rogue expression and couldn't help retorting: "and you only check us, how can't we check you?"

"Don't talk nonsense . You want to check . I'll pull you in the face . " The innkeeper's wife looked at Zhou Kai's appearance and laughed: "do you think it's ok?"

"Come on, I'm not that strong . " Zhou Kai also laughed, then loosened his belt and said, "but what if I can't pull it out?"

"I'll have to make some of it . " The owner's wife put down this sentence, the person turned to leave here .

Left a room of people, looking at each other .

"You'll all share a room with me . " Liu sighed . "I can smell c.o.c.kroaches, and he Zhizhi should be able to . Men live with me, and women live with he Zhizhi . Be alert when you sleep at night . "

"Boss, is there really no other way?" Hearing Liu Chang's words, Li Feng sighed heavily, "how can you run out of such a nest of c.o.c.kroaches? I guess if you go on like this, you can't stay . I've heard that many Beijingers have been preparing to move northward, all the way to the northeast . When winter comes, it's freezing and snowy, and there's no insect activity . "

"Wait a minute . After all, you can't find such a good city in the north . " Liu Chang also sighed, "the third one has already inquired about it, and the special insecticide for this kind of insect has begun to be researched there . The biological research bases in Beijing are much larger than those in Zhengzhou or other places, and there are high-ranking people . I feel that although this matter is troublesome, we human beings will not live because of c.o.c.kroaches . ""I just don't know when I can find out . " Stomping his eyebrows every day will be convenient for us . If we can't stay here any longer, we'll sit on it and fly north to Northeast China and Inner Mongolia, so that we don't have to worry about c.o.c.kroaches and willows every day . "

"Ah, but then again, why hasn't the big willow heard any news recently? Won't it die?" Every day naive looking at the south, her eyes show her own do not believe in the expectations .

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