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Dog Bite - 咬狗

Chapter 199

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Chapter 199: 199

“……” There were several silent answers around, and several clones joined the hypnotic ranks - which forced the girl's fear to be stabilized, and then calmed her body .

And then the hypnotic process continues .

"Or the question just now, is that thing with a life intensity of more than 3700 really exists?" Asked number four, as quietly as he could .

"Yes The real one . . . " The girl's spirit was suppressed, so the psychological fear did not completely control her emotions . She said with a choking voice: "real, incomparably real . . . "

"Well, the second question is, the scope of your perception of life, as far as we know, is within 300 meters . Why can you perceive the existence of that super life before it enters Beijing?"

"I . . . " Although the girl was hypnotized, it could reflect her inner reality more . So she was afraid just now . Now, facing the second question, she was really puzzled and wrote on her face, "I don't know . . . "

The girl hesitated for a moment, or decisively said .

"I don't know? Do you know the reason? Or, what's the difference between the feeling in the brain this time and the previous perception of life? " Hearing the girl's reply, No . 4 and several brothers looked at each other and saw the doubts in each other's eyes at the same time .

"I don't know the reason . The only difference from my previous perception of life is that I feel terrible . . . " The girl answered honestly .

"How terrible? Is it because the life intensity of each other is too high, is it the natural fear of talking to higher species? " The fourth asked another key question .

"No Xiaojing continued to reply: "it's extra fear, it's the deepest fear in my heart, not the fear when I see something powerful . . . "

Thinking of that thing, Xiaojing's body trembled uncontrollably .

"Let her sleep . " Seeing her on the 17th, he waved his hand, "I have already known what I want to know . I believe you have a correct view on this matter . "

"Yes . " No . 4 nodded, together with several brothers, let the tired girl into a deep sleep state - no longer disturb her .

"Fourth, tell me what you think . " The 17th looks at his brother .

"It's very simple . The creature from the outside should be Li Qingshui . " No . 4 said: "her brain must have been tampered with, so she can have a sense of a particular life that is completely beyond her scope . What I can think of is Li Qingshui and Mr . Li alone . There can be no other people besides that . "

"Isn't Li Qingshui dead?" Curled up on the side of the stream asked: "you all feel dead, dead, very thorough . Isn't it? "

"Yes, Li Qingshui is dead, the brain wave stops thinking, which can announce the death of a person . And there is absolutely no such nonsense as resurrection from the dead in the world . Now that he appears here again, it means that this person may no longer be Li Qingshui . " The 17th looked at the ceiling, then looked at his brothers with some uncertainty . He listed himself as "bulls.h.i.+t" and asked again, "do you believe in resurrection?"

"I don't know . " Answer number four .

"I don't know . . . " The same is true of number seven .

Others are silent .

Silence represents uncertainty . Uncertainty means that none of them knows whether there is such a nonsense as "resurrection from the dead" in the world . This is because it is beyond the scope of scientific research, or, strictly speaking, far beyond the scope of scientific research today . Although these little guys are all clones of Li Qingshui, they are all brain mutants, and they all have extraordinary wisdom - but they are not prophets after all - and they are not omniscient .

Therefore, in the face of unknown things, they can only use their own judgment to a.n.a.lyze the possibility of this matter . And when everyone can't figure out whether it's possible or not, the smart man will skip this topic and move on to the next topic .

"That horrible life is Li Qingshui, or, with the smell of Li Qingshui, you can be sure of this?" Look around on the 17th .

"Yes, it's 90% likely . "

"Well, to continue with the topic, number four, why do you think her extra perception was forcibly implanted?" Asked the 17th .

"Because when she was hypnotized, she felt something different in her brain - it was obviously unnatural . "

"So this must have been implanted by Li Qingshui?"

"Because other people don't have this ability . In fact, even if you grow up, you don't have the ability to force things into other people's brains . I believe only Li Qingshui can do this . " No . 4 firmly believes in his own view, "even if there are other people in the world who can do this, I think this girl should not have the opportunity to contact . Therefore, it must be Li Qingshui's masterpiece"Then why did Mr . Li do it?" Asked the 17th .

"Because he wanted the girl to feel her own existence, and if the long-distance perception was mixed with extreme fear . . . " No . 4 said: "that can only show one thing - Li Qingshui wants to tell the other party that he is very dangerous and let her hide . "

"Before Li Qingshui did this, he must have done it before Liushu arrived in Zhengzhou - because after that, they had no contact . At that time, Li Qingshui wanted to inform the other party that he was very dangerous in the future, which should indicate that . . . "

"If he had already arrived, would he have this day?" On the 17th, he took the lead, "he knew he would die, he would die under the willow, and then . . . "

"Yes, it's resurrected by willows . No, no, no, it shouldn't be said to be reborn . . . " No . 4 waved his hand, and then all the children present showed a look of horror like that of a little girl just now . "There is no such terrible thing as rebirth in this world . But now that he has survived, it can only show that the" Dongxi "with Li Qingshui's body is no longer Li Qingshui . Is it a willow tree?"

A few children, you a word, I a word, gradually with fragmented information, the whole thing gradually restored the original appearance .

"Willow wants to destroy the most powerful weapon of mankind through a powerful human body?" Everyone showed a look of panic, "and if willows really occupy Li Qingshui's brain, then we people are not the first to be destroyed?"

"No, no Since Li Qingshui has decided to die in the body of the big willow, he should have some reservation . " No . 17 frowned deeply and showed a thoughtful look . "If he still knows the existence of us, it's meaningless for the girl to wake up . This girl should have been from Liu Chang's side . What she should have been alerted to was Liu Chang's gang . Then we should not know each other's existence, and then he thinks that we will take the initiative to find him . . . "

"But what is the point of his doing so?"

"And why did he choose this move when he knew he would die in the hands of willows and then be used by willows?"

On the 17th, he felt that he had solved a mystery, and then another bigger mystery shrouded him . He always seemed to be in the dark about Li Qingshui's plan .

At this time, the other group of people because of the loss of quiet, at this time is all things do not know - they are really a group of people in the dark .

"It looks good . " Liu Chang walked to a bar . It was getting dark . The group of people who had been struggling for another day in Dongcheng District didn't want to go any more .

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"You see, this is the bar below, and on the third floor is the place to stay . In addition, it also provides three meals . What's more, this one has written that it can take a hot bath . " Looking at the billboard in front of the store, Liu Chang said with heart: "it's a luxury place to have a hot bath . I think it's just this one . "

Because in the past five years, apart from Beijing, who has seen such a "pre era flavor" thing . Who's ever seen such a clean house, or even a store owner?

It all seems so beautiful - because of nostalgia, so good .

Walking into the quiet corridor, all the people became silent for a moment . It seemed that no one was willing to speak to break the wonderful atmosphere . People walking in this clean corridor were like walking into the world in oil painting .

"I really want to go on like this forever!" It was Milan who took the lead in breaking the silence - because the cards showed that her room had arrived .

She is the first one .

"It sounds like a b.l.o.o.d.y line from a love drama . " Zhou Kai's room also arrived, "but it's just right here . "

"Drop" with a hand card to open the electronic lock in his hand, Zhou Kai pushed the door and walked in - of course, followed by a child .

"Good night, everyone . I wish you a wonderful first night in Beijing . " Liu Chang looked at the crowd, said a rare words slightly sensational, and then opened the door and walked in .

The quiet s.p.a.ce, the clean world, and the snow-white bed sheet, you can see that there are still water sprinklers .

Liu Chang threw off his backpack and wanted to throw himself into the bed like a child . However, after looking at his dirty clothes like a miner, he still gave up the thought . He took off his "work clothes" honestly and went into the bathroom, where he began to wash after a long time away .

Hot water on the body feeling, great!

Can eliminate fatigue, can relax the spirit .

These days, or to say, since he left Zhengzhou, he has not lived a peaceful life . Whether in the hidden forest, outside Beijing, or on the back of parrots, Liu Chang has never relaxed his spirit for a moment . So when he entered this relatively safe environment, he suddenly felt pain all over his body .

It wasn't really muscle pain - in fact, he hadn't felt it for a long time, except for the fight with Liu .

But this time, the pain is so obvious - it's the nerve pain caused by the spirit, it's the pain after the high-intensity tension of the spirit is completely relaxed - it's a comforting feeling .

After a bath for nearly an hour, Liu Chang's second thing was to use the clean toilet to pull a bubble of excrement .

There's not much excrement - it's not directly proportional to his current food intake . Maybe it's the evolution of the body's absorption function that makes human's absorption and utilization of food energy reach a new level - in fact, since the end of the world, I don't know whether I'm hungry or not . All of us have less excrement, and most of them are hard lumps, which make people look like they have It's like gallstones, and it's like the product of many days of dryness .

But even so, it can't change the eternal true meaning of "happy s.h.i.+t can make people feel happy" . After taking a bath all day, Liu Chang's mood soared again .

Because in the end of life, especially in the wild, s.h.i.+tting is also a stressful thing . Nowadays, many wild animals and insects are very smart . They will search for strange smell to locate their prey . Human beings can usually cover up their smell with chemical products, but they can't do it when they p.o.o.p . So, generally speaking, s.h.i.+tting is very dangerous . It is dangerous in the wild and still dangerous in the city . Liu Chang is able to pull the excrement so happily because he found that the drainage system of the toilet is sealed with steel plate . That is to say, there is no need to worry about the situation that there will be sewage organisms directly breaking your a.n.u.s and dying .

Therefore, this is Liu Chang's five years of the most refres.h.i.+ng a bubble of excrement .

When he finished, he pressed the flush b.u.t.ton, and the steel plate opened automatically, was.h.i.+ng away his excrement . Then Liu Chang had to lament the strength of Beijing's personnel and material resources, and sighed at the unfairness of their lives . Thinking that there were more than one million precarious people outside, and enjoying their luxurious life here, Liu Chang took a hot bath again .

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