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Dog Bite - 咬狗

Chapter 197

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Chapter 197: 197

"Everyone is fast . There is a long way to go from Daxing District to Dongcheng District . " Liu Chang called out: "every day, see the parrot?"

"No, I don't know where . " Every day, while wearing his coat and carrying his backpack, he ran towards Liu Chang . "It's getting colder and colder . I'm afraid I've gone to some corner to keep warm . But I left a mark and message for him at the place I've agreed on . If he wants to find us, he should be able to find it . "

"Does that fellow know the word?" Li Feng also caught up from behind . Naturally, their feet were not as fast as Liu Chang, so he was a bit out of breath .

"Simple knowledge, but not complete . " Every day, he looked behind him, "why is that guy Zhou Kai so slow?"

"I guess I'm making arrangements . " Liu Chang waited for a moment .

Liu Chang stood in the same place, four or five kilometers away in front of him, another person also stayed here .

Li Qingshui was walking when he saw a pa.s.sing c.o.c.kroach at his feet . The c.o.c.kroach had just come out of the soil . After seeing a pair of big feet, he poked his head for a moment and then went back again .

However, Li Qingshui, who is already interested in it, naturally won't let him do it . He bends down and grabs the c.o.c.kroach ready to escape into his hand . Li Qingshui looks at this disgusting little thing .

Fangs, fangs, armor - moving quietly, and breeding ability is very strong .

Very strong!

In addition to bacteria and viruses, flies and c.o.c.kroaches are the most prolific species in the world . In the past, when mankind ruled the world, no matter how technologically advanced human beings were . No matter how to stand at the top of the food chain, even if it is a very important thing to do to kill c.o.c.kroaches and flies, they are still incomparably strong .

This is something no other creature can do!

Many species have been annihilated by human beings unintentionally - and almost all of them have been intentionally killed - but c.o.c.kroaches and flies, no matter how powerful they are, still seem to be unable to completely exterminate them - and even to reduce their living environment .

Because these two species, one of them, is extremely vital . One is extremely dexterous .

What's more, they have a wide range of food sources, and their reproduction ability is also terrible!

It's horrible!

Although there are many varieties of c.o.c.kroaches, before the end of the world, some people have done statistical experiments - a pair of c.o.c.kroaches (Blattella germanica) can produce 100000 offspring a year - 100000 in a lifetime - and flies are not weaker than c.o.c.kroaches .

But after the end of the world, although these two races did not become bigger and stronger on a large scale - because growing stronger requires more food resources, which is not conducive to reproduction - but they have exerted their ability to reproduce to the limit . They are everywhere - although not dangerous, they are sometimes eaten as food by starving people and provided to other species Food opportunities .

But . This does not prevent them from continuing to exist on this earth as an alternative overlord .

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Without it, it has multiplied .

"Don't let me down . "

After leaving this sentence, Li Qingshui moved his feet again and left the place . Five kilometers away .

"How slow you are . " Looking at Zhou Kai every day, "what did you do?"

"Arrange something . " Zhou Kai wiped the sweat on his forehead . "The boss felt that the news of Daxing District could not be lost, at least not in the general direction . So I arranged a few informers . "

"The ones in the tent before?" "Is it reliable?" Li Feng asked

"There's nothing to be sure about . " A child interposed, "if you have news, he will send it here, and you will be paid . This employment system does not need any reliable person - as long as he still wants to eat, he will surely come . I'll find a place to settle down . I'll have to trouble you to come here . "

"Er . . . " Zhou Kai looked at the child who pretended to be mature and did not know how to respond .

At the same time, there were also two new players who could not stand the fact that three children were always pointing at the crucial moment . This feeling was very strange . A three-year-old child, who was just above the knee of an adult, spoke mature words in this tender voice, which gave people a feeling of being a family member, and not only that, The rest of the team seemed to accept this role setting, which made the trio feel ridiculous .

"Just do what he says . " Liu changchong and Zhou Kai nodded and did not give too much explanation, because at this time, no matter what kind of explanation, it was a little redundant and embarra.s.sing . Only after they had adapted to the team for a period of time, could they fully accept the setting which broke the common sense of human relations .

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