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Dog Bite - 咬狗

Chapter 195

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Chapter 195: 195

"You don't look like she's dead . Are you really caught?" No . 1 looked into Liu Chang's eyes and thought for half a second . "If it's really caught, it's only my younger brothers who can do this kind of thing . Am I right? "

"Yes, it was the son of Liu and your brother . " Liu Chang said .

"What's the number?" Asked the second .

"I don't know . I forgot, but I'm not much younger than you . It should be before the 8th . " Liu Chang thought of the situation in which the body was under control at that time . "Moreover, brain domain ability has been developed and can be used . "

"Well, so Are they combined? " The third looks at the eldest .

"It should be that they have at least ten replicates in their hands, and those transformants don't know if they'll get involved with them, but amphibians add almost all the clones . " The second one said with a smile, "they are going to do something big . "

"Shall we join the following?" "Anyway, they are not hostile to us at all . If the three of us want to join in, they will not exclude us, right? What's more, we may be able to ease the conflict between Liu Chang and Liu Chang . It's killing two birds with one stone! "

"No way . " After listening to the old three's words, the boss shook his head and said, "they are going to do big things, but I always feel that they are going to be killed!"

"Amphibious group and more than ten clones gather together, even in Beijing, who can kill them?" Liu Chang shook his head . "It's illogical . "

"Not scientific . " The second one shook his head .

"It's not possible . " The third one shook his head .

"In principle, they must be safe when they gather together . It seems that nothing can destroy them except willows . " "But I always feel that this is not so simple . "

"Not easy?" The second one looked up and said, "what a simple joint event is this? What's typical about it?"

"I'm not saying that this matter is not simple . As far as this matter is concerned, it is a very simple thing . As you said, it is a typical strong power alliance incident . " The boss said, "but what's behind this? Will the person who is in charge of the planning behind this matter arrange this matter so simply? "

"Chief planner? Do you mean Li Qingshui After listening to the boss's inspiration, the second brother fell into a deep thought . "Yes, according to the truth, Li Qingshui should not be arranged like this . "

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"Before, Liu Chang and Xiao Jing were the people he cared most about most, but he arranged the most potential people to Liu . And not only that, he gave the amphibians too much combat power . " The second thought, "and if it's just explained as not giving us the 17th, it shouldn't be . Although the 17th is not a real-time combat force, it will never lag behind and is the most potential person

"Just because . . . "

"It's the big tree that catches the wind!" Dozens of kilometers away from here in Xicheng District, No . 17 sat on a table top, looked at the stream and a group of amphibians and said, "it's not easy for us people to get together . There is only one possibility, that is, Mr . Li Qingshui . He planned all this by himself . "

"He's trying to get us to a place where we're visible . " Although the tender voice of No . 17 was very weak, it still resounded through everyone's mind . "I don't know what he wants to do to bring us together, and I don't know whether it's good or bad . But when so many people get together, it's a kind of power . It is impossible for us to give up this cohesive strength because of some speculation . Similarly, it is impossible for us to deny Mr . Li's intention because of the unknown . "

"He brings us together . He doesn't know how many purposes there are, but there is one that can be identified . " The 17th looked at the amphibian race and his dozen brothers . "He wanted us to deal with the big willow . ""s.h.i.+t, why are we dealing with that guy who can't be defeated . " The next little amphibian heard the words of the 17th, some dissatisfaction, "although we gather together, but after all, you are human, we are amphibians . And the most important thing is, why should we listen to that guy's arrangement? We can not do it at all

"Yes . " Another man in the corner stood up, only this time as a child . He looked at the talking amphibian and said, "we don't have to do it, but then? Watching the willow take root and sprout all over the world

"Don't forget that the size, or area, or size of the willows now covers about three provinces . " "The size of the three provinces sounds terrible, but it can be restricted," said the child . Human beings have nuclear weapons . I believe everyone knows the power of this destructive weapon .

If there is a multi-level and intensive attack on the same area, it is still possible to completely destroy the invincible guy . " (to be continued)

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