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Chapter 192

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Chapter 192: 192

For a moment, all the people were busy .

The shelter area of Yutian is much more lively than at night . Tens of thousands of people come from all over the country every day . There are all kinds of people from all over the country . It is not easy to arrange for tens of thousands of people to come every day . There must be people being occupied . Therefore, conflicts continue every day .

National resources are also limited .

Distribution may also be unfair .

There's not enough food .

And the most important thing is that the state is not idle in this matter at present .

Therefore, these situations can only be summed up in two words of confusion .

Everywhere is chaotic appearance, Liu Chang several people along the way, saw a total of mouth robbery, three fights, there is an incident of lewd women .

But it's none of their business, so several people are still hanging around here . They look around, hoping to find some clues, or be found by clues .

As a result, the clue found them first .

A few punks find them and point to Tian Tian .

"This chick is much cleaner than the people here, aren't you, guys?" A little b.u.m with yellow hair pointed to Tian Tian and said .

Dyeing yellow hair is something that only people who seem to have egg ache will do in the end of the world, because after dyeing hair, the hair is more likely to be dirty, and at ordinary times, the lack of water, let everyone know that bathing is a very luxurious thing . Therefore, people with yellow hair will be dirtier .

Moreover, seeing the yellow hair reminds Liu Chang of Xiaojing, a poor child . Therefore, when he saw the Yellow haired little gangster, he showed a complicated expression .

However, his complex facial expression was naturally ignored by the other party . In other words, several people of the other party didn't look at all the four punks he came to, and their eyes were on him every day .

"Tut Tut, aren't you? Huangshan, do you like black?" A few people looked at every day to judge, and did not pay attention to the men beside him .

"It's not a question of whether you like black or not . This girl is very clean and looks good . . The Yellow haired boy named Huangshan, after commenting on his appearance every day, looked at Li Feng and Liu Chang, "who are you in charge of?"

"He . " Li Feng looks at Liu Chang .

"We'll take this girl away for two days, and we'll send it to you undamaged in two days . This is your reward . " Huang Mao threw a packet of biscuits to Liu Chang .

Then .

Liu Chang took the biscuit .

Give him a punch .

Then things became simple . After Liu Chang and Li Feng knocked over the four little gangsters, the other side left a very boring and ordinary plot .

It's just that the next thing is different in peace .

"I think we should wait here, wait for them to call, and then go to their headquarters . " Li Feng said, "didn't you always want to inquire about the situation and don't want to get into trouble?"

"Well . " Liu Chang nodded, "what I call trouble is not this kind of thing . I'm just afraid that they will notice here . "

"Then the opportunity is here . " Li Feng said: "before the end of the world, I was a police inspector, and I had solved many cases . And if we want to find clues to criminals, we usually focus on things that are unusual or unconventional . Now we have a routine

"If you want to catch the attention of other people, it's very easy for them to find someone else's nest before last week . But if you are dragged to the headquarters by their people after a conflict with them, then the next thing will be much more convenient! "

"Well, I see . " Liu Chang looked at Li Feng and said, "the next thing, I'll leave it to you! You are a police inspector . You should be very good at dealing with such matters? "

"Leave it to me . " Before Li Feng's voice fell, he saw that Huang Mao came back with a group of people . "It's very fast . "

With these words, Li Feng stepped forward to meet those people with sticks and knives and guns hidden in their waists .

"That's them . " Huang Mao, with some big men, pointed to Liu Chang and Li Feng . "They are new comers . They don't pay much attention to the first group of Ming Dynasty . Besides, the one over there, who is tall and young, seems to be very powerful and heavy handed . Please take care when you arrest people . "

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"All right . " Seeing Li Feng coming up, he pushed aside the yellow hair and stepped forward two steps . One to one, he stood directly in front of Li Feng .

After several twists and turns between the tent and the dilapidated house, we finally came to a nearby two-story building . The outside of the small building looks like a kind of farmhouse, which is not elegant, but big enough to accommodate many people .

After entering the courtyard of the farmhouse, the three people, led by Huang Mao and Han, enter the living room . Then the big man brings out a strange figure wrapped up in air from the inner room .

Although the weather is getting colder and colder, it is the first time for Liu Chang to see the man who has wrapped his face in the camp . This reminds him of his previous period, when his face was full of scales and forced Zhou Kai to find someone, he wrapped himself up .

What's more, he felt that he was familiar with the shape of the man, but he could not remember who he was, but he was sure that he was an acquaintance .

The response of the person who carried the package to Liu Chang fully proved this point . He had just come out of the house . When he saw Liu Chang, he was shocked and froze there . He didn't speak or move for more than ten seconds .

But the big man and Huang Mao, who were behind him, did not notice the abnormality of the eldest brother . In other words, they did not connect the word "acquaintance" with "stiff here" . So, they don't have to worry about what they say .

"Boss, this group of people said they came from s.h.i.+jiazhuang . It seems that they are not a small community . The whole society comes together . He hurt our people and beat Huang Mao "So, I feel that if we want to continue to have a foothold in Beijing, sometimes it is necessary to be cruel . My brothers feel that you are a little too gentle in many times . Although you used to be a soldier, you are now in this world . . . "

"You go down first . " Said the man in the cloak .

"Boss, you have to use some this time . . . "

"I said, let you go down!" The voice of the man in the cloak suddenly became fierce .

The big man followed the man in his cloak for a long time . When he first saw him speak in this tone, he was naturally shocked and left with his own people .

Then, the next conversation became strange .

"I remember who you are!" Liu Chang looks at the cloaked man .

"Is Mr . Li OK?"

"Mr . Li" heard the other party mention Li Qingshui, Liu Chang looked gloomy for a moment, "let's go into the inner room and say it, it's not convenient to talk . "

(to be continued)

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