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Dog Bite - 咬狗

Chapter 190

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Chapter 190: 190

Hearing Zhou Kai's words, Liu Chang was shocked .

Indeed, he had thought about this problem before . In fact, before the red fog came, humans had a huge population base . However slow the evolution, there must be super mutation individuals .

This kind of human super life is as powerful as Li Qingshui . In other words, even if it is not as powerful as he is, there must be super life like him .

"And, boss, you think, even if there are no great people here, have you ever thought about the white skin monster?" Zhou Kai continued to play the role of a dog's commander . "Didn't you say you killed the son of the white skin monster? If he had been here, he would have gathered with his friends . Didn't he know the news that you killed his son? "

Zhou Kaiyue said that the more he thought he was reasonable, and seeing Liu Chang's silence in deep thought, he went on: "after they get together, I'll be frank . Boss, don't be angry ——”。

"Well . " Liu Chang nodded .

"They gather together . You must not be a few!" Zhou Kai said: "the white skin monster, with his sons and his accomplices, I think it is the most powerful force combination in Beijing . It's also selfish of me to say something that you don't like to hear . "

"Brothers, including Li Feng and Li Feng of Milan, would you like to draw a big tree to enjoy the cool? Otherwise, what is the difference between us here, unaccompanied, powerless and these refugees who have eaten their last meal or not? " When Zhou Kai said these things, he sped up his speech speed . At the same time, he was observing Liu Chang's mood from the corner of his eyes . "So, my brothers, they said this for you . Even if we don't think about it for you, we don't want you to have an accident if we plan for ourselves . "

"And you said that there are very clever people in your friends . In this case, they leave messages to let you stay in the reception area . Naturally, they have their reasons . They are afraid of you to make a statement, so they let you wait for them here . Besides, we really need to keep a low profile now . There are hidden dragons and crouching tigers in Beijing, and your enemy's army is too powerful . We must find our companions first and then make plans for the next step . We can't be impulsive! "

"And . . . " After listening to Zhou Kai's a.n.a.lysis, Liu Chang thought for a while and nodded, "what you said is reasonable . What should we do next?"

"First, according to the distribution of the number plate, we first find the foothold, and then find out what the situation in this area is, and then decide how to find people . " Zhou Kai knocked the number plate in his hand .

"All right, that's it . " Liu Chang yelled, gathering several familiar people together, "every day, tell Xiaoqing, observe our trend at any time, and let it leave on its own after knowing our foothold .

Li Feng and Milan, follow closely . There are many people with mixed tastes . Even if it's me, I can't find you if you're lost . "

"Yes . "

"Yes . " Li Feng and Milan responded vigorously .

As long as we have decided on the goal and the direction of our progress, the next thing will be much simpler and more complicated .

Because of the large number of people and the unique characteristics of China's departments, several people queued up for a long time when they found the relevant departments, and they were not properly arranged until late at night . Of course, the so-called "proper" is to confirm the ident.i.ty of several people, give their number records and a.s.sign them to a temporary shelter .

The least scarce thing in the last world is housing, which is not universal here .

Many people died in other places, and other refugees poured in, so there were a lot of abandoned houses .

Daxing District is not the center of the city, there are not so many high-rise buildings, and because the houses near the outskirts of the city were destroyed by plants, and now there are so many refugees, so the place to live is suddenly scarce .

So Liu Chang, who was later in the line of a million miles away, was put into a kind of disgusting, similar to the spread of a huge simple tent .

In the early hours of the night, after Liu Chang entered the tent, they found that there was no end to the refugee camp . In addition, the environment of the last world made it look like a big prison .

And the people who live at the bottom of the world have seen the most death . Therefore, the people here are also the most naughty scoundrels .

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Especially the kind of man with some strength .

"I'm sorry, brother . After the end of the world, my body has evolved a little stronger . " Liu Chang said, took out a few packets of biscuits from the backpack, and at the same time, intentionally or unintentionally let them see the fine guns inside, "I live here, just a transition, you can share these packets of biscuits .

In the future, I'm sure I'll go to the city to hang out . They're all dormitories . I'll take more care of them in the future . "

"That was, that was . " In the end of the world, under the premise of survival first, it seems that the weight of dignity is getting lighter and lighter . Therefore, the speed of people's face changing in the end of life is often faster than that of opening a book .

When they first met, the faces of several hungry people were ferocious . After another blow, they became shocked and frightened . After hearing Liu Chang's words and seeing the biscuits in his hand, their eyes turned and their faces turned to the flattery of "old friends have not seen for many days" .

"What the boss said is that a dormitory must take care of each other more in the future . " A few men took the biscuit with a smile . The man who was the leader was flattering, "just now I saw that you are a big man . You wear so new, and you don't look like a dusty fh-b . Want to come on the way is very relaxed, and the backpack is plump, the road has not been robbed, must have a strong strength . Just now I asked these silly boys to be smart . They didn't listen to me . They were dizzy with hunger . You see, they hit a hard nail? "

"Ha ha, it's OK . Everyone has had it . At this time, you can pay attention to it later . " Liu Chang put the backpack on the floor with a smile, "but I can remind the elder brothers first . If anyone dares to attack the weapons in my backpack, then don't blame me for turning my face and denying people . "

"You are sure that weapons are the lifeblood in the end of the world . If we move your things, you will kill us directly . " Good words are always easier to say than good Yi things . A few hungry people do not grudge such words .

Therefore, they bickered for a long time, and Liu Chang also told the daily people to enter the tent . After a settlement, Liu Chang knew some other conditions in the communication with these refugees .

These people are from Tanggu, Tianjin . They are facing the sea . It's very difficult . Every day, there are all kinds of marine creatures landing . There are huge animals, sea snakes, and all sorts of things that they can't name . It's extremely dangerous .

They have been here for some time . The reason why they live in tents is because the compet.i.tion in the dormitory area is so fierce that they are driven out . From their conversation, Liu Chang also learned some feelings of the seaside -

worse than he imagined!

Marine life has always been a hundred times richer than terrestrial life . Three dimensional ecological environment, flexible biosphere, and larger land area are not comparable to those of land . The ocean is the source of life, so the changes there are more terrifying than those on land . This can be seen from the fact that jellyfish in the sea can fly inland and become empty jellyfish and occupy the whole sky .

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