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Chapter 188

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Chapter 188: 188

"This is . . . " The woman looked at the guns brought up by Liu Chang, and her eyes were puzzled and shocked . Naturally, she could see the extraordinary features of these two guns . However, even with her business vision for many years, she could tell exactly how extraordinary these two guns were .

Although not clear, but aware of Li!!!

Li Qingshui's handwriting, of course, can't be distinguished by them .

But even so, the woman named Fang Jie and the man with the gun at the back all took a relaxed look, and their ruffian look changed into seriousness .

Because they are not idiots . Hooligans are just their way of doing business, but they are gangsters . Naturally, they understand most clearly that some people can be hooligans, but some people can't be hooligans .

People who can use such "expensive" or even "luxury" guns will not believe them if they are said to have nothing to do with them .

"Which military leader's child is this gentleman?" The woman's voice suddenly dropped by three octaves . It can be seen that the "wh.o.r.ehouse old lady" temperament before her is also a means of maintaining ruffian and rogue management .

"I'm not a leader's child . I'm a stranger . I'm pa.s.sing by . I want to change something . " Liu Chang basically told the truth about his ident.i.ty - because he had already planned to rob him, there was no need to disguise himself . Now he just wants the other party to pack up his things and hand them to him . Then he takes the things and goes away . He doesn't want to look for what he wants on the unfamiliar ground when he is robbing . The other party can gather them and give them to him . That's the best thing .

"Stranger?" When the woman heard Liu Chang's words, she looked at his face and believed a little, but her expression was still a little afraid .

"Don't talk nonsense . Hurry up and prepare five people's water for five days . The best one . " Liu Chang frowned - and this time his frown was threatening and convincing .

"OK, just a moment . These things . . . " The woman pointed to the guns on the ground .

"It's OK . You can take it . " Anyway, Liu Chang doesn't mind giving each other a rea.s.surance .

"That's fine . " The woman yelled and asked the man to raise his gun .

"This gun is so heavy!" When the big man was carrying the a.s.sembly parts of minced meat, his shoulder sank and he looked down at the things below, "how could this part be so heavy?"

"Don't waste your words . If the young master asks you to carry things, you should quickly get them in, and then ask some people to bring the best water for the young master . " The woman yells at the big man and asks Liu Chang to wait in situ .

Five minutes later, all the things Liu Chang wanted were packed one by one and then presented .

When you see what you want is ready, the next thing is as simple as it can be .

Because then, Liu Chang only said three words .

The first sentence is to say "are you ready?"

The second sentence is "follow up" to the most affectionate

After two words, Liu Chang lifted up the next day and threw her 20 meters above the courtyard . Then she was safely connected to the air by a big parrot .

Finally, Liu Chang looked at the shocked old face of the woman who had received her before, and said his third sentence, "f.u.c.k you!"

And then along with this sentence was his fist as big as a sandbag .

Liu Chang picked up his own water and flashed . Before all the guards responded, he kicked the man who had entered the backyard with his gun . Then he found his own meat and pistol from the house and jumped up in the same place . Just before the guards heard the violent sound of this side and gathered their hands, he jumped on the parrot's back It's tight . It's pulling .

"s.h.i.+t, the first robbery, it's cool . " Liu Chang sat on the parrot's back and said with a smile .

"In fact, boss, if you want me to say that you shouldn't talk to them so much . When you rush in, you'll kill them . If you take what you want, it's over . " Parrot in Liu Chang's b.u.t.tocks, quietly flattered, "boss, boss, you are good at everything, but your heart is too soft, people are good!"

With these words, the parrot soared into the air and flew directly to the other side of the city .

A few hours later, at the appointed time, Liu Chang, who had been waiting at the edge of the city for a long time, finally saw the return of Zhou Kai and others .

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Zhou Kai and Li Feng almost came back together . They didn't bring anything valuable - no water . According to what they said, it was too expensive to make . If there is news, I have heard some things, but most of them are trivial or what Liu Chang has already known . There is no news about he Zhizhi .

"Well, it would be better to have someone familiar with the boundary . " After several people made up their minds, Liu Chang called on them one by one on the parrot's back, "since the goal and action have been determined, let's go . "

With these words, Liu Chang patted the parrot's wings and started the relatively short journey of more than 200 kilometers .

Flying in the sky, there is no wind or rain, and there is no danger again . In fact, if the distance of more than 200 kilometers is smooth, with the flying ability of parrot, it will take more than three hours .

However, due to fatigue and heavy load, the parrot flew very slowly until dark, and all the people landed next to Daxing District in Beijing and saw the excitement here .

At the end of the world, we can see the scene of crowds again . All the people who have sat on the parrot's back for a day all show a moving look . Yes, since the red fog came, who has ever seen such a sea of people? Most of the city's people are empty, and most of the people are dead . How can we see such a lively scene like buying tickets for Spring Festival transportation!

Daxing District is the southernmost District in Beijing . It is far away from the city center . Before that, everyone didn't expect it to be so busy . Originally, the plan was to fly directly to the old downtown area to have a look, or their eyesight was good every day . When they saw the heads of the people under them, they found someone who had no one to see the situation .

"s.h.i.+t, so many people?" As soon as he entered Daxing District, Li Feng was staggered . "What is it?"

"This is probably the reception area?" Liu Chang looked at the surging stream of people and let the parrot fly to the sky . "After all, you think, those who escaped from the disaster are either those driven by willows in the south, or those driven by marine life along the southeast coast . After all, there are a few people fleeing from the North . Therefore, it is not surprising that this area has become an area for foreign population . "

"So that means we've found our destination?" Every day, we look around . "Let's go and see where there is a registration office for migrant population . Now there are so many refugees pouring in . I think even the capital is difficult to manage! There must be a special department in charge of us . "

"Well, first find a place to settle down, and then find my companion . " Liu Chang nodded and agreed to the idea of every day .

It was dark .

In the center of Zhengzhou City, under the cover of the giant brain wave body, an extremely developed brain sends out strange neuron pulses hundreds of times, thousands of times and tens of thousands of times stronger than the surrounding brain, and it is just above this brain that a * * man is wrapped in tender willows, just on the way of brain neuron pulse .

The man's face is ordinary, not handsome or ugly; his complexion is ordinary, not white or black; his height is ordinary, not high or low . However, just standing there, inexplicably sent out a kind of water general calm and distant temperament .

There was no wound on the body - only a heavenly cover was sliced open - and there was nothing in it . (to be continued)

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