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Dog Bite - 咬狗

Chapter 187

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Chapter 187: 187

"Coming!" With the response of a female voice inside, a woman with fair appearance walked out of the courtyard of the "wholesale market" .

After she came out, Han did not leave, but continued to follow Liu Chang with a gun every day .

"Oh, what do you want to exchange for today?" The first sentence of the woman completely destroyed all the impressions of Liu Chang on her appearance . The voice and tone of the woman were very similar to the old maid's tone in the brothel in the ancient costume film made by Hunan Satellite TV . After listening to this, Liu Chang could not help shaking his poker face .

And in his side of the black faced girl every day, is directly laughing to come .

"What are you laughing at, little girl?" When the woman came out, she felt the mockery of her face every day, and then a pair of apricots glared at her . Her face was wrinkled, though no powder was missing, but BB cream had cracks .

"Laugh at your voice . " Do you mean to laugh at us every day

"I usually talk like this . If I don't like it, I can't listen to it . " The woman raised her head and said, "come here to change things . I think you are the first one who dares not to give my sister Fang face . "

"It looks like a celebrity . " Every day still do not eat her set, the girl's stubborn, at a glance .

"Don't talk nonsense . What are you here for today?" "Sister Fang" looked at Liu Chang . "It's not good to have a small amount . Since I'm out, you don't give face to your words . I think it's a big business, isn't it?"

"It's not a big business . It's just a matter of exchanging weapons for water . " Liu Chang doesn't care how other people speak, how powerful they are here, how famous their reputation is - he just wants to do things quickly and then leave . The price is reasonable . If you can exchange, you can exchange some . If you can't exchange, you can't do some dirty robbery in a short time .

"Change water?" Looking at Liu Chang, Fang said with a smile, "that's not cheap . You know what's going on in our stone market . Maybe there's no shortage of weapons . But there's no grain grower or water filter . What's more, we're risking some super life to kill the city . There's always a high reward for high risk, right? We are not . . . "

"Don't talk nonsense . Tell me how to change it . " Liu Chang had a headache when she listened to this woman's quick talk - and she did say something that seemed reasonable at first glance, but when you think about it carefully, it's not that kind of thing at all .

Because no matter what the end of the world, as long as some people can live and plant things to collect water, then weapons will always be more expensive than water . The saying without morality is that those who have guns and cannons will always get food and water .

And now because of the scarcity of mineral resources and power resources, most of the ordnance factories have closed down . There is no production of sophisticated weapons at all - in fact, many weapons, not to mention upgrading, are basically made by the people . There are too many guns with small power, poor accuracy and easy to explode .

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Because Liu Chang had been following Li Qingshui before, he had never worried about the issue of weapon resources - whatever he used was always the best .

"Come on, we won't change . " Liu Chang put away his pistol .

"That won't work . " When the woman saw the duck flying, she rushed to pull Liu Chang's hand, but she didn't know whether her eyes suddenly turned pale or her hands and feet were not flexible . She looked at the other side's arm clearly, but it was nearly impossible to catch the other party's hand . This made her all her strength empty, and then the strength of holding back to her heart was depressed, which made her feel a little uncomfortable .

"We open the door to do business . We invite so many people and such a large stall . We have to be on guard against the invasion of the bulls.h.i.+t super life, and we also have to be on guard against people stealing . " After grabbing the empty hand, the woman put her hand back into her waist, pointed her other hand at Liu Chang's nose and said, "such a big business, you can come and go if you want . What do you think our s.h.i.+xing society is for?""It turned out to be the store owned by the black group . " Every day whispered .

"What do you say?" Liu Chang suddenly laughed when he heard the other party's words .

"Open the door to do business . If you don't change it, leave half of what you have before you leave . " Women don't pay attention to their cousins on each other's faces at all - because she has seen many examples of such angry and rebellious smiles, but in s.h.i.+jiazhuang, where she dares to do business, there is naturally a reason why she dares to do so .

"Then we'd better change it . " With a smile, Liu Chang unscrambled his backpack and a.s.sembled his own giant pistol and shredded meat into three or four of equipment far beyond the most advanced equipment on the market . Li Qingshui's biological technology alloy steel equipment was completely escaped, and then appeared in the sight of the woman and the big man .

"You see, these two big guys, how much can you change?" During Liu Chang's speech, he saw Jingguang in the other side's eyes . (to be continued)

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