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Chapter 185

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Chapter 185: 185

"It seems that most of the people who were able to move northward last time ran away . After all, only a few of them stayed in Zhengzhou and Hebei . " Liu Chang watched the birds behind him .

"What to do, even if it's a minority, so many, even if it's you, they'll peck you to death!" The parrot was still pressing down below .

"It doesn't matter . These are all fugitives . They don't have any lethality . We just want to run for our lives . We should be more vigilant . People will not regard you as a soft persimmon when you are so big . " Liu Chang looked at the birds and sighed: "but my plan has to stop because of this . "

Liu Chang said, sighed again, and looked at the bottom of his eyes .

"The big willow goes north again . We can't find anyone . Let's fly north all the way . "

"d.a.m.n it!" Hearing this, the parrot was shocked, "boss, this is the most beautiful sentence I've heard you say these days . If you have this sentence, you'll have to!"

When the parrot finished this sentence, the other people on its back also helped . Because of the tiredness and mental fatigue in the past few days, these people were really upset .

Every day he first raised his hands to express his agreement: "brother Liu Chang, don't worry, your companions must have run out of the forest . I remember you said there were smart guys in your company? Those guys are so smart that they can always go out "

" that's it Milan clung to the feather on the bird's back, although she could not "raise her hands to show her agreement . " But in the end, it can give some help in words . "According to philosophy, everything has its own rules, even if it's a prison forest . Although it is very difficult to find the hidden laws in all things here, as long as you are smart and patient, you can always find the laws and take the laws as the driving force to find a breakthrough . They must have been out of the forest before you . "

"Yes . " Li Yu forced the strong wind and nodded to express his interest .

Zhou Kai is a bit old-fas.h.i.+oned and profound . Although he couldn't help laughing at the news, he didn't say a word .

However, no matter whether he said it or not, since Liu Chang had already made a decision, all the way to the north of the journey or gallop away .

In front of the bird tide, there are always big parrots, leading the direction of the bird tide, all the way north, and the speed is extremely fast .

It is difficult to walk out of the prison forest on the ground . Three days after the parrot's full speed March, we can see that the pure red forest on the ground is gradually fading, and the trees and trees are returning to their normal colors, and the city is not far ahead .

Although people were still lost along the way - because of the ground reference, the general direction was still right . Moreover, due to the bird tide, food was not scarce . All the way to s.h.i.+jiazhuang City, Hebei Province, without wind and waves .

"The capital of Hebei Province, this is a big city!" Liu Chang and others have lowered their body shape on the edge of the city, but have not found how many figures exist .

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"How can you get in and supply? "The water is almost finished . " looking at Liu Chang every day, he asked .

"You are welcome . " The parrot said with a smile, "but is that true? After I arrived in Beijing, I didn't care about my business? "Really . " Liu Chang smile: "when the time comes, whether you go to find a parrot or to raise a honey, I don't care about you, but now, you still have to do your best . "

"Well, with your words, the little one is a mess of brains and brains, . . . " Parrot heard Liu Chang's promise, excited to jump into the air, "also at all costs!"

Although the parrot Zhiqing was excited, he still did not forget Liu Chang's words that the low alt.i.tude flight should not exceed 20 meters . An circled in the sky, and Liu Chang looked back at the crowd: "Zhou Kai and Li Yu, you two go to the city separately . If you have anything useful, you can change some and pay attention to saving . By the way, ask about my partner . You both know their characteristics . We met here when we were five children . "

"Yes . " Li Feng and Zhou Kai nodded and carried their backpacks to the city .

"Every day and Xiaoqing, you two will follow me, and we will do the same thing in the city . " Liu Chang turned to look at the black faced girl again .

"What about me?" Milan was left behind and asked nervously, "you are not going to throw me here? It's not kind of you

"You go to the most manly places in the city and ask for information . I'll give you food and weapons . You can ask well-informed people about whether there are pa.s.sers-by who meet the characteristics of my companion . " Liu Chang looked at Milan, a little embarra.s.sed, "you are learning psychology, and understand men, you do this more appropriate . "

"Oh, I see . " Milan chuckled, hammered Liu Chang's chest, and then went to s.h.i.+jiazhuang . "It's OK to direct orders for such things in the future . I'm in this line, and I'm not ashamed of my teeth . "

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