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Chapter 180

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Chapter 180: 180

"Well, when it comes to Gaia consciousness, we have to talk about Gaia first . " Milan nodded his lips and recalled the knowledge in this corner . "Gaia is a personal name . "

"Names?" Liu Chang frowned, and the girl on one side also frowned .

"No, it's the name of G.o.d . Let me see . . . " Milan rolled his eyes and tried hard to recall the things that were not used at all . "Gaia is the mother of the earth in Greek mythology, the G.o.d of the earth, and the mother of all the G.o.ds . He is a very powerful and respected G.o.d . "

"Well, the earliest G.o.d in Greek mythology? She is the grandmother of Zeus, the king of the G.o.ds . After she was born, she gave birth to the sky and a number of G.o.ds . Only then did the world unfold . . . "

"Is that so?" Liu Chang rubbed his chin . "I always thought Zeus, the king of G.o.ds in Greek mythology, is the best . I can't imagine that he is not a first-line player at all!"

"Well, it's not a first-line player at all . Ura.n.u.s, the G.o.d above him, and many of the G.o.ds born of Gaia, he is no match

"Well, it seems that Gaia is a very good character . " Liu Chang nodded .

"Yes, her status in the Greek mythology system is equivalent to Nu Wa in our Chinese mythology system . And Zeus is a jade emperor at best, so they are not G.o.ds at all Milan thought for a moment and continued: "as for the G.o.ddess Gaia, in fact, there are many systems in ancient Greek mythology, which are the same as those in Chinese mythology . In particular, the contrast between Gaia and Nuwa made many theologians think that the time of Gaia and Nuwa was different . The two G.o.ds are actually the same . "

"Well?" Liu Chang swallowed the meat and sat up .

"There are two most famous legends about Gaia - one is the legend of man making, the other is the legend of flood . Do you remember the legend of Nuwa mending the sky? "

"Well . I probably remember that it was the reason why the dragon or some evil G.o.d had left a big hole in the sky . Since then, the flood continued in the world . Then Nu Wa couldn't bear to see the disasters on earth, so she used the colorful G.o.d stone to fill the sky . " Liu Chang recalled, "is this probably the case?"

"Well, it is said that Gonggong knocked down buzhoushan . Nuwa saw that the people she had created died in a terrible way, so there was a legend of mending the sky . " Milan said: "and Gaia's legend is surprisingly similar to Nuwa . It was G.o.d who sent down his anger and used the flood to destroy human beings, and Gaia after the flood subsided . Can't bear to see the fate of human extinction, so down the divine power, let the only two human survivors in the earth to create a human

"Making people out of mud?" Liu Chang glared at his eyes, "d.a.m.n it, is this Nuwa that Gaia plagiarized?"

"I don't know . The history of Greece is no shorter than that of China, and thousands of years apart . At that time, there was no communication among civilizations . Why should we plagiarize Milan curled his lips . "But there are many similarities between ancient Greek mythology and China . And Gaia . I have to say the bottle of life in her hand . . . "

Milan spoke and looked at the ubiquitous red fog .

"It is said that Gaia had a vase in his hand . It is full of the seeds of all things and the water of life . Every once in a while, she will sprinkle the spring of life and the seeds of all things on the ground to ensure the reproduction of practical life

"What a sharp legend Liu Chang also looked at the surrounding red fog and used the description of "sharp" .

"Well, sharp legend . " Milan nodded .

"But myth is myth after all . Don't say I don't believe it . Even if I believe it, I don't think I will have any intersection with Gaia in my life . " Liu Chang ate a mouthful of meat with a smile, and the pain on his body was relieved . He continued, "since he finished Gaia, what is Gaia's consciousness?"

"Well, since Gaia is the G.o.d of the earth, Gaia consciousness is naturally the consciousness of the earth, also known as earth consciousness . It seems to have been put forward by an Englishman . I have forgotten what it was called . Anyway, it was he who proposed it . " Milan put together his scattered knowledge and said: "he pointed out that the earth, or the universe, has an unconscious self-consciousness . He will constantly create a stable state, and severely punish things that destroy stability and balance, such as the extinction of dinosaurs in the past, such as sandstorms and ozone holes caused by human destruction of the environment . Balance and stability are the core of Gaia's consciousness . And his argument is that the laws of nature are impeccable, and balance and stability are the things protected by Gaia, so this theory is called Gaia consciousness

"Is balance the core?"

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"Yes, it's balance . " Milan thought for a second and then said, "in fact, if you think about it carefully, there is really no species on earth that can dominate all the time . In fact, according to the theory of biological evolution, the more powerful a creature is, the more resources it will get, the faster it will reproduce, and the more it will crowd out the living s.p.a.ce of other species, such as dinosaurs in the past, and human beings now . "

"True or false?" The girl heard Milan's explanation and grew up in surprise .

"Of course it's true . Don't you feel very puzzled that your red skin monster brother and that white skin monster brother can't be chased out here Milan winked at the girl .

But Liu Chang heard Milan's words, but laughed, "you are really a good woman!"

"Well, the girl is not bad . " Milan chuckled at Liu Chang . "If you can help, you can help . And she has the ability to change . If you become friends, it's a good choice . "

Milan said this, and then winked at the girl .

The latter saw this look, but also understood, she is not a stupid girl, so, after she figured out the joints, she immediately showed a clever expression and went to Liu Chang .

"Well, it was my fault before . I apologize . " "I think we can be friends, especially in this moment, I can be your strong partner, isn't it?"

"You want me to take you?" Liu Chang looks at the girl .

"Well, in fact, I can't give up Xiaoqing . I have good eyesight . In fact, my eyesight is 200 meters away . I cheated you before . " The girl looked at Liu Chang, "although I can see that your eyesight is also very good, but if it is less than 100 meters, it is very troublesome in the air . Because now, any big tree can grow tens of meters, so it's very difficult for your eyesight to see the ground in the air, and it's very difficult to distinguish the difference between trees and trees . It's very troublesome . "

"Of course, if you take me with you, all these things will be solved . " The girl introduced herself as a saleswoman, "and I'm small, I eat little, and I don't take up s.p.a.ce . It's too crowded for me to be alone . "

"If you don't speak, I'll take it as your consent . I'll introduce myself first . My name is Li Tiantian . " (to be continued)

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