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Dog Bite - 咬狗

Chapter 170

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Chapter 170: 170

"Looking for the bird . " Liu Chang figured out the purpose of the other party, whoosh up from the sofa, and then smashed the door, directly rushed out .

Seeing Liu Chang leave so fl.u.s.tered, Zhou Kai breathes a sigh of relief, but at the same time, he is puzzled . For a long time, or in the past few days, he actually doubted the ident.i.ty of this monster . It seems that this monster is not familiar with Xingtai City, and its language and communication skills are different from those of ordinary people . We can judge from the daily details that this monster is actually an individual, a person with a high degree of variation and strong strength .

Moreover, from his unfamiliarity with Xingtai, Zhou Kai can draw a conclusion that he was an outsider, and he had many companions and enemies who had been exiled with him to the prison forest area .

For outsiders, Zhou Kai is very interested - because although he has been doing well since the end of the day, everyone has a heart of curiosity about the outside world . He also wanted to know what had become of the outside world, and he was curious about the mutant himself .

In particular, he painted the kind of people who looked more mutated - white skin, and tail, which was very beautiful, but it was too different from the human appearance .

In fact, all these questions acc.u.mulated in his stomach these days . He wanted to know what was going on, and it was closely related to him .

So when Liu Chang b.u.mped out of the door, Zhou Kai's inner world struggled for a while . Still got up from the sofa .

"Where are you going, chief?"

"Go to the city government . " Zhou Kai said, with a pistol in his waist . "I'd like to see how powerful this monster is to hold me for so many days

With doubts, with a little anger, with curiosity, Zhou Kai finished this sentence, along the door Liu Chang smashed . Out of the room .

And on the other side .

Liu Chang didn't go to the government directly after he left the door - because the person who came was Liu - the super life with wisdom and self evolution ability - Li Qingshui once said that if Liu didn't want to procreate too much, but scattered most of his energy, he would be ten times stronger than now .

Therefore, the ancestor of this amphibian can be said to be the most powerful enemy Liu Chang has ever met - Li Qingshui is not his enemy, but Daliushu . He didn't even have the courage to fight the enemy .

So . Liu Chang is currently facing the biggest difficulty, in addition to big willow and Li Qingshui, he has never seen a stronger life than Liu .

Facing such a life . Don't act rashly . Although his brain is very hot, he still runs back to Li Feng's hot pot shop first all the way - there are shredded meat and modified Gatling, which is the capital of his and Liu's opponents - other pistols and crossbows . In front of the stream like a toy .

All the way into the hotpot shop, Liu Chang was not bothered to deform, so he went into his room at the fastest speed . Regardless of the effect of the way, he picked up his two heavy firepower and ran out directly .

And he had a lot of movement along the way . Naturally, it also attracted the attention of two people who had been paying close attention to him .

Li Feng stood at the door of the hot pot shop and looked at the direction Liu Chang left .

"That one . Is it Liu Chang? "

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"Yes . " Milan stood next to him, frowning slightly . "It's so fast that you can't see the shadow clearly . But just now I happened to be at the door of his bedroom and saw his back pausing when he was taking things . His clothes are the same as those of Liu Chang, but they look a little bigger . Am I dazzled? "

All the way, he ran to the city government with the sound of breaking wind . He slowed down his speed because since he wanted to fight against Liu, the most important thing was the first shot .

If facing the enemy head-on, even Liu Chang has no chance to defeat the huge monster . The gap between speed and strength, coupled with the other party's perfectly invisible refractive properties, makes it impossible for him to fight the enemy at all .

He once sat on the flowing shoulder and experienced his speed, which was twice as fast as he is now . He did not dare to open his mouth to fear the speed of the wind . Although the other side did not give full play at that time, Liu Chang still had a rough calculation of his life intensity . At least 200 or more, to be exact, between 250 and 300 .

Physical abilities are unknown, but at least they also have refraction skills - a skill that their children all have . As an amphibian ancestor, he couldn't have not .

Just according to these known data, Liu Chang knew that he could not be the opponent of that guy when he was facing the enemy . So, he had to bet all his luck on the first shot .

The first shot of shredded meat should at least seriously injure the other party and break the refraction ability of the other party before he has a chance to fight with that guy . Of course, the best ending is to blow the guy's head with a shot, and let this powerful life die instantly .

In fact, if possible, Liu Chang doesn't look like killing Liu - he wants to be beaten seriously and then used as a bargaining chip for Xiaojing . But after all, this chip is too powerful for him to control . Therefore, to weaken the strength of amphibians is the thing he must consider . After all, if this guy and his children come together, then his rescue of Xiaojing will become an impossible task .

As for the number 17 with him, this is not in Liu Chang's consideration - No . 17 is undoubtedly the most potential clone of all . But there is no doubt that it is also the weakest of the 17 clones . A baby, no matter how powerful, can do is limited .

Liu Chang believed that if he had a little bit of self-protection ability, Li Qingshui would not have given him to Liu .

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