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Dog Bite - 咬狗

Chapter 168

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Chapter 168: 168

"If there was that bird, why would someone still be unable to get out?" Liu Chang asked: "after all, no matter how terrible the hidden forest is, if there is a guy who can fly, it doesn't matter Then I don't know . " Li Feng shook his head . "Besides, there is only one bird . Whether it will be killed by other birds in the sky? I don't know who will leave the camel . Even if there is a candidate, it is still a question whether the person is willing to go or not . The people there are not worried about eating or drinking, and they have no strong intention to leave here . Seriously, if I didn't know about the big willow going north, I wouldn't want to go . After all, it's the same all over the world now . Where to run is not running . "

"Well . " Liu Chang nodded, "also . "

"But thank you for telling me the news today, and I'll take you if possible . "

"It's enough to have you . " Li Feng is a smart man . Some words are just right for him . After patting Liu Chang on the shoulder, he knew that today's conversation was over, and then he left with a smile .

Liu Chang thought about the big bird and went back to the room . As soon as he opened the door, he saw Milan in a s.e.xy underwear .

Milan was lying on his bed at this time, wearing a red gauze on his upper body and a black mesh stockings underneath . Seeing Liu Chang push the door in, he showed a charming expression .

"Come on, I'll give you a ma.s.sage?"

"What's up with you?" Liu Chang walked into the room and said, "I'm not so enthusiastic at ordinary times? What's the matter? "

"Nothing . It's just that you're very tired running back and forth these days . I just want to relax you It's still something . " Liu Chang sat on the stool beside the bed, "if you have something to say, you can go out without saying it . "

"Why are you so shameless?"

"Because I don't want to owe you a favor, and I don't want to have feelings with you . " Liu Chang told the truth . "Because I'm afraid I can't afford it . "

"All right . " Milan heard Liu Chang's words, stood up from the bed, went to the door, "since you have made a decision, then I will go . "

"Well . " Liu Chang nodded, "you come today because people here say about the big willow tree . "

"Yes . " Milan said, "I don't want to die . Although I don't know if what you said is true or false . But I really want to see the outside world . "

"Sorry, I can't do it . " Liu Chang stood up from the bed and pushed Milan out of the door . "I'm not a hero, and I'm not a jerk who takes advantage of it and doesn't want to return it . So . Please understand me . "

With these words, Liu Chang closed the door .

It's night .

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After the darkness completely covered the bright red world, Liu Chang, who had a short rest, sat up from the bed . After he picked up the gun on his desk and armed himself, he quietly left the room - he didn't know .

After the awakening of reptile gene, his life intensity has reached 65 terrible value . Besides, he has hard skinfold scales around his body . His eyesight is far beyond ordinary people and all detection instruments . He has more accurate physical control and calculation ability .

In fact, from that day on, he was thinking that his own strength was far beyond the superheroes in many American blockbusters .

What spider man Batman American captain, simply not enough to see, even if the Hulk came personally, Liu Chang admitted that he had the strength to fight - although the other side's body was much stronger than him .

He has always been not weak, or in other words, has always been at the top of human combat effectiveness . It's just that he always meets more powerful opponents, which makes him unable to exert himself . In the hands of friends and opponents he meets, no matter Liu or Li Qingshui, or the G.o.d like horrible big willow, he can not deal with . Therefore, he always failed and looked weak .

But even so, it did not affect his confidence - Liu Chang felt that his greatest advantage was self-knowledge . He was neither humble nor arrogant, and could clearly recognize his own strength and position .

When Li Qingshui was in the past, he always believed and obeyed unconditionally . In fact, many men can't do this kind of soft, but he can do it, and he has been doing it well . It is because he knows that the intellectual gap between the two sides can not be calculated in a reasonable way . Therefore, abandoning his own opinions is the best opinion . Now, when he comes out alone, he can recognize his position and strength in countless setbacks . He does not despise himself because of failure, nor does he feel weak when his opponent is too strong .

"I'm strong!" This is the result of Liu Chang's own a.n.a.lysis, which is very scientific . Therefore, Liu Chang is unswerving .

Over the walls of the prison, Liu Chang entered the huge government compound after reconstruction .

It's very big here . After jumping into the courtyard, Liu Chang looked up at all this . After four years of renovation and expansion, it is like a small military base, and there is no cultural atmosphere in the courtyard . (to be continued)

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