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Chapter 167

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Chapter 167: 167

"Oh . " Zhou Kai nodded and didn't doubt the truth of the other party's words - because in his cognition, his own life is extremely precious, while other people's lives are ordinary, so do the monsters in front of him . Therefore, he did not doubt the monster in front of him when he said this, he was just bluffing him .

"Don't worry . I'll try my best to find them . As long as these people are in the city, I can find them for you . "

"That's good . " Liu Chang listened to Zhou Kai's a.s.surance and nodded .

As a result, a secret search campaign in Xingtai City started slowly in the negotiation between the two people .

Zhou Kai's work is still vigorous . On the first day Liu Chang was around him, he began to organize people to search the whole city . His staff is not much, but it is also quite a lot . Moreover, the largest underworld organization in the city naturally has its own subordinate organizations . If the communication goes on at all levels, it will naturally have a strong radiation surface to find out more people to help inquire about this matter .

Liu Chang saw all this, and as he said, he stayed around Zhou Kai all day long . At night, he changed his form and returned to Li Feng .

"You're back . . . " After entering the curtain, Liu Chang returned to the hot pot shop and saw Milan, who had been waiting at the door for a long time .

"If you don't come back, they're going to throw me out . "

"Get rid of it?"

"Well, they're not going to feed a freeloader . " Milan said: "it's hard to find a job that pays so well . I don't want to work for two or three days . "

"You don't have to accompany me . "

"Let me be with you . You have no loss . " Milan looked praying .

"Whatever you want . " Liu Chang said and walked into the hotpot store . Many of his things are still here . If it wasn't for this, it would be questionable if he didn't come back .

After entering the store hall, Li Feng has been waiting for him for a long time .

"Brother, you are back . I thought you left without saying goodbye?"

"No way . " Liu Chang said, went to him, "so looking forward to my return, is there anything I need to help you with?"

"Ha ha . . . " Li Feng said with a dry smile: "how can it be? I just think that it's not easy to meet a person like you who comes from outside . Isn't it kind? I want to talk to you more . But I think you're tired after running all day . If you're OK, take a rest first . "

"Good . " Liu Chang looks at Li Feng, who is close to him . Without much talking, he enters the back room of the hot pot shop .

And in the next few days, he was constantly repeating the two-point first-line life .

In a few days, he also basically understood everything in Xingtai . It's really a lonely city in the woods . The hidden forest makes them completely disconnected from the outside world, making it a more closed world . Almost everyone in the city wants to get out of the city, but almost everyone doesn't have the courage .

In the past four years, most of the brave people have died, a small number of them have not been heard from, and no one knows whether anyone has gone out .

Therefore, the completely isolated life and the solid color world outside make this city look more "exclusive" than other cities, especially when there is a highly centralized rule inside .

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everything is the army has the final say, the army has weapons, manpower, everything .

Over the past few days, Liu Chang also learned about the nature of Li Feng's gang . He said it was a "civil self-defense force" . In fact, it was also a semi underworld organization . It's just that they don't all rely on residents to provide for their own work . But it is inevitable to fight for territory every day . Therefore, Li Feng at that time saw that Liu Chang could use such a heavy gun that he would be attracted repeatedly . However, Liu Chang is really not interested in these "little people" fighting for territory . And since Li Feng heard about the big willow tree, he seems to have lost the idea of fighting for things . He never forgets the danger outside every day .

That day, after Liu Chang came back in the evening, he came back again .

"Hehe, brother, are you back?"

"Well . " Liu Chang nodded and looked at Li Feng . Every day, he is so warm to say h.e.l.lo to himself, and good food and drink to offer, every day also guard his own back, every time ask is also so a few words .

"When are you going to leave? Don't forget to take my brother with you . I am very familiar with the city within 50 kilometers

"It's not easy to go . " Liu Chang usually has no interest in talking to him, but after hearing about the bird today, he also came to some spirit . "Have you ever heard of a bird in the government?"

"Do you know that?" Li Feng heard Liu Chang mention this matter, his eyes showed a surprised look .

"Well . " Liu Chang looked at his expression, "you know?"

"Well, I've worked in government departments for a long time before, and I've heard about it . " Li Feng took Liu Chang and went to an empty corner in the inner room . "I also thought about the bird at that time . As long as there was this bird, it was not impossible to go out of this forest . "

"How big is that bird?"

"I've heard that it's not small . I haven't seen it in detail, but I'm sure it's OK to fly with a man on his back . "

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