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Chapter 166

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Chapter 166: 166

The light in the morning is not good, but the mood of people in the morning should always be more pleasant .

But at this moment, Zhou Kai's mood is not so happy - to be exact, he is afraid . The monster said yesterday that he still came to see him today, which made him afraid .

In the end of the world, he had been in the underworld for so many years, but he did not develop the character of fearing death . In fact, he felt that the people who were not afraid of death were either mentally ill or just talking nonsense - the latter was absolutely the majority .

The desire to survive is the deepest and most instinctive instinct of human beings . Everyone wants to live - even if it's just to live .

Zhou Kai is like this .

He wants to live . He can sell a lot of things to live . Although he is a member of the underworld, he can't help but struggle, after all, is a gamble - and a gamble after calculating the gains and losses . Zhou Kai is lucky . Since the end of his life, he has been gambling and winning . For four years, he has finally become the second leader of this a.s.sociation .

It's not easy to sit here - being able to sit here means a comfortable life and a guarantee of survival in the future .

Before the end of the day, the rich are most afraid of death - similarly, after the end of the day, those who do not have to work hard are more afraid of death .

After three years of hard work, he got the position that he didn't have to fight for any more . Before his b.u.t.t was hot, he was faced with a problem that made him feel that his life was impossible . The monster of yesterday .

A very powerful monster - a creature who dares to block bullets with his face, which is something he has never seen before;

is also a very smart monster, who can speak human words and manage personnel affairs . In fact, Zhou Kai has been doubting whether the man is a mutated human being since last night .

But whether it's human or not, it's not Zhou Kai's biggest concern . He was most concerned about whether the monster would kill him, or whether he could kill the monster .

Another big gamble - the monster came to him today and told him to wait for him . He hasn't been sleeping since last night, thinking about how he should face this powerful creature with his mentality . Attack him or please him .

It was a difficult choice .

If you attack him, you have to be furious - bomb without bullets, rockets with bombs - you have to kill him in the shortest possible time . Or it won't be so good when the monster comes back to him .

Therefore, if you attack, you will die . If you can't beat him with the strength of the monster, he will be killed .

And if it's a smile - it's just as hard for him . Because he didn't know what the monster would ask him to do, whether he would be "sealed off" after the event .

Therefore, he wanted to run, but if he ran today, everything he had worked hard for years would soon be replaced by others . In the end of the day, everything changed too fast . He didn't believe that he could have such good luck for four years .

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Therefore, these three choices, no matter which one is not so attractive to him, no matter which, all have the flavor of death . So he stayed up all night thinking about it .

"The number of the other group is uncertain . If there are more people, there may be more than a dozen, and if there are less, there will be only three . A girl like this, with yellow hair . There was a child who looked almost the same as the three children just now, but he was younger . Another one looks like this . " Liu Chang pointed to his painting and explained: "white skin, tail, more than two meters high . It looks beautiful and strong . Well, this white monster may be five meters high, and the five meter high one may be carrying a baby

"This is . . . " Zhou Kai looked at the amphibians painted by Liu Chang, "what kind of amphibians are they?"

"A kind of intelligent species . If you find them, send someone to inform them . Don't get close to them . They are very dangerous . " Seeing Zhou Kai's serious expression, Liu Chang said with some uneasiness: "it's much more dangerous than me, especially with those children, if more than ten get together . It was . . . "Speaking of this, Liu Chang suddenly couldn't find an adjective .

"What?" Hearing Liu Chang's tone, Zhou Kai also raised his head from his paintings .

"It's a force that can subvert the world . . . " After thinking for a long time, he finally found the adjective "subverting the world", which is not an adjective . "Especially the biggest and the smallest, your people, if you hear from the residents, please inform me immediately . . . "

"I see . " Zhou Kai nodded, looked at the monster in the painting, looked up at Liu changman's scaly face, and suddenly thought of the word "birds of a feather flock together" .

"I've been living with you recently . . . " Liu Chang said this, looking at Zhou Kai's face, "this job is not difficult for you, it's just a little troublesome, but for the sake of safety, I will still supervise the work . I'll be with you during the day, and I'll leave at night . I won't oppress you too much . What's the matter with you? "

"Well, I think so . " Zhou Kai saw that the monster was so talkative . After hesitation, he finally couldn't help asking, "what would you do if you found these people for you, or if I couldn't find them?"

"I found it . I left immediately . I couldn't find it . . . " Liu Chang said this, pauses for a moment, remembering what Li Qingshui said to him in the past, and then said, "if you can't find it, you'll die . "

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