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Dog Bite - 咬狗

Chapter 165

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Chapter 165: 165

Liu Chang's heart turned out a lot of questions .

"First, the eyes inexplicably evolved the ability of dynamic capture under the crisis, and then somehow poisoned all the lizards that bit themselves, and now they suddenly become this pair of ghosts . "

After thinking about it, Liu didn't understand what was going on . After all, according to what Li Qingshui had told him at the beginning, the recessive manifestation of genes was carried out according to the sequence . But it never mentions the non active expression process of this gene under the crisis .

Looking back on the three inexplicable evolutions, the first two were mutated under the crisis of life and death - or, if there is no mutation, it will be dead, and there is no room for any maneuver - the first sh.e.l.l will hit the body immediately - and the second time has been poisoned and dizzy and become food for others .

It's OK to say these two times . After all, in the environment of life and death, people's body and instinct react, which is still said in the past - after all, even if they have not been injected with genetically modified liquid, people in extreme crisis have had many examples of potential explosion, which Liu Chang still knows .

But the third sudden change, how can not be said . Without any crisis, they were beating people, and they suddenly changed without warning .

No change is as fierce as this one . The body can't bear the intense need of energy, which leads to the sense of hunger like a landslide, and the body changes into a strange shape . This appearance also brought him a lot of trouble .

In the end of the day, although strength and strength are the first, if they are no longer like human beings, they will also bring difficulties in communication . Although Liu Chang didn't pay much attention to his appearance, and in the past four years since the end of the day, he had several disfigurement experiences, but none of them was as thorough as now . He took off his clothes and went to the jungle, which was an alternative intelligent species .

"Alas . " Looking at the mirror and sighing heavily, Liu Chang only felt that this matter made him have a headache, but there was no solution .

There was still half a day left, but he didn't plan to go out again . Silently until dark, Liu Chang lay on the old bed to sleep .

The brain is full of confused thoughts, but the fatigue brought by the physical change still makes him sleep until dawn .

The next morning, after sitting up from the bed, Liu Chang's first thought made him look at his arm . Originally thought that the eye and should be more thick scales, but look down after the past, but see is smooth skin, and fine muscles down .

"Oh, it's back to normal?" Liu Chang's heart moved, and his arm turned out the l.u.s.ter of scales .

"What's going on?" Just thinking back to the appearance of his body yesterday, I immediately saw the lines of scales on my arm . The muscles of the body are also showing signs of bulge again, with bursts of strength coming out from the inside of the body .

What's more, Liu Chang can clearly feel the existence of these things, just like the arm, which can be controlled freely . This feeling can be perfectly felt and used without other people's explanation - just like the feeling of an adult using his own finger .

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After all, they are all their own bodies . Of course, they can feel and control them .

"Creak creak" body with the control of the brain, began to change up, Liu Chang took off his coat, watching his body layers of scales gush out, not only the knuckles become bigger, muscle fibers continue to be strong, skin covered with layers of wrinkles, forming a perfect release layer . "Great!" The process of transformation only took three seconds, which was carried out under the condition that he deliberately slowed down the speed . He can clearly see the whole process of muscle bulge and scale turning out . He can also feel the wonderful feeling of body strength slowly flowing out .

This sense of instant strength will bring the most primitive pleasure to all male animals . Under the strong stimulation of the sense of strength, a large number of male hormones were secreted . Liu Chang felt excited . Under the surge of adrenaline, he punched the wall of the abandoned house .


The old walls of the house were beaten down by him, and the whole house collapsed because of the loss of the load-bearing wall . All kinds of stones and sand suddenly toppled down from the sky, giving Liu Chang a bad face .

"This sense of power . . . " Liu Chang stood in the mound, clenched his fist, "life intensity, at least 65?"

Strong power brings strong confidence - "if we meet amphibians this time, even with the help of clones, I will have confidence in World War I . Xiaojing, wait for me . "

After putting on his coat from the ruins and finding a turban to cover his face, Liu Chang walked slowly towards the direction of yesterday's office building .

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