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Dog Bite - 咬狗

Chapter 164

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Chapter 164: 164

The shooters, who had been waiting outside for a long time and got the "ready to shoot" command, pulled the trigger almost instinctively when they saw the fast-moving thing .


The sound of the semi-automatic rifle rang out, but the figure had already flashed by . After three or two steps, they rushed out of the enclosure of the warehouse and disappeared out of the sight of the crowd .

Liu Chang ran out of the office building with the team leader . Liu Chang did not encounter any obstacles . After all, he was able to enter and leave the military area command of the Research Inst.i.tute in Zhengzhou . It was like killing a chicken with a knife . But now he is not in the mood to kill chickens . He only has the heart to eat chicken .

All the way, he led the man who looked like a steward to an abandoned house . Liu Chang threw him to the ground .

Liu Chang's mood is very complicated now - physically, he has been changing all over the body, and he can feel that there are deeper changes in the muscle fibers of his body - the muscle viscera and bones are wriggling, the genetic code in the deepest part of the body has been rewritten, and these things are also changing accordingly .

Maybe it's the energy overload brought about by the evolution of his body . Now he only feels hungry . This kind of hungry and dizzy mood is very bad, but he did not cause more killing because his brain is still clear . So after throwing the captain down, Liu Chang closed his eyes for three seconds and opened his mouth full of sharp teeth and asked his first question .

"The head of the Mafia?" The voice line is very thick, and the change of physical signs has made him speak out of his usual tone .

"Well . " Captured by the monster, now facing the challenge, the man on the ground is in a complex mood with three points of fear .

"What's the name?" Liu Chang's second question .

"Zhou Kai . "

"In charge?"


"I asked you, do you keep your word in the regiment?"

"Oh, it's OK . When I'm out of the regiment, I'll be counted . " Zhou Kai truthfully replied that he tried to prove his existence value with his own words . "There are not many armed forces in the regiment, and there are no conflicts at ordinary times . There is an armed conflict, and the army will help to deal with it . I'm the armed captain of the regiment . In addition to the commander, I can speak . "

"Oh, do you want to live?" Liu Chang asked .

"Yes . " Zhou Kai answered honestly .

"OK, take me back to the warehouse first . I'll take the food from that warehouse . "

"Yes, no problem . " Zhou Kai looked at Liu Chang and said, "it's just your face . . . "

"It's OK . I'll take it . " Liu Chang said that from the broken house found a piece of linen, wrapped his face and neck, "go, hurry up . "

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"Oh . "

This meal, Liu Chang kept eating for more than three hours - a large number of biscuits and food entered his stomach, and then in a flash was strongly secreted out of the stomach juice to digest . In more than three hours, Liu Chang ate enough food equal to two and a half times his own weight . He did not stop until he ate half of the grain stored in the warehouse . His hunger was no longer like a landslide, and his mood was a little calmer .

"Thank you for your help today . I'll come back to you in two days . " After eating the food, Liu Chang frowned the scales on his brow, then wrapped himself with gauze, opened the warehouse door and left the warehouse .

All the way out of the office building, although attracted a lot of people's curious eyes, but no one came forward to stop . After going out smoothly, Liu Chang came to the street .

Not daring to return to Li Feng's stronghold, he casually found an empty house and walked in . In the end of the world, there was nothing more, but this kind of empty house that no one lived in was all over the street .

After entering the house, Liu Chang went to a dilapidated dressing table, picked up a piece of broken gla.s.s from the ground, wiped it clean, and looked at his face .

"Well, how it turned out to be like this . " The face is full of scales and folds, and the pupil is pure black, which is better than when the face was broken . After looking at his face, Liu Chang looked at his arm, then took off his clothes and looked down at his body .

Like a lizard man .

Bright red scales, rough folds, bulging muscles

"It's ugly . " Liu Chang looked down at his body and said sincerely .

"What's going on here? Why has such a huge change suddenly taken place? If the evolution is in the opposite direction, shouldn't it come one by one? " (to be continued)

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