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Dog Bite - 咬狗

Chapter 163

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Chapter 163: 163

"No way . . . " Cannibalism, even at the end of the day, is hard for ordinary people to accept .

As soon as Liu Chang had this idea in mind, he quickly rejected it . However, within a few seconds of his stupidity, the skin on his body became more and more intense, and the hunger in his stomach hit like a landslide and tsunami .

No longer dare to think about it, Liu Chang plunges into the office building . The feeling of dizziness in his head is even stronger . After he rushes into the office building, he catches the first person he meets without looking .

"Where is the food?" Liu Chang's eyes turned green light at the person caught .

"Ah The man was delivering things in the office building . When he felt a flash in front of him, a figure picked up his neck . In a trance, he did not dare to think about it any more . Instinctively, he called out: "don't kill me . The food is in the warehouse, and the warehouse is behind the first floor . "

"Er . " Liu Chang can't wait to run to the back of the office building .

The building pattern in the office building has been changed . The place where the desk should have been put has been transformed into the open s.p.a.ce such as warehouse and goods transfer . Liu Chang rushes through these things and follows the taste of food and rushes all the way to a huge compartment .

Kicking open the tin door, Liu Chang's eyes were full of compressed biscuits and some unprocessed food . Liu Chang didn't even think about it . He plunged into the food pile and began to eat and chew . There was no time to remove the biscuits . Liu Chang went into the grain pile and ate the raw products that were not processed .

One mouthful at a time, I would like to open my throat, but I can't satisfy the bottomless black hole in my stomach . The numbness of my body is still on, and the folds are constantly thickening, and gradually the l.u.s.ter of scales grows on it .

Although his eating process is like gluttonous food, people outside will not allow him to enjoy it .

Someone broke into the nest of the underworld group alone, which was a matter of utmost importance . Liu Chang had just broken into it . Many people did not respond to it, so he was given a few minutes of peaceful eating time . After a few minutes, everyone understood what was going on .

Even those who didn't see Liu Chang sneak in just now were also understood by the shouting and shouting . Therefore, although the response was not as rapid as that of the army, within five minutes, a team of gunners, following the track of Liu Changgang's entry, aimed their guns at the warehouse where he ate .

"Who was it that broke in?" The leader of the shooter frowned and asked a worker next to him - the one caught by Liu Chang to ask for directions when he broke in .

"I don't know . I felt lifted up just now . I didn't see what it was like . " The man exclaimed, "but he's very strong . He should be highly evolved . "

"Alone?" The captain asked again .

"Well . " The worker nodded .

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"Alone, without weapons?"

"Strange . . . " When the captain saw the scales and folds, he stopped immediately, "monster, there is a monster . . . "

And just as he stopped, there were shouts from his men .

"Captain Zhou, big Liu and Xiao Zhao, the gatekeepers outside, their whole faces have been smashed . It looks like a wild animal attack!"

Hearing the shouting outside, Liu Chang, who had already felt someone coming in, turned his head . Captain Zhou, who just came in, was about to turn around and run away, but the next second he saw a face that made him fl.u.s.tered . His teeth were full of food, and his face was covered with folds and scales, which matched with human facial features . In addition, he had a pair of eyes without white eyes . The wrinkled skin was the fold skin of rhinoceros . The scales looked like snake scales, but It was more metallic than the scale of the snake, and it seemed that he had an impulse not to look directly at him - a very dangerous beast's smell, coming from above . "s.h.i.+t!" Under a fright, Captain Zhou subconsciously took out his waist with the gun - a large caliber refitted military pistol, which he usually does not leave the body of the guy, played more than 10000 times in a few years . So he took out the gun very fast, and even a set of shooting movements in one go, "bang bang bang bang", directly fired several shots at the head of the monster .

The monster didn't hide . He could see that the monster seemed to be able to organize its own movements, but it did not hide . The extremely strong force at close range also hit the target . Several bullets. .h.i.t the monster's face and head, sending out a wonderful sound of "Ding Ding Ding Ding" . With the wonderful sound, it was the sparks on the monster's face .

"What?" The large caliber military pistol hit the head at close range, but he didn't even get hurt . Seeing this situation, Captain Zhou didn't say a word, abandoned the gun and ran back . At the same time, he did not forget to shout out: "ready to shoot . . . "

When the shooter outside heard his words, he immediately picked up his rifle in his hand . At the same time, he turned around and ran out of the second step . He was grabbed by the red scale monster with a big wave . Then he was wrapped in the arms of the other party like a chicken and rushed out of the room .

"Hoo" a sound, he only felt a gust of wind flash, people appeared outside the warehouse .

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