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Dog Bite - 咬狗

Chapter 162

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Chapter 162: 162

"What do you want them to do?" Milan asked, "it's not a place that anyone can go to . "

"No, I just look at it first . " Liu Chang said, then urged: "don't ink, go quickly . Don't worry . If there's no danger, just go to the gate . "

"Oh . " Milan nodded . "I don't care whether you turn or not . Anyway, I'll just show you the place to go in . You can go in by yourself . "

"Don't worry!" Liu Chang said, "it's useless for me to let you in, isn't it?"

"Yes, too . " Milan nodded and followed Liu Chang to another part of the city .

Through the dilapidated block and the former commercial center, Liu Chang followed Milan to a dilapidated office building .

"Well, that's it . Their a.s.sociation is called Qianjin club, which means to lead everyone out of trouble . " Milan, as a local villain, almost instinctively introduced the "topography" with Liu Chang . "If you are really from outside, you should also know that our city has been trapped here for a long time . But in the difficult position, the closed environment, the most likely to appear the special system rule . This is almost completely out of touch with the outside world, so the rulers inside are even more domineering . On the other hand, these gangsters are more vicious . "

"They're not that friendly . You just have to be careful . " Milan said with some uneasiness .

"Don't worry, everyone goes out to do business to survive, there are not so many useless things . " Liu Chang asked: "since they can become a force here, they should all have relations with government departments . "

"Well, if you don't have a weapon in your hand, no one will obey you . " Milan said: "they are connected with the military and political departments, not to mention them . Even Li Feng is also connected with those departments . Otherwise, in this world, there are no people and no guys in the hands . Who will obey whom?"

"Well, I know . " Liu Chang thought for a moment . He said, "well, you go back to Li Feng and wait for me . I'll think about how to deal with this matter . Then I'll see you when I'm done . "

"Well, don't forget . " Milan is not at ease to explain: "I today's wages, you have to come back to get it . "

"Don't worry . A kilo of food, I remember . " Liu Chang finished this sentence, turned away from here and walked to the office building .

Only two or three steps away, Liu Chang's back was completely submerged by the thick fog . Lost in Milan's view .

When he came to the office building, Liu Chang looked at the guard forces there and stayed for a long time - in fact, he was thinking about the problems that Milan had said . The guard force of a underworld group is not a problem, but after all, it is asking for help from others, rather than looking for trouble at the door . He does not want to make things too rigid .

But after thinking about it, I didn't think of any good way . Liu Chang had no choice but to go ahead .

Into the eyes of the community guards . Liu Chang was stopped by two men with flat heads and suits .

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"What, what?" Two people stand in front of Liu Chang .

However, his action naturally escalated the trend of conflict, and the direct result of this incident was that half of his face collapsed in an instant . And his companion also at the same time, face punch, face bone collapse, eyes and nose bridge broken into a thin piece .

"s.h.i.+t!" It is the first time for Liu Chang to smash someone's face with one punch . I think that his face was once smashed half by the one punch of the man . Today, he returns home and feels very comfortable .

After all, Liu Chang is no less powerful than the synthetic man in those days in terms of his physical quality . Because he has wisdom, he can add weapons to his body, and with a variety of biological skills, Liu Chang is now more than ten times stronger than his former synthetic .

At that time, a synthetic man was equivalent to the combat effectiveness of an integrated company . Now, if Liu Chang had the right weapons in hand, he would be more arrogant . After these two punches went down, the other side even did not have time to scream, died thoroughly . And after these two punches, Liu Chang is also the first time to get such a great pleasure in killing . For a time, he only felt his chest was stuffy, there was a feeling of not spitting, a lot of sweat all over his body, and a kind of numbness and itching appeared on his body .

"What's the matter?" His brain was suddenly dizzy, as if he had been poisoned . But fortunately, his reason was still there . Liu Chang felt that something was wrong with him . He looked down at his exposed arm . There, in the place where the skin itched most, his skin had been covered with wrinkles, and layers of folds like rhinoceros grew slowly on it . At the same time A sense of hunger that was so intense that it swelled from his belly .

This kind of hunger is a long time away, he has never experienced it several times in his life .

The last time I realized such a strong sense of hunger was when I drank "s.h.i.+wei thick soup" in Kaifeng four years ago, but now the hunger is more intense than that time . Not only that, but also this feeling is climbing with the pa.s.sage of time - the strong feeling constantly attacks his remaining reason .

He even saw two bodies on the ground that had just been broken by him, both of which had a desire to swallow . (to be continued . ) . . )

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