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Dog Bite - 咬狗

Chapter 160

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Chapter 160: 160

"It's the end of the day, and you can't be as weak as you used to be . It is true that everyone has the right to live, but no one should give up his right to live . It's not easy to survive in this world for a long time . Either you have extraordinary wisdom, or you have powerful power, or you have superior luck . . . "

"But the premise of all this is - you have extraordinary courage . "

"No courage, no courage, no heart, even if you have wisdom and strength, it is useless . "

"Yes . " Recalling Li Qingshui's words, Liu Chang sighed silently . He didn't understand and didn't want to understand some of the things Li Qingshui had said . He has always been an ordinary student . Sometimes, he does not have the courage to face death, but he has always been resistant to his hands stained with blood .

"Hard hearted, even if you have wisdom and strength, it's useless . . . " What Li Qingshui once said came true to himself . He died at the end of his life because he was too cruel .

Otherwise, by virtue of his wisdom and power, even if eventually, human beings really disappear on this beautiful planet, he will be the last to disappear .

"Alas . " So, thinking of this calm and merciless appearance and soft heart like tofu, Liu Chang sighed heavily, "let's talk about it today, I'm tired . "

"Oh, yes . " Seeing Liu Chang's lack of interest in the conversation, Li Feng laughed and said in a slightly apologetic tone: "look, what's it like to patronize and listen to the outside world, and you've lost track of it and forget the time . You haven't had a serious rest for more than ten days . Come on, I'll take you to have a rest . There is a room behind us for guests to rest . Come with me . . . "

However, Gu s.h.i.+feng couldn't find a house since then

"Well . " Liu Chang nodded and followed .

Around the front hall, into the back, is the kind of hotel like building . The building is simple and warm, and it is a good place to live . After leading Liu Chang to the door of a room, Li Feng said goodbye with a smile .

"Have a good rest . Although you know that you must be tired for days, even if you don't do some things, it's also a kind of spiritual enjoyment to have a soft thing to sleep with . "

This is Li Feng's last words before leaving the room .

Watching Li Feng leave, Liu Chang immediately opened the door of the room - as he expected, he saw a woman in the room - a gentle woman, a white woman, a woman reading a book .

"Well, I just want to sleep . " After Liu Chang entered the room, he ordered, "you go out . "

"Oh . " The woman heard the door ring, turned to look at Liu Chang, "you look very tired . "

"Yes, I haven't had a serious sleep for more than ten days . " He put his backpack and gun on the table . "You go out . I want to sleep . "

"Good . " The woman put down the book, opened the door and went out .

"Ah . . . " Seeing that women are so cheerful, Liu Chang, who is just ready to rush people, is at a loss, "you are really . . . "

"How about it?" The woman stood at the door and looked at Liu Chang .

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"Well . "

The fragments of each dream are so clear, although bizarre, but let Liu Chang feel that these things are so real, as if they were his own experience - true to, until he woke up for a long time, still did not wake up . Sitting at the head of the bed, the morning sun s.h.i.+nes on my cheek . Although the sun is no longer bright, although the world is still red, but a sense of security, but also let him really good . Just as he was enjoying his rare security and remembering his dream last night, the door of the house was thumping .

"Are you up?" There was a girl's voice outside the door .

"Well . " Liu Chang answered - he knew it was the girl who left last night, "what's the matter?"

"I've brought you breakfast . "

"Oh, come in then . "

The door opened, and the girl came in with a wooden tray . There were two purple potatoes in it . It has been steamed, and you can smell the fragrance on it from afar .

"Li Feng asked me to bring you the food . " The girl put the wooden plate in front of Liu Chang .

"Oh . " Pick up purple sweet potato, Liu Changwen smell, some uneasy .

"It's OK . It's certainly not poisonous . If you don't believe me, I'll try it for you first . " The girl showed a playful smile, picked up another purple potato in the wooden plate and took a big bite . At the same time, she said vaguely: "you see, it's not poisonous . . . "

"It's not poisonous . If it's poisonous, I'm sure it won't kill me . " Liu Chang thought of the scene that the poisonous lizard died in the woods for no reason a few days ago, then he bit his food at ease and said, "today, accompany me to the city for a tour . I want to know the distribution of power here . I have something to do . "

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