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Chapter 159

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Chapter 159: 159

Some things can be left behind for a while - but they have to think about .

For example, at present, Liu Chang is faced with two problems that have to be considered . First, he has gone too far . He has missed the agreed Handan city . How can he find those lost partners? This is a difficult problem . Because if he is asked to turn back and go the road of hiding forest again, he is determined not to do it .

After all, this road is too difficult to walk . Even if you turn around, you can't find the city in the forest . Now it's a good luck to hit Xingtai, but the bad luck can't be with one person forever . So, he can't find Handan when he goes back . Moreover, even if we go back to Handan and find it, some of our companions are not there . No matter how we think about it, we are still empty .

Therefore, there is no way to go back, and I don't know how long the road ahead is . Finding a companion has become a th.o.r.n.y problem .

But at present, there is a more difficult problem than finding a partner - finding Xiaojing .

The company's affairs may not be urgent, but the small quiet matter cannot be anxious . Because Liu Chang thinks that even if they can't be found, they may be safe - but Xiaojing is different . If you can't find people in this area, you will lose the footprints of amphibians once you get out of this place - and after this period, you may not be able to find them .

Before Li Qingshui died, he gave several batches of clones to the amphibians . Naturally, these amphibians belong to the same camp . They will surely gather together at a certain time, headed by Liu, and travel to a strong family and ethnic camp . And when they get together, with the power of several clones, Liu Chang can't shake this force .

Therefore, he must catch up with the formation of this event before the possibility of Xiaojing, so this matter is the most urgent at present - the most urgent and also the most clueless

the amphibian led Xiaojing and the two clones . Liu Chang had no idea where they had gone . Even now his sense of smell was restored, it was still useless because of the smell Preservation, is a period of time, and then the strong smell, in the air circulation of the place have scattered that moment . After more than ten days of no news, Liu Chang has completely lost track of tracking them . Therefore, in this vast sea of forests, in this piece of place that even went out, it is impossible to find several people hiding in the forest .

Therefore, whenever he thought of this problem, Liu Chang felt the pain of his head .

Dry the body, no matter how you think about these two questions, it is difficult to come up with the answer . Liu Chang put on the clothes full of sweat and sand and walked from the back to the front hall .

"Well, Mr . Liu, it's very fast . " Several people in the front hall are getting together to discuss something . Seeing Liu Chang coming over, Li Feng, who is still the leader, comes up .

"Well, I haven't bathed like this for a long time . I feel very comfortable . Thank you . " Liu Chang sincerely thanks .

After all, in this world, people's ideas can't be so pure because of the pressure of survival . However, no matter from which angle, the other party did help themselves and there was no malice, which had to be appreciated .

"No matter where you are, even if we don't help you, others will help you . " Li Feng took a stool from the hall and moved it to Liu Chang . "Besides, I have something to ask you for help? Come on, tell us all about the outside world? "

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"Well, yes . " Liu Chang sat on the bench, coughed gently, and began his long speech: "I don't know much about the outside world . I only know about Kaifeng and Zhengzhou on the way here . But I have said everything I can . . . "

”Li Feng nodded, "but you said just now that the willow tree has come to the north . With his figure and speed, it will be a quick thing to think of here . Then we will not be dead if we can't get out of this forest?""I don't know . " Liu Chang shook his head . "I heard he was stopped in Zhengzhou . I don't know about the others . "

"Ha ha, who has such great ability?" Li Feng heard this, even reluctantly, but still showed a completely unbelievable expression, "according to the description you just described, that big willow has completely surpa.s.sed our life form and exists . Even if I believe that there is such a strong life in this world, I will not believe that there is a similar human being in this world . How bad would it take a man to stop such a life with his bare hands? "

"Who knows?" Hearing Li Feng's doubts, Liu Chang thought of Li Qingshui's plain face . "In this world, there are always some people who are different from others . . . "

Thinking of Li Qingshui, Liu Chang's mood is extremely depressed - that is his relatives, that is, he once had a grudge, but the closest comrade in arms and relatives . That's the one who's been helping him protect him, and that's probably the most powerful person in the world .

And that's the only one who died .

Things change .

The end of life is more changeable .

He suddenly thought of what Li Qingshui had said to him when he was still in Kaifeng . (to be continued)

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