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Dog Bite - 咬狗

Chapter 155

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Chapter 155: 155

When Liu saw the willows sprouting, Liu was so scared that he jumped out of this area . He was here all the time . He only dared to stay here until he saw the willow in a state of suspended animation . Otherwise, it would be only in minutes to kill 100 of them with the ability of willows .

However, he did not leave completely when he jumped away . He observed the movement of the willow tree . His strong curiosity pulled his feet and let him stop at a distance . He looked at the willow vines in full bloom . One by one, the vines opened out in front of his eyes, and then the big one gave birth to the middle one, and the last twig was only one meter thick, and then the cane at this end Above, one after another "huaguduo" slowly gushed out from inside, and then the flowers were in full bloom . The petals opened from above, revealing the stamens .

Seeing the blooming of willows, I can imagine what kind of heaven and earth Zhengzhou City, and even the broader area, has become at this time .

The flowers are blooming slowly, and the courage to step forward, go to a bright flower, and look at the center of the flower blooming - the red thing, connecting the center of the red gorgeous vein - the human brain .

The human brain is fresh, obviously still thinking and operating, that bright human brain flowers, blooming in the middle of the flowers, looks quiet and peaceful . Just standing next to it and looking at the human brain inside, I don't know what it is thinking, whether the previous memory exists, whether the previous feelings are still retained - or just as a tool of calculation and imagination, it is set there to provide a broader s.p.a.ce for wisdom for the powerful life inside .

A flower is a world of thoughts .

Liu quietly looked at all this and the life he was in awe of . Although he knew the danger was in front of him, he didn't want to leave . He wanted to talk to this great life and see what strange achievements Li Qingshui had made in it . He stopped there and fell into meditation until a tender voice sounded behind his ears -

"let's go 。 Li Qingshui is dead, and the big willow will come back from its dormancy . " The voice came from a baby, the vocal cords were tender and sharp . But it's clear .

"Oh . " Flow nodded and looked at the tree mountain and flower sea in front of him and said, "Li Qingshui is a great man . "

"Well . " "I will be greater than him . Let's go . "

"Is the willow coming back to life?"

"Yes . "

"How do you know that?"

"Feeling . " The baby said, "I can feel the breath of life inside . Although the breath of recovery seems to be blocked by something, making it a little difficult, but the power of recovery is still strong by the minute, and we are not going now . I can't leave . "

"Is Li Qingshui still alive?" Stream continued .

"I don't know . Even if he is alive, he will become a part of the big willow tree . He will not be the man he used to be . " The baby patted the huge shoulder . "Believe me, I won't be worse than him . Protect me, I'll help you . "

"Good . " He nodded . "In a few years, I hope . Don't forget today's promise . "

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Finish this sentence, flow hand back in the back, with two fingers gently pinch 17, and then throw into the mouth, and then teeth closed, lips slightly open . Let his huge mouth circulate, then turn his head . He left the city of blooming flowers .

At that time, his body was paralyzed, his consciousness was blurred, and he was in a coma . However, he did not realize that he could still wake up under the siege of a group of poisons, and all the poisons that came to bite him died .

Picking up the body of a small lizard on the ground, Liu Chang looks at the little thing - there are no scars on the whole body, but the breath has been cut off, the eye fundus is blue, the body is stiff and curled up together - it is obvious that he died of poisoning . Seeing this, Liu Chang thought to himself - he looked down at the parts of his body that had been bitten, and all the scars, large and small, were full of tooth marks - the sharp lizard teeth bit the clothes, punctured the skin, and the blood stains were still there - and then they died .

"My body is poisonous?" Liu Chang looked at himself in a puzzled way, "I shouldn't, he Zhizhi and I were together . When I was with other people, I didn't see any signs of poisoning, and the poison . . . "Looking at a dead body on the ground, some even teeth still hanging on his clothes, dead lizards .

"This poison is a little too strong . "

Liu Chang got up from the ground in some wonder and some happiness . He took some medicine to cover the smell and treat the wound from the medicine box in his backpack and applied it on his body . He escaped from death and set foot on the journey again .

He didn't dare to stay in this place . He didn't know how to escape from the robbery . However, since his body was able to move again, and there was a smell of blood and corpse, he couldn't stay here . He picked up his gun and his knapsack, checked his compa.s.s and headed north again .

Liu Chang didn't know how long his way was . What he heard from Nanyang was that no one had ever walked through the jungle . What he heard was that the forest had changed in a few months since the red fog came four years ago . Liu Chang thought that even if someone got through the forest by chance, he would not turn back .

this forest is as like as two peas . It is so hard to walk, it is so great that it is just like all the trees . (to be continued . ) . . )

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