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Dog Bite - 咬狗

Chapter 153

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Chapter 153: 153

After experimenting with the power of guns, Liu Chang picked up his luggage again, carrying the refitted machine gun in his left hand and sniper gun meat in his right hand, and walked all the way to the depths of the jungle .

The hidden forest is very large, and it is very difficult to walk . Even amphibians and even Li Qingshui's clones can get lost in it . Therefore, Liu Chang feels very difficult to go all the way .

I always feel in the same place . In this quiet and pure color world, physical and mental consumption is very fast . When Liu Chang walked to the dark on that day, he felt that his mental state was a little threatened to collapse .

A pure color world is like a closed s.p.a.ce - a person is wandering around in a quiet secret room . People who don't speak will occasionally encounter sudden danger, which makes your spirit tense, like a stiff string constantly pulling . Liu Chang has fully realized the terror of the hidden forest after a day's experience .

When it was dark, he felt that his mind and body were exhausted to the extreme, so he simply took a rest . In fact, for him who had night vision ability, the difference between driving in the daytime and driving at night was not too big, but in this pure color world, there was a problem with the reflected light, so Liu Chang also felt that the sight distance at night was damaged, and the visibility at night was far less than that in the daytime 。

Liu Chang has always been puzzled about the world's light band of red fog . It seems that the red forest is originally red, which means that the light in the red band can pa.s.s through the fog . And the reason why the red forest shows red color is that the light reflected by plants in the forest is also red After reflecting the red light, how to carry out photosynthesis . Liu Chang was puzzled .

For the problem of light band, in fact, Li Qingshui once doubted . Since it can light up the red fog, which shows that the red light wave can penetrate the red fog, he once wanted to develop advanced sight . Unfortunately, it failed . It seems that after all the light enters the red fog world, it will be distorted by the strange factors in it, and it will not change the original color .

The composition of red fog is so mysterious that Li Qingshui didn't understand the mystery of it for four years . Mysterious to, Liu Chang simply do not want to think about the joints .

And today, he feels very abnormal about his amazing vision evolution . Although this is not the first time that he has evolved ability in danger - in fact, in Zhengzhou, he has also inspired recessive factors in his body's genes several times in the four years in Zhengzhou, but today's things are somewhat abnormal .

After calming down . A question suddenly occurred to Liu Chang . In fact, according to the principle of reverse evolution, amphibians are not after mammals - reptiles are . But today, he has gone beyond the whole higher level of reptiles and directly evolved the ability of amphibians, which makes him feel a little confused .

He thought about it for a moment and attributed the reason to the fact that mammals and humans are the most close, far higher than other species - in fact, amphibians and reptiles . It's so far away for humans - so it's not too much to jump through evolution .

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Having figured out a part of it, he decided to leave the question behind . When he got out of the forest, he asked the clones of Li Qingshui, hoping that the three children could give him more answers .

Overnight, he never found anything around him, but the rustling sound was always heard after he fell asleep .

Therefore, the next day, Liu Chang's spirit became more tense . It's very quiet around . In this forest, you can see colorful life like poisonous snakes, birds and beasts, lizards, spiders, which are very common in other forests, or disgusting human lives . You can't see any of them here . At this moment, all these things seem to be incarnated as plants and trees, ready to pa.s.s by To give you a fatal blow . "Ah After packing up his bags and driving less than 50 kilometers, Liu Chang gave out a cry of pain . After he screamed, he saw a piece of "dead tree branches" near his feet drilling into the soil at a very fast speed .

It is said that "extremely fast speed" is because Liu Chang has adapted to his powerful dynamic vision like a "slow movie", and has been able to make a formula conversion between the speed seen today and the speed seen by the original vision by using his powerful computing power .

Although the lizard disguised as a "dead tree branch" bit Liu Chang when he pa.s.sed it inadvertently, Liu Chang's neural sensor saw its existence along the pain source after feeling the pain, and its action power in the current Liu Chang's view is slow like a turtle .

In fact, Liu Chang knows that the speed of the other party is very fast . According to the original vision, the other side is a flash of black light, and then he goes into the soil . Unfortunately, it seems that the time for this black light to flash is too long .

Liu Chang took out a gun to smash the little guy into two ends . Then he bent over to pick up the upper part of the body of the little guy on the ground, opened its mouth and looked at its teeth . (to be continued)

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