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Dog Bite - 咬狗

Chapter 152

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Chapter 152: 152

"Yes, dynamic vision . Vision is divided into static vision and dynamic vision . Static vision determines your visual distance and the clarity of objects to see, and dynamic vision determines your ability to capture the motion characteristics of moving objects Standing in front of Liu Chang, the clone said, "you are a sensory mutant, so you should be familiar with the mutation of vision . "

"Yes, it's not strange, but what's the reason why you told me this?" Liu Chang looked at the little guy in front of him and said, "if you tell me these, you still have the mood to talk to me . I know that even if I have evolved advanced dynamic vision, I can't be the opponent of the three of you . After all, you can keep me from fighting in a few seconds, which is enough for amphibians to kill me several times

"Well, I don't want to kill you . We have no grudges, and I'm interested in seeing what you can grow up in the future . But, you know, you're not our opponent even though you're facing head-on . But if we let you sneak into your back again, even if we have three more amphibians, we will not have a 100% chance of winning . After all, we feel you first when we control you . So, in order to prevent you from pursuing Shanghe . . . " Clonal body said words, suddenly pulled out a small pistol from the arms, aimed at Liu Chang's cheek .

"In order to prevent you from pursuing me, I will have to do something wrong to you . " With that, the clone pulled the trigger of the pistol .

Although his whole set of actions of raising the gun and pulling the trigger are slow and full of loopholes in the eyes of Liu Chang, he just can't avoid it . His body was under control, and the vertigo came again . He could only watch the pistol burst into flames and a tiny peanuts like bullet flew into his cheek .

The bullet's flying speed is faster than the sh.e.l.l . In Liu Chang's eyes, like a yellow cangsuo, it slowly approached his cheek and then kissed it .

With a crisp sound, he was shot in the center of his face .

Then the pain came from there . The nose bone was shot in the middle . With a clear "click", his nose bone was broken by a pistol, and the blood bloomed on Liu Chang's face .

"Oh The control only lasted less than three seconds, and the child had already taken off his strength and took a deep breath . Liu Chang, who was recovering from his freedom, subconsciously covered his cheek with one hand .

"With your physical fitness, this pistol can only break the bridge of the nose bone at most, which is not a big problem, but it is estimated that it will not be used in the near future . " Put away the pistol, the child turned to the amphibian side, "I hope you don't do impulsive things, if I find you have a change, I will control you for the first time, and the ta.s.sel side, I don't think it will give you mercy . You are a smart man . I hope I don't want me to do something I don't want to do . We all leave here safely and safely . You also have the capital to seek revenge in the future . Which is worth your own measurement? "

"Keep quiet . . . " Liu Chang looks at the two children .

"No, you don't have the capital to negotiate with us . If you want someone, you can talk about it next time . " As they spoke, the two children led the amphibians to the empty s.p.a.ce where they had left a little quiet . The open s.p.a.ce was still intact, because neither side of the battle wanted to involve the open s.p.a.ce there, so they avoided the area intentionally or unintentionally .

"Next time we meet, I hope we can see the change of surprise . "

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The amphibian and his two children have been facing Liu Chang in front of him . They go back to the area . Then they carry Xiaojing on the ground and pull up the amphibian . At the speed of his absolute dust, they disappear into Liu Chang's vision . During this period, Liu Chang always feels numb and inconvenient to move . Until several people "slowly" disappear in his sight, he feels numb Only then completely disappeared, restored the entire action force .

After walking to a bush, Liu Chang saw the first amphibian fragment killed by him and the huge refitted gun next to his shapeless body . This gun is very strange in shape and can be put on the arm . It looks like Gatling, but it does not have as many barrels as Gatling, but its caliber is very large, which is much larger than Gatling's, Even the weapons used by amphibians against ordinary animals are powerful . Liu Chang thinks that if a gun of this caliber is. .h.i.t on his body, a bullet can make a big hole in his body . This is also the reason why he first shot this person . One is that a dead bullet and a bullet don't matter to him . Although the gun is more powerful, its firing speed is much slower, but its threat is much smaller .

If the second amphibian had this kind of weapon, it would have been more difficult to deal with . There are special skills in this field, and the hand gun is used to deal with monsters .

He picked up the refitted gun on the ground and put it on his right arm . Liu Chang pulled the trigger to the open bush .


The muzzle of the gun was pulled by the trigger, and three barrels of firelight erupted in turn . Huge bullets came out of his sight and flew slowly and quickly to some place in the jungle . Then, four or five bullets formed a line and directly interrupted a small tree .

"How exciting!" Feeling the huge reaction force from the gun, Liu Chang can't help but exclaim .

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