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Dog Bite - 咬狗

Chapter 151

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Chapter 151: 151

"Boom" a gunshot, with a huge sound and flame light, the huge bullet again out of the chamber .

But the roar of gunfire failed - the amphibian dragged his wounded body and, at a much faster rate, disappeared in place . Then another shot was thrown at him from the trees .

After jumping out of the range of the sh.e.l.l explosion, Liu Chang was swept away from the area by the blast wave . Under the smoke and dust, he saw the amphibians get into the dense canopy and disappear .

Carrying the gun, Liu Chang moved the muzzle of the gun with vigilance, aiming at the area where amphibians were hiding in the sky . He did not dare to relax his vigilance at all . He knew that if he was approached by the other party within 10 meters, he would have no room to fight back . The other party will knock the lid off before his finger pulls the trigger .

So, he kept an eye on the frequency of the leaves floating above the canopy - but no matter how alert he was, he couldn't keep up with the speed of the amphibians .

A minute later, a clump of trees beside Liu Chang was broken open with a strong smell of blood . The amphibians with guns suddenly appeared in front of him, charging at a very fast speed . At the same time, they also fired a gun at him . The speed of the sh.e.l.l and the speed of the amphibians themselves made Liu Chang see only a flash of flame in front of him - death, which seemed to have covered his head .

Subconsciously pull the trigger, but the roar of the gun did not hit the nimble amphibian . At this moment, Liu Chang seemed to see the steps of death .

A fist sized sh.e.l.l flew straight into the middle of his chest . The sh.e.l.l hit him really . Let alone him, even the amphibians who were several times stronger than him and even the big centipede would be blown to pieces . This gun was originally used by amphibians to deal with giant creatures, but it was overkill to use it on him .

So in this moment . Liu Chang has a feeling of seeing death approaching . In the blink of an eye, he seems to see the sh.e.l.l approaching to him bit by bit - approaching bit by bit - and the speed is getting slower and slower - like a film film film which is constantly slowing down the screening speed - the lens sense is becoming stronger and stronger - and the sense of motion is getting weaker and weaker . Until finally, Liu Chang can clearly see the sh.e.l.l of the gun On the texture lines, as well as the entire flight path .

This makes him feel some strange doubts in this moment .

Liu Chang has heard countless times that people will see everything in their lives when they die . Like a slide show in my mind . But I've never heard of it . Before I die, I can make everything in front of me change into a slow motion effect .

The flight path of this trajectory is too clear in his eyes . With his calculation ability comparable to Li Qingshui, he can calculate the trajectory of the projectile accurately in every millisecond . And his body is also conditioned to move away from the trajectory .

But it's different from the movie . He didn't dodge the bullet's speed . Although his brain was quick and his eyes had caught all the flight tracks, he felt that his body was obviously inferior to the reaction speed of his eyes and brain . Liu Chang only felt that the sh.e.l.l had flown thirty centimeters, but his body could only move less than one centimeter . The absolute speed difference between the two sides was simply too big .

No one can be faster than a sh.e.l.l . Neither can Liu Chang . However, in this slow world, Liu Chang doesn't need to be faster than the sh.e.l.l's speed . After calculating all the flight marks of the trajectory, his body slowly opened to the side . Although the speed is much slower than the other side, he will not do any useless actions .

Side 90 degrees, close the chest and abdomen, Liu Chang can clearly see . The cannonball slowly approached him from a distance, and then he could see it . With a slower speed on his side, I can see that the sh.e.l.l flies close to his chest and abdomen, and sc.r.a.pes a large piece of flesh off his body . He can also clearly see the scene of the sh.e.l.l exploding behind him after it has wiped his chest . At last, he even clearly caught the fireworks, shrapnel and sand after the sh.e.l.l exploded Shooting in all directions .

Everything is calendar in purpose, everything is also slow incomparable .

In the aftershock of the explosion, although Liu Chang was swept up by the flame, his mind was still sober . He did not know why he could see such a slow scene on the way to life and death, but he could be sure that he was not dead, and the amphibian was also in front of him .

In the storm of the explosion, Liu Chang tried to twist his body . In the slow world, Liu Chang raised his slower arm, and slowly aimed at the amphibian who was also caught by the aftershock of the explosion . Then, he tried to pull the trigger with his forefinger .

In this slow storm, he is 100% confident that he can get rid of his opponent with one shot - the difficulty of shooting is too low - to shoot an object which is already similar to a stationary object at a short distance, which is 10000 times less difficult than shooting the object that is too fast for him to see clearly . If the gun goes down, Liu Chang can be sure that the other party will turn into a ground shredded meat like his brother in a second .

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So, from the joy of life to the joy of death .

"Stop Farting!" As soon as the amphibian wanted to move, he was once again controlled by one of the clones for a few seconds . Therefore, after three unsuccessful attacks, he glared at the child: "don't forget your current ident.i.ty . I am your protector now . Without me and liule, you would have died long ago . Now you are helping an outsider to deal with me . Wake up a little bit . We have something else to do . Don't put Li Qingshui's feelings on this person! "

"I know, I have my own ideas . " The clone, who was accused by amphibians, said, "I'm really weak now, and I need your help, but I don't want to kill this man . He's the last and purest experiment on Li Qingshui . I want to see what he'll look like in the end . "

"Well, what can you look like? If you don't interfere with me, I'll let him die ten times . " The amphibian looked at the clone with an angry look in his eyes: "he killed one of our people . How many amphibians do we have? What do you say about this account? "

"Is the value of Xiaojing more important than that of your brother?" The clone said, "don't you calculate amphibians by equivalence? Excluding emotional factors, we make money by trading a brother for this girl . That's all

"Besides, if we didn't interfere, it's not him who will die, but you . " Another clone interface channel that confronts Liu Chang .

"No way . If it's not a sneak attack, but a confrontation, I can kill ten of them!" Amphibious disdain is revealed .

"Well, a minute ago you could, but not now . " "Look at his eyes," said the clone, who confronts Liu Chang

"Eyes?" The amphibian stepped forward and looked at Liu Chang's cheek, "this pupil He . . . "

"Yes, in the opposite direction, mammals have evolved, and now he has entered the field of amphibians . " Speaking, the clone took a step back and pointed to Liu Chang's eyeball and said, "this is the frog's eye, which is dozens of times better than human's dynamic vision . With Li Qingshui's gene, it should have other functions . He now raises the gun, as long as in his sight of things, there is no miss . You are no match for him

"Dynamic vision?" Hearing the clone, Liu Chang's eyes were alert, but also showed a complex look of doubt . (to be continued)

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