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Chapter 150

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Chapter 150: 150

Hiding in the red trees, Liu Chang doesn't know whether the other party has found himself .

Because the place where he shot just now is the downwind, and it is behind the other party . If the other party doesn't see the light of fire, he may not be able to determine his position .

Because the sound of the gun is very loud, or the larger the caliber of the gun, the greater the sound of the gun . Therefore, even in this hidden forest, Liu Chang did not think that his own gunshot would not be heard by the other party .

However, it is because the gunshot is too loud, the other party may not be able to determine the location of the sound source - ordinary sound can make people distinguish the exact location - and if someone puts a giant firecracker behind you, you may not be able to determine the location of the sound source .

Liu Chang's gunshot was loud, much louder than the roar of "earth red" firecrackers, so when he fired a shot, he quickly hid in the gra.s.s, hoping that the other party did not judge his exact position . Because after all, if he is facing the amphibian, there is no chance of winning .

Hiding in the "banana leaves", Liu Chang held his breath, always paying attention to the surrounding movement, and prayed in his heart that the other party would not find him .

After a minute of intense tension, Liu Chang knew that the other party did not find him . Because if we look at the strength gap ratio of the two sides, if the other party finds him, he will surely kill him in the first time and use the ability to hide his body shape to directly result in him .

But a minute later, according to the speed of the other party, if there is no movement, it is certainly not found his existence .

"Is it Liu Chang?" Just when he was happy . From the air came the sound of amphibians, which was still the sound of the surround sound . Although brilliant, it also makes people can't tell where he is .

"You should be here?" The amphibian asked again in the air .

Liu Chang did not answer the two voices twice .

"If you don't speak, I know it's you . " The voice in the air suddenly far and near, "unexpectedly, you can really chase me, and can kill a brother of mine . Very capable! I really looked down on you before . . . "

"Don't you talk? Afraid I'll find you? But you really think too much . " "What are you doing behind that tree?" the amphibian said? Do you think amphibians' sensory abilities are so weak? "

The voice suddenly loud, Liu Chang heard the amphibian's voice suddenly approaching, the heart suddenly pumping . Subconsciously, they want to fight back with guns . But under the panic, a flash of inspiration made him stop all the movements his body was about to send out .

At the moment he was about to move, one of his sudden things was that "amphibians are much smarter than he is . " .

It is because of the thought of this problem that all his actions stop at the moment when they will be sent out - the reason is very simple, the other party is not stupid, if he really found out his existence, it is impossible to remind him like a TV series . It is obvious that he wants to make a sudden move and let Liu Chang make a move, so as to turn what he said into a real reality .

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Therefore, after thinking about this, Liu Chang's body was in a cold sweat . As long as he had a trace of activity just now, maybe the other party has already stood in front of him . And as long as they face each other head-on . He has little chance of winning .

If you don't dodge, you'll die . Although you haven't determined the other party's position clearly, Liu Chang also roughly judged the other party's location according to the ultrasonic positioning and the transformation point of the other party's flame tail emission .

So when he jumped out, he pulled the trigger again .



The roar of the explosion and the roar of gunfire interweave together . Liu Chang only felt dizzy . He tried to stare at the position of the air trajectory, and in his expectant eyes, he saw a huge blood light there .

"Er After the explosion, there was a dull sound when the amphibian was shot . In Liu Chang's surprised eyes, a white shadow on the treetop showed his body shape .

The amphibian was still tall and beautiful, with silver and white skin patterns, tall tail, and strong limbs, but in the original smooth side abdomen, there was a hole much larger than the mouth of the bowl . The cavity was bleeding, and it seemed to be the cause of the injury . The light around the amphibian was distorted, which made him unable to maintain the similar In the refraction general stealth ability .

Seeing such a scene, Liu Chang had no choice but to take advantage of the victory and pursue the attack . He did not dare to stop . He took up his sniper gun, aimed at the target again and pulled the trigger . (to be continued)

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