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Dog Bite - 咬狗

Chapter 147

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Chapter 147: 147

"No way!" As if did not hear he Zhizhi's comfort, Liu Chang suddenly based in situ, "forgive me, I still have to do an impulsive thing, sorry for everyone . "

Liu Chang spoke and went to the front of the three clones .

"Give me a compa.s.s . "

"What are you going to do?" Three clones looked at Liu Chang, "do you want to find Xiaojing by yourself?"

"Well, I'm looking for her here . I don't believe she's going to die . " Liu Chang said, "even if she died, I have to find her body or meat pieces out, I can leave at ease . People around me have died enough . I don't want anyone to leave so unknowingly . "

After saying this, Liu Chang patted the three children on the shoulder, "you are given to me by Li Qingshui, let me take care of you . I'm incompetent, but we've been together for a few days . You can take care of them and take them out of the red forest . If we get out of this forest, we will be in Handan, the next city we marked . We will meet there

"Out of this forest, my sense of smell will be able to recover . It will not be a very troublesome thing to find you in a city . "

"Come on, you know, Xiaojing can't be alive . " The third of the clones said, "why, our team needs your fighting power, and you need the three of us . In this huge forest, we were very weak . Now that you are gone, it is very difficult for both of us to leave this place alive

"Without you, our survival rate will be greatly reduced, so will you without us . Why put all our lives on the table for a man who is almost doomed to die? "

"That's why I'm sorry . " Liu Chang listened to the third, his head drooped, his face with a guilty color, and then suddenly lifted up, "but I don't intend to change my attention . Forgive me . I want to be impulsive . Take good care of them, do not find Xiaojing -- "

" I am not reconciled! " Finish this sentence, Liu Chang took the compa.s.s, a head into the jungle, no words to anyone .

And no one in the team had time to stop him . Because no one can catch up with his steps in this small team, and no one can see things four steps away here . Therefore, we can only watch the faint figure disappear in the fog, and then the sound of footsteps disappears in the deep forest .

Liu Chang enters the jungle . After the three clones looked at it, they sighed heavily: "Alas, the future is so bad . Didn't the Anyang people say that this hidden forest is very big? Can we cross it? "

"I don't know . If it wasn't for the beast tide chasing the bottom, I'd rather get around this d.a.m.ned world of repression, d.a.m.n it! Blood red everywhere . He doesn't even have one other color . He can't walk out in three days . I'm going crazy! I don't know where the animal tide is now! "

At this point .

Outside Hebi .

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Zhengzhou and Xinxiang's United refugee team rushed here - the great migration of millions of people, all the way to Xinxiang City, and then brought the news of the coming danger to the city . So, after hearing the news, we saw the great migration of millions of people . Everyone knew the news of the arrival of the big willow tree, and all packed up and set out on the road .


Hidden in the forest .

Liu Chang carries a weapon and walks cautiously in the world of five senses . Every time he walks, he tries to sniff on the ground or on the tree trunk to find out some clues .

"Although the sweet smell can cover up most of the temperature, I don't smell a bit of blood here . " After Liu Chang left the team, he carefully searched the whole area where Jijing disappeared . There was no clue for the bad news and no clue for the good news - no blood trail, which means there is still a possibility of being alive . Although this forest can deceive the five senses, it can not completely deprive a person of the five senses, no matter the sweetness of the whole forest, the whine of trumpet leaves blown by the wind, or the deprivation of color . These can seriously hinder the use of the five senses, but can not completely s.h.i.+eld . That is to say, Liu Chang can still see what is in front of him, hear the voice in his ear, and smell the smell of his feet - but that's all .

So, all the way around this area, he carefully searched every piece of gra.s.s under his feet, carefully observed every trace he saw, and even stuck to the gra.s.s like a police dog, smelling every piece of gra.s.s he pa.s.sed . Finally, after a moment, he smelled some quiet smell on the ground .

However, when he continued to follow the smell along the turf, he only advanced more than ten meters, and the smell suddenly disappeared .

The smell disappeared strangely . It seemed that someone had already known his ability . With a strong smell of sulfur, the smell here was covered up, and the strange sweet smell was blurred together, which made Liu Chang unable to distinguish .

"Is anyone targeting me?" (to be continued)

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