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Chapter 106: Captured

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Chapter 106: Captured

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Even though Chang applauded for Zhuo, he still knew that he shouldn’t be losing guard against him.

Chang intensified his vigilance while holding his repeater. He was also looking around for that familiar figure -- Qing Shui, who he lost sight when he was blown away by the blast. And because his head absorbed quite amount of the shock wave, not only he felt the world was spinning, but also the bandage that wrapped around his head ripped and loosened.

All the sensation he was enduring came as the consequence of being impacted by the explosion. However, Chang was relatively far from the spot where the C4 was detonated and his condition was this bad already. He believed that those gene-altered soldiers, who were much closer to the source, must be suffering worse injuries.

Thinking of this, Chang bent his back forward while turning around his body, cautiously looking for and distinguis.h.i.+ng his comrades and enemies.

The first person he found was a soldier from the elite squad. Perhaps they stationed close to each other prior to the explosion, the direction of where they were thrown was similar and hence they landed close to each other as well. Although that soldier seemed much more broken than Chang with one arm missing. His face was also coated with blood and his repeater was nowhere to be found.

“Hey bro, are you okay?” Chang crawled forward to the front of the soldier, and lightly patted his face.

“Yep...” That soldier shook his head as if that could rescue him from dizziness. His pupils were yet to focus on Chang’s face, obviously, his brain was messed up from the shock wave.

“Can you speak?” Chang asked again.

“Yep...” That soldier cough violently as he spitted out a piece of flesh that choked in his throat.

“Did you see those gene-altered soldiers?”

“No… the bomb must have killed them all, they were at the center of the explosion and they carried so much C4 with them...” That soldier was slowly attempting to sit up while talking. Yet his struggle didn’t help him achieve his goal due to the trembling over his muscles. “I am dying… see, the bomb comes one after another, those monsters must have been blown up! Hahaha...”

“Chief Li owns me a favour this time, I’ll ask him to perform my facial reconstruction operation himself...” The soldier was mumbling while his eyes lost their colors, he was about to continue but Chang stopped him.

“Did you see where Chief Li is?” Though being vigilant to the surrounding, Chang failed to notice any living organism within his vision field except the broken soldier. However, he didn’t think those gene-altered soldiers were killed in the explosion, either.

After all, even the last a.s.sault seemed unreasonable, their besiege formation was obscured behind it. Those who carried the C4 gathered on one side while the other group of gene-altered soldier who were without explosive were on the other side. Even if the explosion killed of half of the fighting force, Zhuo still had half of them remain as they kept themselves away from the center of the explosion.

“Did you see Qing Shui?” Chang asked again.

“Yeah… he is over there i guess.” The soldier pointed to a direction in a daze.

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“Good, thanks.” Chang gently adjusted the soldier’s position so that he would be more comfortable. He then crawled low with his repeater in hand, slowly and cautiously.

“Unfortunately, the experiment isn’t perfected yet. But I believe with the gene segment from the Yessie that you attracted to here, my body enhancement will be flawless soon.” The contented voice added. “You lured the Yessie to here, didn’t you? I found a sonar beneath the Yessie, it was emitting extreme low frequency wave that could only perceive by large size species like your target. I knew you did it when I found the sonar, I appreciate your little trick!”

“It was a little trick I set up, but you are hooked, aren’t you?” Qing Shui’s voice was still calm. “Your desire for excellent gene segments are expanding day by day.”

“Indeed, I just initiated my human reformation plan. Without your help, and without genes from the most powerful species, how can I make such progress?” The monster that Zhuo transformed into speaking, while the muscle underneath his skin squirmed in an irregular manner. The disgusting transformation resembled the cloning of entoprocta. The process accompanied with rumble, Zhuo’s body shrinked to his original size, his appearance returned to that charismatic and urbane look.

“Don't worry.” Zhuo stood on the ground, s.h.i.+rtless. He warned Qing Shui with a fox-like smile “I won’t kill you, instead, I am keeping you. After all, the implementation of my plan is much smoother with you. You should be thankful to yourself, that’s the reason why you are still alive today.”

“Of course, Your accessibility in the inst.i.tute will reduced.” Zhuo teasingly patted on Qing Shui’s cheek. “I don’t allow second mistake to occur.”

“Hahaha.” Qing Shui was highly conscious about the sensation on his face, he smirked. “Zhuo, aren’t you too arrogant about everything?”

“I do admit that, I am arrogant. And that, too, is the biggest difference between me and you.” Zhuo’s smile returned to his standard ones “You know what I meant.”

“Of course, our ways of treating the nature are on the opposite.” Qing Shui nodded. “You are conquering the nature, and I am making use of it.”

“This is what make us different. I treated the nature with respect, and you -- you think you are the G.o.d of this apocalyptic world. Am I right”

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