The Physicist Wife Who Overturned The World

Lu Yi

Chapter 1187 - 1187 Under My Protection

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Chapter 1187 - 1187 Under My Protection

1187 Under My Protection

Huo Lieyun, Jin Zhengming, Shi Bo, and the others led the way and brought the Five Elements Academy’s Disciplinary Elder to the front.

The moment the Disciplinary Elder arrived, the atmosphere around them immediately became tense. The people from the Special Cla.s.s were so frightened that their entire bodies constricted, and they did not even dare to breathe heavily. All of them were working hard to reduce their presence, praying in their hearts that they would not be punished for what had happened today.

It was said that the Disciplinary Elder of the Five Elements Academy was a fair and strict person. He did everything according to the rules and had never shown favoritism. He had never been especially generous to anyone and was famous for being strict in the academy.

“The students from this Special Cla.s.s are really good. You’ve only been in the academy for less than two days, but you dare to gather and cause trouble. Do you think that you can do whatever you want just because Feng Xiyu is your mentor? Or do you think that you’re all proud children of heaven and that the academy won’t dare to do anything to you?”

“Disciplinary Elder, it’s not like that. We didn’t gather to cause trouble. We came to the Yellow Cla.s.s to look for Xue Fanxin to get the antidote. A few disciples in our Special Cla.s.s had a quarrel with Xue Fanxin in the library. When they returned from the library, their entire bodies were itching, so we suspected that Xue Fanxin had poisoned them, so we came to look for her to ask for an explanation.” Sang Ruoxin explained the ins and outs of the matter briefly, but it was perfunctory. She only talked about Xue Fanxin, but she did not say how they acted.

At this moment, the old man who had not spoken suddenly said, “Sigh… The temperament and character of the younger generation nowadays are really bad! Their ability to lie through their teeth is top-notch, their ability to scold others is top-notch, and their ability to act in front of others and behind others is also top-notch.

“You uneducated younger generation, a group of you came here aggressively. Not only did you destroy so much public property, but you also kept saying dirty words and insulting others. You’re really uneducated. Such a person can still enter the Special Cla.s.s. It looks like that so-called Special Cla.s.s is really not good.”

Only then did the people from the Special Cla.s.s turn their attention to the slovenly-clothed elder and whisper, “Isn’t this the old guy drinking outside the library?”

“Yes, it’s him. I heard that he’s in charge of cleaning the courtyard outside the library.”

“What is an old man who sweeps the floor doing in the Yellow Cla.s.s?”

Just as the people from the Special Cla.s.s were discussing the old man, the Disciplinary Elder said politely, “Why are you in the mood to come to the Yellow Cla.s.s for a walk today?”

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“I like her, okay? Let me tell you, this girl will be under my protection in the future. Whoever dares to bully my girl, I’ll teach them a lesson.”

“Alright, I’ll definitely do this according to the rules. Those who make mistakes will be punished. As for poisoning, if there’s no real evidence to prove that Xue Fanxin poisoned them, then we can’t convict her in the name of poison.” The moment the Disciplinary Elder said that, everyone in the Special Cla.s.s was stunned.

What was going on?

He was just an old fellow who swept the floor and did Why was the Disciplinary Elder giving him so much face?

Who was he?

Not only were the others puzzled, but even Xue Fanxin was no exception.

It seemed that this old senior’s background was not simple!

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