From Sidekick to Bigshot

Er Fengchong

Chapter 1319 - Tyrant Wife and Her Sweet Little Husband

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Chapter 1319: Tyrant Wife and Her Sweet Little Husband

From now on, he was just a shareholder of this company. He would no longer be the CEO. He would no longer hold any decision-making power.

Everyone in the conference room looked at Qin Chuan somewhat nervously.

If Jian Yiling treated him like this, he would definitely be very angry, right?

Under the crowd’s gaze, Qin Chuan suddenly smiled: “Since you were the one who gave me something to begin with, I don’t want it anymore. I will give everything back to you.”

Qin Chuan’s reaction was something that everyone was not expecting.

Everyone thought he would be furious. They did not expect him to just accept the final result.

And the expression on his face was sad and somewhat self-deprecating.

Following this, Qin Chuan left the conference room.

Did he just leave?

Did he just give up?

Why wasn’t he angry? Why didn’t he fight back?

In reality, even if he tried to fight back, it would just be a futile attempt.

Jian Yiling did not leave him any other options.

If he walked away like this, at least he would keep his dignity and pride.

After Qin Chuan left, the meeting continue. Jian Yiling announced several new company rules and made some personnel arrangements.

Even though she had a soft voice, her aura commanded respect when she gave orders. Although everyone in the conference room was older than her, no one dared to object.


As soon as the meeting ended, everyone on the Internet heard about the news.

Qin Chuan got kicked out of the company he founded.

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Everyone knew that Jian Yiling took revenge on Qin Chuan for her husband.

Now they knew that Jian Yiling not only had medical skills and connections, but she was also very rich! She built up an entire business empire!

So what if the Zhai family became bankrupt?

She wouldn’t even bat an eye at that!

Han Mengyu added: “Well, we don’t know how much money she actually has. However, I know one thing for sure. She definitely has enough money to support Master Sheng. Master Sheng won’t have to worry about food and clothing for the rest of his life. He just has to warm her bed.”

Upon hearing this, Yu Xi let out a long sigh: “Usually, it’s a tyrant CEO husband and his sweet little wife. However, Master Sheng is living the opposite life. He’s also smiling happily about it…”

As Yu Xi looked at Zhai Yunsheng, he couldn’t manage to add the word “shameless” into his sentence.

If Zhai Yunsheng was a bit weaker, maybe he would add that word in. But right now, he probably couldn’t even take a punch.

Zhai Yunsheng smiled and asked: “Well, Yiling loves me dearly. Do you guys have a problem with that?”

“No no, definitely not,” the three of them hurriedly shook their heads and waved their hands in denial.

They wouldn’t dare to have a problem with that!

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